It’s a common misconception that buying an engagement or wedding ring on a budget means you can’t buy sustainably and ethically. English Wedding members Jacqueline & Edward are here to bust that myth and show you how you how you can buy affordably without compromising on quality or your eco values.

How to Buy an Affordable Engagement Ring

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Buying an Ethical Engagement or Wedding Ring on a Budget, by Jacqueline & Edward

Here’s our guide on how to get an affordable yet beautiful, ethical, made to order engagement ring… 

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Your upcoming wedding will be a dream, but it may also produce tons of trash. Decorations are an important way to bring your wedding vision to life, whether you DIY or buy them. But what happens to everything when the evening ends? Use these tips to avoid waste after your ceremony and have a green wedding that aligns with your sustainable values.

1. Recycle Paper Decor

A US study showed that couples spend an average of $2,141 for wedding decor, which lets them create the wedding aesthetic they’ve always wanted. It also leads to tons of single-use purchases. 

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Sustainable weddings, to us, means a happy experience and stress free planning. Sticking to a comfortable budget is a huge part of that.

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Let’s talk about wedding budgets

Emmeline Smith explores 5 ways to make greener choices for your big day – without making compromises – which can even save you money!

1. The Dress

Whatever you chose to wear on your big day, wedding attire is a great place to start making more considered choices. With clothes worth £12.5 billion being chucked into landfill in UK each year, buying less is a great way to start helping the environment. A wedding dress costs up to £3000, so it’s also a great place to save money too!

Weddings with plastic and waste are on the way out. It’s time for the industry to catch up: a mini revolution is on the way, and this time it’s not just about trends.

As redundant as polyester chair covers and barbie tiaras, single-use wedding items are starting to sit uncomfortably with couples and suppliers these days. We’re all looking for planet-friendly alternatives, and there are plenty if you just know where to look!

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