A Love Shoot with LWC – Suki & Jonny

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A gorgeous inspirational photoshoot from The London Wedding Collective to see us into July! Suki and Jonny are a stunning couple, and the team behind this beautiful set of pics are insanely talented.

Suki’s a creative designer with her own Afro-Asian fusion cuisine business, and Jonny’s an artist and designer – together they are the most adorable and romantic pair. With families all over the globe, this photoshoot celebrates their lockdown engagement – we love that it showcases the value of love for love’s sake, even before any big celebration or wedding!

The London Wedding Collective: is a collaboration, a collation, a celebration of all things wedding.

Photographer @chloedelmontephotography
Creative Production @tomgregoryimage
Set Assistant @sitifazrena
Studio @shutturhousestudio
Sleek plunge neckline dress: OUI THE LABEL ?Phoenix Dress by @somethingborrowedrent
Veil: @kairecouk
Renaissance inspired dress: Vanja by Catherine Deane from @brides_do_good
worn with Ray A Ring by @yasmineverley
Lace shoulder dress: Rachel by Savin from Brides do Good
Jonny wears Zara tuxedo suit and shirt by Zara
Stationery: @bylivandluc
Tablescape: @setandscape
Floristry @theflowerstory
Cakes by @toskascakes
Earrings: Luna Bea Bride
Teardrop cluster and star rings: Models own
Deeply Curved Wedding Band by @genevieveschwartzjewellery
Levels of Light Engagement ring by @genevieveschwartzjewellery
Deco Engagement Ring by @genevieveschwartzjewellery
Makeup @Ayeletgmua
Hair @gabygoldringhairstylist
Couple @mrleelives and @hungrybuddhas__

Chloe Delmonte is an award-winning Fine-Art photographer with over 15 years experience shooting weddings in New York, London, Israel and Europe. Her style is effortlessly romantic, candid, intimate and gentle.

With a background in Fine Art, Chloe’s photographic process lends itself to capturing the magic of love and lovers, creating images that are a wash of painterly techniques with a delicate editorial edge. LWC was borne of these worlds colliding; culminating in a vibrant community of artists, makers, stylists, designers and lovers.

Suki and Chloe paid a visit to Brides do Good showroom in Earl’s court one afternoonand tried on a whole array of exquisite gowns.

Suki began thinking she wanted something minimal and maybe even casual, dared herself to try on some of the princess cut gowns and found herself falling in love with the grandeur of it all. Eventually we settled on a few more delicate pieces.

How special, to craft your own bridal look out of a whole wardrobe of designers and accessories, each handmade by women around the UK, fiancé at your side, enveloped by masses of divine floral arrangements, tailored and teased by floristry creatives The Flower Story.

London’s official directory of luxe independent British designers, brands, artists and vendors for the aesthetically inclined lovers. LWC serves as a home hub for makers and muses to synthesise their skillsets and share their art with the world. We strive to bring together creatives of every variety to offer and achieve something bigger than the sum of their parts. In short, one could call it, the poetics of community.

When it came to shoot day we styled the dresses with Suki’s fiancé Jonny and he was blown away by the beauty of it all. Jonny picked out his outfits on the day too. Having sent the LWC creatives his measurements in advance, we hand-selected a variety of looks we thought complementary to the gowns Suki was most drawn to.

With his platinum blonde hair and super suave stare, he perused the engagement rings Genevieve Schwartz Jewellery had brought with her and settled on a few pieces he liked.

“The pair were a pleasure to photograph, melting into one another as the rest of us watched on; captivated in the stillness of their sweet, tender, effervescent love.”

Tom Selmon is a photographer and founding editor of an internationally published photography magazine editor with a vested interest in queer representation. He has over twelve years of industry experience in fashion editorial and production, specializing in creating concepts with a sharp editorial eye. Always bringing his unique perspective into the image. He has a keen eye for adding meaning to aesthetics with a varied history of art direction and magazine branding.

Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at www.byMoonandTide.com. Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.


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