This website is for everyone. It’s about love.

English Wedding is about being in love, about celebrating love and about planning your very own, personal celebration. Every wedding, elopement or alternative celebration is different – and that’s what spins our love-filled world around.

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A kinder and more sustainable approach to planning your wedding. (With no ‘should have’s, no expectations and more love)

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With regular updates from our members, all wedding experts in their fields

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Our membership directory is a great place to find suppliers from photographers to venues to stationery

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Our focus on weddings and the planet aims to help you plan a greener celebration, and one that’s kinder to your mental health

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We began in 2009 as a top ranked UK wedding blog and have been sharing ideas and planning tips ever since.

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Deliberately last on this page, but still a joy to treat our eyes to! We share wedding inspiration as all wedding blogs do, simply to show you ideas for colour palettes and styling tips – but please remember that EVERYTHING is optional and the most important thing is that your wedding feels (and looks) right for you

On our wedding website there are no rules, no ‘should haves’, no hard sells. English Wedding exists to inspire you, to help you plan and to support you in every way we can with advice and ideas from the very best UK wedding experts.

At our core:

  • diversity
  • inclusivity
  • sustainability
  • mental health
  • kindness
  • love

Sustainability is at the core of English Wedding. Weddings with as little impact on our planet as possible, with a focus on looking after our mental health.

We know not all weddings have a bride, so our help and advice is written with all couples in mind. We include as many cultures and faiths as we can, and welcome submissions from wedding experts of all backgrounds.

We don’t believe in checklists, because by their very nature they include ‘should haves’ – the suggestion that you should hire a venue, buy a new dress and fill your space with flowers. (All of these are optional, by the way! Yes – even the venue.)

We’re deeply suspicious of ‘average wedding budgets’ published by the wedding media, which can never reflect the wealth and diversity of all wedding types and styles. We don’t believe ‘average budgets’ are true, and at best they’re misleading: at worst they encourage overspending and create pressure to spend.

We believe with all our hearts that your wedding or celebration should be YOU – which could mean a celebration for just the two of you on top of a mountain or a gorgeously fun family day in your favourite pub garden.

And has any ‘wedding blog’ ever mentioned that you don’t have to have a wedding? Because really, being in love and being together is huge. It’s fine to step back and say “we’re happy as we are” if a wedding doesn’t feel right for you.

Because however you choose to celebrate your love, you should enjoy the adventure.


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