The age of black tie being a stuffy, strict dress code has really disappeared recently. As tastes have lent themselves more towards the kitschy, quirky and alternative, the tuxedo has moved with it. 

These days, unless the dress code is marked as formal or strict black tie – or the bride and groom specify – you can have a bit more fun with the Tuxedo. Perhaps it’s a vintage do, calling for velvets and paisleys, or something a little more modern and sharp, calling for slim fits and sharp lapels.

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The Tuxedo has a long, illustrious history, stemming back to the 1860s and the fashionable Prince of Wales – later King Edward the 7th. He had a strong interest in clothes, and, being in such public eye, set some of the biggest trends in menswear.

No sooner had he swaggered up with those peak lapels and a deep, navy blue satin jacket – with, unusually for the time, no tails – than the entire country flocked to follow. And that’s right – it was dark blue, not black at all.

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By English Wedding member Truly Experiences, with images by Becky Harley Photography

Any groom who’s about to get married knows there are plenty of things that require his attention before the big day. From choosing your honeymoon destination to who’s going to make up your groom’s party, you’ve got some critical decisions to make. And that includes deciding what to wear.

Just like any trend, wedding styles are ever-changing – coming into, going out of and returning to fashion. This can make it tricky for a dapper groom-to-be to catch up with what’s in vogue at the moment. That’s why we’ve decided to make it easier for you and present this list of fashionable wedding trends to choose from.

Having looked at hundreds of suits and tuxedos from this year, from high fashion brands as well as regular stores, we’ve put together the ultimate list of style trends for grooms right now.

Barn wedding styling at Coltsfood Country Retreat - images by Becky Harley Photography Hertfordshire (35)


Are you fed up of being indoors and do you feel cheated that your wedding has been postponed and your honeymoon cancelled? Who could have predicted that something we can’t even see would ruin the plans of so many. Well, here’s an idea for when you feel safe enough to have a night or two away from home… Why not plan something really cool and elope? On the Isle of Skye, wedding photographer Penny Hardie sees all kinds of tiny weddings – they don’t even have to be legally binding, in fact many aren’t.

Ready to Run Away? Isle of Skye elopements... (6)

Can’t Wait?

Ok, so legally you need to fill in forms, register with the local registry office and all that. On Skye we see many couples who have decided to ditch the formalities and do their own thing. They may have a legal ceremony before they arrive or when they get back home, but they come to make their own commitment to each other in the wide open stunning scenery. They may have a hand fasting and tie the knot, they may jump over a broom together and some just exchange their own words. We get a whole lot of people who bring their wedding dress thousands of miles just to have their pictures taken here.


Inspired by this lovely blog post about smaller weddings and elopements
All images are by award winning London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston

So Covid threw us all the biggest curveball, and we’re left wondering how we get married now. Planning a wedding suddenly became something of an uncertainty: thousands of 2020 couples have postponed weddings until 2021, and no one knows for sure when social distancing won’t be a thing any more.

Rather than telling you how you ‘should’ plan your 2021 wedding – because who even knows? I think flexibility and an open mind are the safest steps forwards right now – I wanted to share some of the best things about the rather fabulous celebrations we’re now calling micro weddings.

Intimate weddings, UK micro weddings and elopements captured by London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (9)

The thing is, folks have been having tiny weddings for years. There are so many reasons to have a micro wedding – and they’re not all bad! Here’s a few…

  • Covid (ok so that’s the bad one)
  • spending sensibly
  • freedom to do things your way
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On behalf of TDR Bridal, Birmingham

Buying a wedding dress is a Big Deal. Chances are you’ll be spending £££ on your dress, and buying from the loveliest wedding dress shop in your area – and in your budget. Just before you get your heart set on your dream dress though, can we share some advice about alterations? They’re really, really important – and it’s as crucial to have alterations done properly as it is to buy a dress that’s the right size and shape for your figure.

It’s easy to assume you’ll buy your dress after your first fitting, have your measurements sent off to the designer, and your dress will arrive at the boutique a few weeks later fitting like a glove. Easy peasy!

… nope.

Having your wedding dress altered: the facts

Every wedding dress will or should need to be altered to fit you perfectly. A size 14 isn’t universal: girls who are a size 14 can be different heights, with different proportions – and there’s no such thing as “the perfect size 12” – we’re all different shapes and that’s what makes us amazing, right?


Thank you to our friend and English Wedding member Fiona Kelly Photography for this super helpful advice feature!

Capturing a wedding day in a more natural, documentary style is wonderful. It allows for all the emotions, love and laughter to be photographed in an unobtrusive way and gives you an amazing record of the day to look back on. My approach is all about capturing the day as it happens in order to create beautiful storytelling images that go further than just recording who was present. I love to photograph the natural moments and the in-between bits; the happy tears as you say ‘I do’, the embarrassed faces during the speeches, the proud smile on your granddad’s face as he watches you walk down the aisle. These are the photos I love to capture and the moments that make an image into something very special. However, I also totally appreciate that this is the one day where all your family, friends and loved ones are there at the same time. There is still a place for doing group photos.

