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Fans of TV comedian Rob J Madin will enjoy a new “Wedding Speech Menu” he’s put together for Travelodge. Making a speech at a wedding can be brilliant or quite stressful, depending how comfortable you are with public speaking. We’ve published a lot of advice about wedding speeches in the past and I’d love to know what you make of these quick-fire templates. Images are by our friends and English Wedding members Libra Photographic in Dorset.

“To help keep nerves and sweaty palms at bay, Travelodge has partnered with comedian Rob Madin – who appears regularly as his alter ego Brett Domino on 8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown – to write a selection of wedding speeches, giving you some light relief when it comes to composing the ultimate wedding speech.

Whether you’ve simply run out of time in the lead up to the big day, feel you are lacking any kind of creative inspiration or been caught short having left yours on the printer, Travelodge’s Speech Menu offering will help save the day. With its selection of adaptable, pre-written words to suit all occasions, it will help you hit the right tone and (hopefully) avoid offending the guests or the happy couple!

The three adaptable speeches can be used as the foundation to write your own personalised words or serve as a form of inspiration if you’re struggling with where to begin and more importantly where to end!

Whether you’re ‘The Joker’ looking to bring the house down with wall-to-wall ‘bants’, or want to tug at the heart strings and set off the parents with ‘The Tearjerker’ – an emotional journey through the happy couple’s best moments. Or perhaps, you’re more of a ‘Creative Curveball’ who likes to take a maverick approach, (surprise ‘performance’ anyone?) Travelodge is here to help.

Find all three speeches on the Travelodge website. They can be downloaded free of charge, to give anyone making a wedding speech a little inspiration ahead of the big day.

If you’re not a fan of templates or formulas for wedding speeches, or the pressure to find your own hilarious anecdotes is becoming stressful, you’re not alone. I have two pieces of advice which will help you.

  1. You don’t have to become a comedian to make a good wedding speech. You don’t even have to make a speech at a wedding if you’re not comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. If you’ve been asked and you feel you should say a few words, or you’re looking forward to it but not sure where to begin with your wedding speech, read How to be happy making a speech at a wedding. It will help.
  2. If you don’t want to perform, just be you. The best wedding speech I ever heard, and the one I’ll remember forever, was when my cousin got married. The best man couldn’t speak for crying after a few words, and it all collapsed into hugs and happy tears. He loved them so much – that kind of said it all.

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