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Elegante by Michelle J and David Bastianoni

No wedding is ever weather-proof! However, having a Plan B for rain on your wedding day can save you from heartache and stress! I stumbled across Elegante by Michelle J’s blog about rainy day wedding planning and had to share her genius tips with you. In Michelle’s own words, “As much as we don’t want to think about the possibility of wet weather weddings, any wedding planner worth their salt will tell you it’s vital to always have a ‘wet weather plan’ just in case – no matter the location or time of year!

There are two rainy wedding facts you really need to know:

1. Setting a wedding date for the summer months won’t guarantee you sunshine
2. Having a destination wedding in Italy, Greece or any sunny country doesn’t rule out the chance of rain

The secret to a stress-free, happy wedding in any weather, is planning. Being prepared for all weathers is key. Will your wedding be any less magical if it pours and you have to relocate? Not if you have a plan!

Photographer: David Bastianoni. Wedding planner and stylist: Elegante by Michelle J.

Photographer: David Bastianoni. Wedding planner and stylist: Elegante by Michelle J.

By all means, plan for sunshine and base your Plan A around an outdoor ceremony where you can make the most of your venue’s gardens, views and open spaces. Chances are, you’ll be lucky and make amazing memories dining under the stars and dancing in the moonlight until the early hours!

But have a Plan B, and make it amazing. If your Plan B for rain on your wedding day is an afterthought, it won’t have the same sparkle or wow factor. Michelle says, “we put just as much care and thought into the wet weather wedding plan, ensuring your venue has an alternative covered or indoor space with the capacity to reframe the whole vision. We hope for the best, but even in the worst case weather scenario your wedding day will be straight out of your dreams.”

Timing and logistics: when should you launch your rainy day wedding plan?

Depending how different your Plans A and B are, you may be able to make a super quick decision to rush things indoors (or back outside!) moments before your ceremony. However, it could take longer if your set up is more complex.

This is where an experienced wedding planner is worth their weight in gold. It’s not just about on the day; it’s having a discussion well in advance and knowing they are prepared for a change in the weather, and capable of managing it professionally so that you can relax and enjoy your day!

Wedding planner and stylist: Elegante by Michelle J. Photographer: David Bastianoni

Wedding planner and stylist: Elegante by Michelle J. Photographer: David Bastianoni

Rainy day wedding considerations

  • Space – would a rainy day Plan B mean erecting a marquee?
  • Electrics – any musical equipment HAS to stay dry
  • Seating – wet bums on seats can ruin a ceremony!
  • Brollies – super helpful for mingling; but drippy and annoying for ceremonies
  • Installations – florals can withstand a little rain, but need protection from blustery conditions
  • Signage and stationery might not survive a drenching!
Always allow enough time to move to your rainy day wedding plan.
  1. If showers are forecast, how will they impact setting up?
  2. How long will you need to give your venue staff to move everything indoors?
  3. What about your wedding suppliers? When will they need to know whether to set up inside or outside?
  4. Always ask your suppliers for advice! Communication will make things run smoothly!
Some wedding locations are amazing because of the rain!

I’m biased: instantly my heart says “Lake District” as the perfect wedding setting. But those lakes don’t happen by magic, and the Lakes are prone to showers and little micro climates where it seems to rain at the worst possible times! The same applies to the lush green hills of Tuscany, and to any European wedding destination!

Some of the most incredible settings for weddings are where you’ll have most need of a wet weather plan. Any area with a mountainous backdrop can be hugely unpredictable. Vineyard weddings are popular as a romantic destination to say you’re I dos… but grapes don’t grow without rain! Don’t let this stop you planning an amazing wedding there – but have an amazing plan B up your sleeve in case the heavens open!

What about if it’s too hot on your wedding day?

This caught my eye on Michelle’s blog. As the UK’s foremost Italian destination wedding planner, Michelle knows rain isn’t the only weather to plan for on your wedding day.

“Wet weather weddings are not the only possibility when planning a destination celebration – in the middle of summer it can go the opposite way and be unbearably hot at times. When planning we always consider this too, particularly given our experience with hot temperatures in the Mediterranean countries. We often recommend later ceremony times for destination weddings, bearing in mind the positioning of the ceremony set up relative to the sun at certain times of the day.”

If you’re concerned about the heat on your wedding day, ask your venue about air conditioning and shady indoor spaces. Consider any older or vulnerable guests, and provide ice cold non-alcoholic drinks (and gelato!) to cool everyone down and keep guests hydrated.

A last note from Elegante by Michelle J: “It is important to remain prepared and flexible in the run up to your wedding, whether in the UK or abroad, and accept that the one thing we cannot control is the weather! We’ll let you know when it becomes possible, but for now place your trust in Elegante by Michelle J to deliver an incredible celebration regardless of the weather, and above all try to relax and enjoy. They say a wet knot ties tighter, so some even consider it good luck to have showers on their wedding day. Get in touch to chat about planning your wedding in safe hands, no matter the conditions.”

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