Jam Hot live at a wedding in Tuscany Italy by Tell Your Story Photography

We are Jam Hot Wedding Band, and are here on English Wedding to answer a few questions regarding the wedding industry throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, based on our experiences and those of the many amazing venues and suppliers that we work with – well, usually work with!

How has COVID-19 affected Jam Hot and the Wedding Industry?

We are all about helping to create the best day of a couple’s life to date. Following months of high-intensity wedmin, planning and researching – a couple finally reach the day they have been dreaming about. Arriving at their stunning wedding venue, they take their vows surrounded by all of their nearest and dearest; followed by an elegant drinks reception, scintillating meal and heartfelt speeches. This wonderful day is topped off by the element that Jam Hot Show Band specialises in – a raucous, energetic party that sees everyone packed onto the dance floor, singing at the top of their lungs and generally having the time of their lives.

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/KMn4VEeEPR8

This is a guest article from our friends at Truly Experiences
Header image by Sean O. on Unsplash

Being environmentally friendly is a trend everyone can embrace – even newlyweds! In recent years the idea of an eco-friendly honeymoon has become incredibly popular. Couples are fast finding that they can reduce their carbon footprint while still making marvellous memories.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway take a look at these sustainable honeymoon options. Each destination offers something special for the environmentally conscious couple who want to relax after the whirlwind of wedding preparations and their big day.

Lefay: Italy

We start our review of eco-conscious honeymoon destinations at Lefay in Italy. This resort, which makes use of eco-designed architecture and renewable alternative energy sources, is situated in the town of Gargnano on the shores of picturesque Lake Garda. The focus of Lefay is on sustainability, and the resort works towards neutralising its CO2 emissions.


On behalf of TDR Bridal, Birmingham

Wedding dress shopping is like nothing you’ll have ever done before. It’s exciting – it’s totally unique and special to every single bride. It can be a rollercoaster, a liberating and an emotional experience. And when you find your dress you WILL know. Just please, lovelies – look in the right place. A good wedding dress shop is worth its weight in gold for the support you get along the way and for the amazing experience you’ll have finding your wedding dress. The lovely girls from TDR Bridal Boutique Halesowen have shared their advice with us today, to help YOU choose your perfect wedding dress shop, wherever you are in the country!

1 Do your homework

It’s always worth being prepared – and hey, from the very beginning looking for wedding dress inspiration is an AMAZING experience! So dive in. Do your research online, with wedding blogs and in magazines. See what’s around, think about how far you’re willing to travel (or do you want to support a local boutique?). Here’s a few things to consider when choosing the right wedding dress shop for you.

alternative wedding ceremonies uk

A guest article by Fanfare Ceremonies / Header image by Little Phat Dog Photographic

Millennials are wanting their wedding ceremonies to be unique, customised and fun but equally do not want to veer too far off the traditional format of the day.

So let’s drill down the reasons why celebrant led ceremonies are so attractive to forward thinking couples.

Celebrant led Ceremonies

Wedding celebrants are trained to provide you with a tailor made ceremony designed to celebrate your union in a way which is meaningful and appropriate to you and your choices for your wedding and way of life.

They ideally spend months getting to know you, building a trust and friendship before your day before designing and creating a ceremony which is completely bespoke to you.

This not only means that the script will be packed full to the brim with personal anecdotes, laughter and sentimental touches, but also the ceremony will feel like it is being led by an old friend.


Article by the fabulous www.SeventhSecond.co.uk
Images by our fabulous English Wedding members York Place Studios

So how do you avoid those quiet moments where guests with sleepy feet shuffle off the dancefloor for another gin and a quiet chat?

No one wants their wedding evening do to fizzle out. We all want to see our guests dancing like no one’s watching, busting those crazy moves to their favourite tunes and having the best time ever – all night long. But how can you plan this in advance? How can you know for sure that your wedding dancefloor will be packed out all night long?

The simple secret to an epic wedding dancefloor is to hire a live wedding band.

Live wedding bands generate the kind of buzz you get at a concert – the excitement, the nostalgia of dancing along with all our favourite people, letting our hair down, celebrating the best day ever and having the most amazing time of our lives.


Header image by Amandine Roparsfull feature here

Lovelies, I hope you’re all doing ok. We’re taking a break from our usual content today to share some advice from the mental health experts at Bupa. So many of you have had to postpone wedding dates until 2021, and I know some of you are even changing your wedding plans: scaling down guest lists and doing things differently. It’s hard. It’s really hard. I’ve been trying to keep blog content light hearted and positive to lift spirits, but for those of you who are struggling these tips from Fatmata Kamara, Specialist Nurse Adviser at Bupa UK, might help you.

With love,

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many couples who had planned their dream wedding this year have had to postpone or cancel their upcoming nuptials. This is inevitably a stressful time for brides and grooms-to-be; especially with the uncertainty around postponing your big day, and the challenges of finding a new date that all your loved ones can attend.