Next time you pass a field, consider it as your wedding venue! It might need a bit of work as far as decor and styling goes, you might need a little cover in case it rains on the day, and it could appear a huge challenge at first…. but if you’re enthusiastic about a DIY outdoor wedding then this is an amazing story you’ll want to read!

glamping field wedding blog Berkshire (1)

Faye and Trevor had a rustic wedding in a field in Berkshire, where they celebrated with a handfasting ceremony and treated guests to a beautiful marquee reception. Faye is absolutely stunning; Trevor looks fab in his pale suit and together they make the most gorgeous couple! They’re talented too, and with all their friends created a magical, musical wedding I think is incredible!!

glamping field wedding blog Berkshire (6)

Huge thanks to lovely Yasmin Anne Photography for sharing her fab images of their day. Yasmin specialises in vintage, natural style photography for weddings. Brides in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire should find out more about her:


Jenny Packham accessories 2015 (1) Jenny Packham fans, we have news for you on this lovely autumn morning! Jenny’s brand new bridal accessories collection for 2015 is now available in stores, and I’ve been asked to let you all know!

There are stockists throughout the UK (currently 33 fabulous bridal stores listed as stocking the accessories collection) – I’d recommend you call to check the new accessories are in your local store before you go, just in case!
Jenny Packham accessories 2015 (2)
Jenny Packham accessories 2015 (3)
Jenny Packham accessories 2015 (4)
You can also buy the fabulous accessories online today at The ten headdresses which lead the collection are simply divine: I adore the two Candela pieces which have shapely swirls in crystal and opal.

Every piece has beautiful elements to echo those in Jenny’s wedding dress collection, from headdresses encrusted with fabulous floral motifs, crystals and more, to complement the whimsical tiered hemlines and celestial capes seen on Jenny’s bridal catwalks earlier this year.

Jenny Packham accessories 2015 (5)
Jenny Packham accessories 2015 (6)See more…


I can’t imagine how exciting it must feel for winter brides and grooms as the leaves start falling from the trees… the first frost instantly reminds me of snow and cosy nights in… and winter weddings. Today I wanted to share a really beautiful wedding from Buxted Park: Fiona and Mark styled a winter wonderland wedding at this gorgeous venue and I’m delighted to be able to share all of their fabulous images with you today.

winter wedding Buxted Park (26)

Thanks to Kerry Ann Duffy for sharing the photographs of Mark and Fiona’s day with us on the English Wedding Blog. You can see more of Kerry’s photographs here – do have a look. (Fiona was so pleased with her photos she recommended Kerry to her sister and friends, who have booked her for their weddings!)

winter wedding Buxted Park (23)
My first winter wonderland wedding of the year… I hope you love it. Enjoy!
claire gould calligrapher signaturewinter wonderland wedding

Our winter wonderland wedding at Buxted Park, by Fiona and Mark

winter wedding Buxted Park (38)
winter wonderland wedding
winter wonderland wedding
winter wedding Buxted Park (35)
winter wonderland wedding
winter wedding Buxted Park (33)
winter wonderland wedding
winter wedding Buxted Park (31)
winter wedding Buxted Park (30)
winter wonderland wedding
winter wedding Buxted Park (28)
winter wedding Buxted Park (27)
winter wedding Buxted Park (25)
winter wedding Buxted Park (24)
winter wedding Buxted Park (22)
winter wedding Buxted Park (21)
winter wedding Buxted Park (20)
winter wedding Buxted Park (19)
winter wedding Buxted Park (18)
winter wedding Buxted Park (17)
winter wedding Buxted Park (16)
winter wedding Buxted Park (15)
winter wedding Buxted Park (14)
winter wedding Buxted Park (13)
winter wedding Buxted Park (12)
winter wedding Buxted Park (11)
winter wedding Buxted Park (10)
winter wedding Buxted Park (9)
winter wedding Buxted Park (8)
winter wedding Buxted Park (7)
winter wedding Buxted Park (6)
winter wedding Buxted Park (5)
winter wedding Buxted Park (4)
winter wedding Buxted Park (3)
winter wedding Buxted Park (2)
winter wedding Buxted Park (1)

kent wedding photographer

Howling Basset was the Kent wedding photographer for Katie and Aaron’s lovely country wedding. They were married at St Peter & St Paul’s Church in Borden and then over to the delightful Frasers Coldharbour Farm for the reception. It was important to them that all the suppliers used and decorations etc were sourced within the UK. The boys’ suits were especially cool; Aaron wanted tweed but with a summer wedding it’s just too heavy a material so after scouring the country he found a bespoke tailor in Walsall to make their suits. Very dapper indeed.

Katie and Aaron had a beautiful woodland engagement shoot last year – you can click here to see some of their engagement photos but for today I hope you’ll enjoy this perfect eco friendly Kent wedding!



