Why Do People Hate Wedding Magicians?

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A guest blog with Close-Up Chris

Magicians have been part of entertainment history for centuries, yet let’s be honest — many folks just can’t stand them. Perhaps it’s the eye-roll-inducing performances or the idea that wedding magic equates to cheap parlour tricks. But here’s the twist: while plenty of cringe-worthy magicians are out there, the world of magic is gradually shaking off its bad rep. Thanks to hit shows like Britain’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller, people are starting to see the genuine skill and artistry behind a top-notch magic trick. Great wedding magicians can really liven up your wedding reception and get guests talking – they’re actually a brilliant entertainment choice for weddings!

Breaking Down the Stigma around wedding magicians

Let’s be real: the old stereotype of the wedding magician with rolled-up sleeves, hideous ties, and an air of self-importance is a tough one to shake. It’s enough to make you want to dodge magicians altogether. And let’s not even start on those experiences with less-than-stellar performers. No wonder people are hesitant to give wedding magicians a shot.

But here’s the twist: magic can be genuinely enthralling when done right. Take Penn & Teller, for instance. They’ve created a reputation for their craft by blending humour, skill, and a pinch of scepticism. This mix has transformed magic into something beyond simple tricks—it’s evolved into a true art form.

Why People Dislike Magicians

Despite the growing appreciation for the art of magic, some couples still avoid the very idea of this kind of wedding entertainment. Let’s delve into why:

Invasion of Space: Your uni friends are catching up as they sit down for the wedding meal, and a magician materialises at their table. It could feel a bit like having an uninvited guest at a private party — awkward and unwanted, especially if they’re not feeling it. The good news? At weddings, most people are up for a giggle and curious to see who you’ve booked to entertain them!

Fear of Looking Stupid: Nobody enjoys feeling like the butt of the joke. Your wedding guests might be sat with people they don’t know very well, so the fear of being duped or outwitted can make some folks rather prickly. A good wedding magician will read the crowd and take care not to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Fear of “Real” Magic: Believe it or not, some genuinely worry that magic might involve the paranormal. Umm….

The last magician they watched was sub-par. Unfortunately, a single bad performance can make all wedding magicians look like amateurs. But let’s be real: not all magicians are created equal. One dud doesn’t spoil the whole deck, and you can soon bring your guests around by hiring a great magician for your wedding!

Close-Up Chris’s Approach to Magic

I totally get it. I rarely watch other magicians since they’re often less than thrilling. My magic focuses on fun and entertainment, with the trick itself playing a supporting role to the overall experience. No rolled-up sleeves, no hideous ties, and certainly no taking myself too seriously. Just some good old-fashioned fun with a sprinkle of amazement!

One reason I champion my Close-Up Corner format is that it offers a personal and tailored experience for you and your wedding guests. It sidesteps the usual pitfalls of traditional magicians, like feeling awkwardly cornered or forced into participation.

By letting guests approach me on their own terms, I avoid the awkwardness of performing for someone who isn’t in the mood for magic.

Personal Experiences

Approaching a group of wedding guests and introducing myself as the magician sometimes leads to eye rolls and a quick “No thanks,” which can be pretty exasperating. I mean, just give me thirty seconds, and I’ll win you over. Seriously, it’s going to be fun, and we’ll have a great time. While I do manage to change their minds often, it’s still a bit discouraging that they initially brush me off so quickly.

Winning Over the Crowd

Fortunately, there are some well-kept secrets that a wedding magician can use to captivate guests.

Here are a few tricks I use to charm a tough crowd:

1: Make an impact! I’m not suggesting violence — I’m talking sharp, BANG WALLOP tricks that leave a lasting impression. “Wow, Julie. This guy’s skilled — let’s see what else he’s got.”

2: Comedy: Food might win a man’s heart, but humour is the key to cracking stone-cold misery guts over here. Get them laughing, and we’re nearly at the finish line!

3: Identify the leader: They’re like a rotten apple trying to boss around the poor magician. Not on my watch. I’ll charm them with a few compliments, lay on the charm THICK, and soon enough, they’re putty in my hands. For good measure, I’ll swipe their wallet, watch, and security number—after all, they had it coming for being a jerk. Of course, I jest. (a little).

4: Keep it short: Ultimately, when hired to entertain your wedding guests, I maintain respect and professionalism. If my tried-and-true tricks fall flat, I trust my judgment and wrap up the close-up show quicker than usual. That’s the brilliance of close-up magic – it’s so flexible, you can wrap it up faster than a disappearing act.

Remember, you can’t win ’em all. I’ll just save my tears for the drive home!

So should you book a wedding magician?

Not everyone dislikes magicians, which is fortunate for my career! However, some people still have the old perception that wedding magicians haven’t evolved since the 1980s. Don’t let this put you off booking! Do your research, find a wedding magician with great reviews and someone who’s approachable so you can ask questions.

Consider this a friendly dare if you’ve never been keen on magicians. The next time a wedding magician steps up to you at a wedding showcase or event, give them thirty seconds. You might find yourself entertained in ways you never saw coming.

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