Example of a wedding invitation by Little Green Wedding, placed alongside a sprig of eucalytpus. The invitation has green floral wreath with the couples names in the centre and text above and below

A guest article by English Wedding member Little Green Wedding

Did you know that your special day can be a source of amazing waste? No one wants to cut corners on their big day, but recent research shows that on average each wedding is responsible for over 20kg of single use plastic waste and over £500 of food is thrown away after each reception.

Signature invitation by Little Green Wedding

Signature invitation by Little Green Wedding

For an Eco-conscious bride or couple, they should be looking to reduce waste before the wedding even starts. Many couples now are opting for sustainable wedding rings, however the next stage of wedding planning offers a considerable opportunity to showcase your green credentials.

Bride and groom walking across a field. She holds a huge bunch of flowers, they're laughing and chatting as they walk. By Hannah Timm Photography at Coed Hills

Header image by Hannah Timm Photography. Laura & Oliver’s Coed Hills wedding is here in our archives.

Steering a wedding blog along the right path is a fun part of everything we do… and we’re always looking to be better.

After covid (is it too soon to say that? Probably but…) we’ve learned a few things: family and human connection are massively important.

At the beginning of 2020 we were all about sustainability in weddings – and at that time, sustainability meant carbon footprint and reducing plastic, reusing and recycling and so on.


Header image by Linus Moran Photography

Creators of high-quality, made-to-order diamond jewellery Austen & Blake have conducted some research to find out just how much waste is created by UK weddings every year and the results are pretty shocking.

It’s way past time for us to ALL focus on sustainable weddings, and Austen & Blake have created an infographic full of information to help you choose more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to some of your wedding day must haves. From upcycling your decor, switching plastics for biodegradable substitutes, opting for native flowers from local florists and selecting caterers that use locally sourced produce, there are numerous ways to make your big day that little bit greener.


Sustainability is always a big thing for us here at English Wedding HQ, and so when a shoot like this BEAUTY comes along I get so excited to share it with you! Lovely Gwenda from Green Union designed, styled and coordinated this stunning shoot, which will inspire those of you looking to create a minimally styled wedding (but with wonderfully indulgent foliage) with organic, vegan, biodegradable and ethical styling touches. I’ll leave you in Gwenda’s very talented hands to learn how this fabulous wedding styling editorial came about!



An article by lovely Sian from Amethyst Weddings

Everyone’s been talking about eco-friendly and sustainable weddings recently. So is it a “trend” or are green weddings here to stay?

What makes a wedding eco friendly or sustainable?

By definition a wedding or event is eco friendly if there has been no harm or negative impact made to the environment. In reality it means to use services and suppliers that are conscious of the impact any product they use can have on the environment. They will have taken steps to eradicate these or have a plan in place to offset any negative effects. This can be done for example by donating to tree planting schemes or helping with local environmental projects if you have needed to use fuel for a car journey or similar.