Katie and Aaron’s beautiful wedding at Frasers Coldharbour Farm with Kent wedding photographer Howling Basset


Howling Basset Photography


kent-wedding-photographer-0004 kent-wedding-photographer-0005 kent-wedding-photographer-0006 kent-wedding-photographer-0007 kent-wedding-photographer-0008 kent-wedding-photographer-0009 kent-wedding-photographer-0010 kent-wedding-photographer-0011 kent-wedding-photographer-0012 kent-wedding-photographer-0013 kent-wedding-photographer-0014 kent-wedding-photographer-0015 kent-wedding-photographer-0018 kent-wedding-photographer-0019 kent-wedding-photographer-0020 kent-wedding-photographer-0021 kent-wedding-photographer-0023 kent-wedding-photographer-0025 kent-wedding-photographer-0026 kent-wedding-photographer-0029 kent-wedding-photographer-0030 kent-wedding-photographer-0032 kent-wedding-photographer-0033 kent-wedding-photographer-0035 kent-wedding-photographer-0036 kent-wedding-photographer-0037 kent-wedding-photographer-0038 kent-wedding-photographer-0039 kent-wedding-photographer-0040 kent-wedding-photographer-0041 kent-wedding-photographer-0043 kent-wedding-photographer-0044 kent-wedding-photographer-0045 kent-wedding-photographer-0046 kent-wedding-photographer-0049 kent-wedding-photographer-0054 kent-wedding-photographer-0055 kent-wedding-photographer-0056 kent-wedding-photographer-0057 kent-wedding-photographer-0058 kent-wedding-photographer-0059 kent-wedding-photographer-0060 kent-wedding-photographer-0062 kent-wedding-photographer-0063 kent-wedding-photographer-0064 kent-wedding-photographer-0065 kent-wedding-photographer-0067 kent-wedding-photographer-0068 kent-wedding-photographer-0069 kent-wedding-photographer-0070 kent-wedding-photographer-0071 kent-wedding-photographer-0072 kent-wedding-photographer-0073 kent-wedding-photographer-0074 kent-wedding-photographer-0075 kent-wedding-photographer-0077 kent-wedding-photographer-0078 kent-wedding-photographer-0079 kent-wedding-photographer-0080 kent-wedding-photographer-0081 kent-wedding-photographer-0083 kent-wedding-photographer-0084 kent-wedding-photographer-0085 kent-wedding-photographer-0086 kent-wedding-photographer-0087 kent-wedding-photographer-0088 kent-wedding-photographer-0090 kent-wedding-photographer-0091 kent-wedding-photographer-0092


Hello there my lovelies, welcome to the weekend! It seems like only moments have passed since last weekend’s excitement at The Handmade Fair – where we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon in the company of the fabulous Karen Flower. Karen has been featured on the English Wedding Blog many times – her wedding photography is just beautiful. I’m delighted to be able to welcome Karen back as a sponsor of the English Wedding Blog today – she comes highly recommended as a talented photographer and one of the loveliest people I’ve met on my travels too!

Karen told me wedding photography “goes beyond just taking photos of what’s in front of me: it is about anticipating moments, looking for connections between people and telling a story of your wedding by linking all the elements of your day together.

She looks for good light and interesting compositions to make your photos look special but also truthful and real. Your wedding day is about you, and Karen will be there to capture who you are, who you love and how you like to celebrate.


She purred…” said our PM this week, and I quite liked it. Oh, to purr in velvety tones with all the glamour of a Hollywood starlet – I’d love to speak that way! It’s how I imagine today’s super glamorous bride would sound: she has that timelessly elegant beauty originating from the Great Gatsby era and I know you’ll adore this shoot!

Sperry tents

Our bride wears the most exciting of vintage styles: an Eliza Jane Howell designer wedding gown with sequins, sheer sleeves and a fabulous belt, all in the softest shades making a gently sophisticated statement. Her groom wears a luxurious navy suit with bow tie, creating a look both elegant and vintage which fits the style of the day.

PapaKata wedding blog (49)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (52)Sperry tentsGreat Gatsby wedding blog (54) Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (46)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (48)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (29)

Combining rich, midnight blues and natural textures with minimal design and a focus on comfort, the setting for the shoot is one of PapaKata’s gorgeous new Sperry tents – indeed today’s styled shoot is the brainchild of PapaKåta, The Wedding Affair and Dominic Wright Photography.

Dominic Wright Photography wedding blog (35)Sperry tentsDominic Wright Photography (39)


Without the lovely sponsors who support the English Wedding Blog, we wouldn’t be here. I owe everything to the wedding photographers, designers and experts who sponsor my blog, share content and contribute articles, advice and more. I’d like to take today to say a huge thank you and to show you some of their best bits!

Meet the sponsors: The English Wedding Blog

london wedding photographer

Image credit Adams Photo Art

Image credit Duntons Photography

  • I love featuring all of Andy’s latest weddings on the blog – massive thanks to Howling Basset Photography for all of the regular features:

I stumbled across these gorgeous images of Ali and Terry’s engagement shoot at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham and couldn’t resist showing you – such a stunning couple and the photographs are fabulous! They’re ballroom dancers and I love how graceful and fun their images are – it’s also a wonderful showcase of engagement shoots and will, I hope, encourage you to book one of your own!

