One of the best bits of advice I could ever give to couples, is to think twenty years into the future.

Right now, today, picture yourselves together in twenty years time. What will you remember of your wedding? Perhaps there’ll be family members who aren’t around any more. Perhaps your memories of the day will be fading a little…

In twenty years time when you pick up your wedding album, you’ll be hoping to relive your wedding day through the images you see in there. And the most precious photographs of your day will be the ones where you can see people’s characters and personalities.

It’s not often we say you “need” anything for your wedding! We’re a bit different like that at English Wedding. Your wedding should be YOU – and no other rules apply. Say your ‘I dos’ privately on top of a mountain, or in your living room, or have a massive ‘do’ with everyone you know. You do you.

However (you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?) if you’re having a few people at your wedding, and you’re thinking about photos and specifically group shots – you will be needing these group photo hacks to make it nice and easy!

It’s a common misconception that buying an engagement or wedding ring on a budget means you can’t buy sustainably and ethically. English Wedding members Jacqueline & Edward are here to bust that myth and show you how you how you can buy affordably without compromising on quality or your eco values.

How to Buy an Affordable Engagement Ring

A grandmotherly wedding guest is inspecting a bride's ring at close quarters while other guests peer over her shoulder to see.

Photograph by Piccolino Weddings

Buying an Ethical Engagement or Wedding Ring on a Budget, by Jacqueline & Edward

Here’s our guide on how to get an affordable yet beautiful, ethical, made to order engagement ring… 

We read this article over on 166 Photography and were bowled over by its refreshing honesty and helpfulness. It’s kind of alarming how none of the wedding media seem to prioritise mental health in their messaging, and that needs to change. Studies have found that 70% of engaged couples or newlyweds described the process of planning a wedding as “extremely stressful”, and identified the top 5 emotions while planning a wedding to be:

  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Anxious

Header image: Merrick Cousley

I had a little email chat to Rosie, who writes for Kabiru Abu, the other week. There’s so little in the wedding media about grooms – and given that not every wedding has a bride, we feel there’s a need for more balance! Here’s a piece for all the grooms out there – because it’s NEVER all about the dress!

Grooms getting hitched in the next couple of years have a lot to look forward to says Savile Row suit designer to the stars, Kabiru Abu.