An interesting survey landed in our inbox a little while ago, and we wanted to share it with you. It’s ok not to be ok when the world around us is crumbling – and if you’re worried about planning your wedding and how much it will all cost, you’re absolutely not alone.

Weddings are expensive. But as we’ve said many times on English Wedding, we don’t believe the ‘average wedding budget‘ figures you’ll see in so many wedding publications.

The world of weddings is changing! We asked celebrity wedding florist Larry Walshe some of our biggest, burning questions – and we were thrilled to bits when he replied with such thoughtful insights on the future of weddings.

Before we dive in: yes, luxury weddings are bound to create more waste by volume. We’re not hiding from that. But no amount of Guardian coverage can stop luxurious weddings from happening; they’ll go on, and they’re already becoming more sustainable. It would be naive to ignore the existence of extravagant celebrations and assume everyone can have a thrifty little micro wedding. Finally, the wedding industry needs its shining stars to set an example: and here’s how that’s already happening.

If you’re planning on getting married, this day will naturally be one of the biggest of your life, and can get a little stressful as well as exciting. Here, Jo Webber, Herbal Education Lead at Pukka Herbs will show you some natural tips for relieving wedding nerves.

Organising a wedding and getting married is a thrilling experience, but it can also be a nerve-wracking time. After all your efforts organising the wedding and writing the guest list, you’ll want to just relax and enjoy the day, so it’s important to find some ways to focus on your enjoyment of the event and manage those nerves.

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Sustainable weddings, to us, means a happy experience and stress free planning. Sticking to a comfortable budget is a huge part of that.

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Let’s talk about wedding budgets

Does the thought of surprises on your wedding day fill you with delight, or haunt your planning dreams with fear?

It’s something that’s been on my mind recently, and I really wanted to write a little about it. Because however carefully planned your wedding will be, spontaneous things will happen. Gather a bunch of 30 or more people together… and it’s herding cats time. It’s kind of a wonderful thing, if you embrace it!

Last month we published 7 tips for a smooth sailing wedding day from our friends at Liam Collard Photography. I recommend you read it – but in a nutshell, the advice was: