OK, so I’ve said this many times, but really today I would love for you to read today’s wedding blog SLOWLY. It’s the images, which are absolute proof that children lift weddings to the next level and then some. Of course our bride and groom are absolutely stunning and this is a day filled with joy and celebration (and pre-pandemic happy hugs!) – but honestly, the kids make it. You will smile, and I hope you’ll chuckle as you scroll through this joyful and relaxed celebration. There simply couldn’t be a more perfect wedding to brighten your Friday and lift your spirits!

A heartfelt micro wedding in a refreshingly quirky setting, with the loveliest couple and breathtaking images from Cambridge wedding photographer Damien Vickers. We’ve fallen head over heels for Stradsett Hall, and we’re ALL about the dress & suit combo and the incredible greenery and floral styling. Lorna & Keanu are a gorgeous couple – don’t miss their interview below! “english

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How did you choose your photographer?

After browsing what felt like hundreds of websites we came across Damien’s website and social media. His bright and relaxed style seemed like they would be a perfect fit for the atmosphere we wanted on our day!

Even as a wedding blogger, you just don’t see this kind of beautiful that often. And I mean – my breath is taken, this stunning Scottish wedding is out of this WORLD! I stumbled across Richelle and Tom’s wedding via our lovely dressmaker member Felicity Westmacott. It goes without saying that Richelle’s dress is incredible; and indeed everything from this amazing (pre-pandemic) wedding is rocking my wedding bloggy world today – not least the brilliant couple who are the stars of it all.

This is adorable. A family wedding for the cutest trio, an alternative celebration planned with one week’s notice, and the loveliest, most joyful images you can imagine. Congratulations Luke & Amy – we LOVE your wedding day! Let us know when you finally get to have that first dance…

alternative farm micro wedding with Hannah Brooke Photography

Wedding photographer’s website


How did you choose your photographer?

We chose Hannah from a recommendation from a friend. After having our wedding postponed twice due to Covid, lockdown lifted and we had a week to finalise all the details! Thankfully at very short notice Hannah fitted us into her bookings.

A brilliantly creative journey through not one wedding day but two: York Place Studios capture Rona and Maiuran’s London wedding with humour, playfulness and the most incredible eye for detail. If you want to have the most possible fun on your wedding day(s), knowing the moments captured will be authentic, colourful and stand the test of time – London wedding photographers York Place Studios are the absolute best.

Two cultures, two glorious days of joyful London weddings for Cecil & Rona, with York Place Studios (24)

This Cecil Sharp House wedding makes me smile every time I see it. There’s an ongoing story thread I love, involving a tube with children in it. This is brilliantly documentary in style – in a year when stories and family connections will feel more important than ever, it couldn’t be more perfect.

Two cultures, two glorious days of joyful London weddings for Cecil & Rona, with York Place Studios (33)


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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