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I adore my chats with England’s top luxury wedding planner Mark Niemierko. The Niemierko brand is synonymous with incredible weddings, and Mark is super lovely, thoughtful and wonderfully down to earth. I’ve been inspired by these beautiful images from Niemierko to share 10 summer wedding flower ideas, accompanied by the most amazing photographs of Niemierko’s luxury wedding flowers.

10 summer wedding flower ideas – inspired by Niemierko

A fresh and vibrant colour palette brings joy to wedding tables. The urns add luxury; the foliage and delicate florals add fragrance and a unique, creative summer wedding look. All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

1. Suggest abundance! (within your budget)

Summer is a time of plenty. There are flowers everywhere, nature is thriving and the sun (mainly!) shines! Our parks and gardens are filled with flowers and there are amazing UK-grown flowers available for weddings. If your budget allows, please please choose flowers grown in the UK – or grow your own! Imported flowers have a huge carbon footprint. Don’t feel pressured to blow your budget on thousands or hundreds of blooms. You can suggest abundance with a single floral display, or by maximising colour, or choosing tall wildflowers to make a big statement without necessarily spending a fortune.

2. Set a scene: e.g. meadow or woodland

Meadow style wedding flowers are really popular as floral arrangements and on cakes and stationery. Flowers aren’t bunched so much as lined up (technical term: can you tell I’m not a florist?!) – and the look is really pretty. Combine this with interesting grasses or invest in some planters to grow your own (plant your seeds in spring).

Another gorgeous idea for sustainable wedding flowers is a woodland vibe. You might choose small trees which you can then plant or give as gifts, or ferns, or grasses and wildflowers. Foxgloves are amazing with this look. The key is lush, dark green foliage.

Stunning staircase floral display with hydrangeas, roses, dahlias and delphiniums. All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

3. Work with your venue’s colours

In this photo, Niemierko has chosen flowers which work beautifully with the tones of the gorgeous faded brickwork at Cliveden House. It’s so important to consider every detail of your surroundings: what colour are the walls, chairs, carpets and curtains in your wedding venue? Is there artwork on the walls? Can you incorporate those colours, complement them? Will anything clash with your colour palette?

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

4. Relax your colour palette

Speaking of which! “Shades of…” is the best colour option you can choose for your day. Don’t be too specific. This means your florist can create a little more depth in your bouquet(s) and floral arrangements. Block colours – for example, Pantone’s annoyingly specific colour of the year – are hard to match, while a colour palette of “greens” or “soft blues” or “dusky pinks” will excite your florist and give you more interesting flowers!

Shades of pink for the most elegant modern summer wedding look. All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

5. Trust your wedding florist

Find a great wedding florist who inspires your trust, then let them do their job. All creative people work best when they’re given creative freedom. How much is up to you! If they know your budget and understand the look you’re going for, they’ll create magic. Just find the best florist within your wedding budget, and one who avoids floral foam and uses sustainable blooms.

6. Add herbs for scent (and nature)

Sprigs of mint, rosemary or other herbs will add scent and style to your day. Use them in buttonholes and bouquets, on place settings and to decorate your tables. These place settings are absolutely gorgeous – and they needn’t cost the earth!

Herbs are easy to grow, resilient (they’re often easy to grow and drought-tolerant, which is important in helping to reduce water usage because of climate change) and fabulous for nature. You could even incorporate herbs into your cocktails and mocktails, and illustrate them on your stationery to pull a theme together.

This wedding place setting is exquisite with unique floral styling, lush greens and herb sprigs. All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

7. Grow wild flowers – but be good!

Wild flowers are ever more important as we face a biodiversity crisis in the UK. Growing your own can be fun, and native wildflowers are wonderful for nature. Flowers will often self-seed year after year. Think poppies, foxgloves, ox-eye daisies, cornflowers, honeysuckle, wild roses and cow parsley.

You might be tempted to forage for wild flowers – gathering cow parsley from verges or field edges. Please pick with care and follow published guidelines to picking flowers to minimise the effect you’ll have on nature. Cut, don’t pull out wildflowers, as uprooting is harmful, but picking with care and in moderation usually does little damage. It is always better to grow your own wildflowers if you can!

8. Mix colours, match tones

Bring joy to summer weddings by mixing colours for a more playful look to your day. Wildflower meadows and cottage gardens are beautiful because they have variety – so apply this to your wedding florals!

Vibrant summer floral styling – this amazing look combines some of my favourite wedding flowers. All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

9. Summer blues?

Weddings don’t have to be pink: it’s good to be different. Check out our article the joy of seeing beyond wedding trends. Don’t rule out colours which might be considered more appropriate for autumn or winter weddings. These incredible blue hydrangea displays show how amazing a blue colour palette for a summer wedding can be!

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

10. Add greenery

Nature is gloriously green, and that’s what makes the colour pops of flowers stand out and look glorious. You can add green in so many ways, by tucking sprigs of leaves into your bouquet and arrangements, by incorporating houseplants, terracotta pots of herbs or other greenery into your centrepieces for example. Or you can hire live trees from one of the many companies now specialising in wedding hire around the UK.

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

If you love our Summer wedding tips, remember you may need to scale the ideas back to suit your budget. If you have thousands of pounds to spend on florals, you’re incredibly lucky! If you have much less, be creative with how you use your flowers. Be honest with your florist, and look at their own work before booking an appointment. Wedding blogs and Pinterest show amazing images but rarely prices. (The images in this blog show floral designs worth thousands of pounds.)

The most popular flowers for summer weddings

Let’s get specific about flowers for a summer wedding.

1. Peony – available in early summer – gorgeous ice-cream-like blobs of pink with detailed, delicate blooms!
2. Hydrangea – a later summer flower available in white, pink, purple and blue shades
3. Roses – thousands of varieties in all kinds of colours. Often beautifully scented
4. Delphiniums – a favourite in English country garden bouquets and arrangements
5. Sweet peas – amazingly scented, delicate flowers and one of my own favourites

All of the images in this blog are ©Niemierko. A Niemierko wedding is a visionary event. Imagination is at the forefront of the luxury brand, and each wedding is planned around the couple, to reflect their personalities. As the UK’s number one wedding planner Mark Niemierko is something of a legend, planning just five weddings each year – each one an unforgettable experience for his couple and their guests.

About Mark Niemierko, Celebrity Wedding Planner

Mark Niemierko is widely regarded as Britain’s premier high-end social event and wedding planner, arranging weddings for high society couples from all over the world. He has planned Julia and James Corden’s Babington House nuptials, as well as both Rochelle and Marvin Humes’ original Blenheim Palace wedding in 2012, and their 10th anniversary renewal of vows in Lake Como in 2022. He has also overseen weddings with Royalty in attendance, such as Prince Harry.

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko


All images in this blog are ©Copyright Niemierko

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