Nottingham wedding photography (3)

Images are all by lovely Derbyshire wedding photographer Jon Cripwell at

Nottingham wedding photography (1)Jon is a great advocate of engagement shoots for four reasons: to help get to know your photographer, to be at ease with the camera, to get some lovely (non-wedding) portraits and so your photographer will learn which image styles you like best. (Read more here)

I totally agree with him: engagement shoots are such a brilliant idea, and I have another reason too: they allow you a little special couple time together in all the frenzy of wedding planning. What better excuse to have a day where you can enjoy each other’s company and have a bit of fun?! Ali and Terry did it with such style, I think they’re amazing…
Nottingham wedding photography (2)See more…


Salmestone Grange wedding of Charlotte and Richard

The wonderful Salmestone Grange in Margate Kent was the setting for Charlotte and Richard’s big day. They married in the ancient, small and intimate Salmestone Chapel then after photos it was off to nearby Manston for the reception in a friend’s garden. Two marquees one for the food and the other for the entertainment, oh and a home built Gin Palace too.

salmestone-grange-wedding-0001 salmestone-grange-wedding-0002 salmestone-grange-wedding-0003

Howling Basset Photography


salmestone-grange-wedding-0004 salmestone-grange-wedding-0005 salmestone-grange-wedding-0006 salmestone-grange-wedding-0007 salmestone-grange-wedding-0008 salmestone-grange-wedding-0009 salmestone-grange-wedding-0010 salmestone-grange-wedding-0011 salmestone-grange-wedding-0012 salmestone-grange-wedding-0013 salmestone-grange-wedding-0014 salmestone-grange-wedding-0015 salmestone-grange-wedding-0016 salmestone-grange-wedding-0017 salmestone-grange-wedding-0018 salmestone-grange-wedding-0019 salmestone-grange-wedding-0020 salmestone-grange-wedding-0021 salmestone-grange-wedding-0022 salmestone-grange-wedding-0023 salmestone-grange-wedding-0024 salmestone-grange-wedding-0025 salmestone-grange-wedding-0026 salmestone-grange-wedding-0027 salmestone-grange-wedding-0028 salmestone-grange-wedding-0029 salmestone-grange-wedding-0030 salmestone-grange-wedding-0031 salmestone-grange-wedding-0032 salmestone-grange-wedding-0033 salmestone-grange-wedding-0034 salmestone-grange-wedding-0035 salmestone-grange-wedding-0036 salmestone-grange-wedding-0037 salmestone-grange-wedding-0038 salmestone-grange-wedding-0039 salmestone-grange-wedding-0040


Today’s wedding in Cornwall is too delicious for words – Catherine and Paul’s day is all about laughter and love, friends and family, and a fabulous celebration which has me smiling goofily at the screen… so very beautiful, heart and soul 🙂

Cornish wedding blog (4)Cornish wedding blog (3)

They married at Mylor village in Cornwall, a beautiful location with character and charm. Their day was creative and pretty, and Catherine’s simple dress is just perfect – she looks amazing! Images of the day are by lovely Joseph Hall Photography. Do visit his website and find out more about his work – especially if you’re looking for a wedding photographer!

Cornish wedding blog (1)

Cornish wedding blog (2)See more…


Nathan and Vikki are adorable, gorgeous and oh so stylish – and their wedding reflects their personalities so perfectly, I can’t wait to show you this! They married at Braxted Park and chose the fabulous Liam Smith Photography to capture their day. Vikki’s bridal look is amazing – she’s so beautiful. Nathan shed a tear as she walked down the aisle, and can you blame him? They make a perfect pair, and the images of their day are some of the very best. Absolutely wonderful…

Braxted Park wedding blog (1)Images by Liam Smith Photography

Liam loved shooting this wedding: “Nathan and Vikki were blessed with the most outrageous sunshine to compliment their beautifully designed and crafted wedding… I love the shots we managed to get in the grounds, the colours are just epic. Such a fun day, I love Braxted Park, genuinely one of my favourite places, if you’re getting married there too and in need of a wedding photographer – give me a shout!”

Braxted Park wedding blog (4)


A naked cake covered with summer fruits and roses, a seasonal bouquet with the loveliest peonies and roses in a delicious mix of colours, and the most adorable bride and groom you’ll see today…

London wedding blog (2)

This is Kate and Jason’s wedding at The Mayfair Library in central London. The library has a quiet, romantic atmosphere and is perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony. The venue has a fantastic location within walking distance to many fine reception venues.

London wedding blog (5)

Images are by my lovely friend Andrew from Howling Basset Photography. For more examples of London Wedding Photography visit the Howling Basset photo gallery.

Beautiful Kent wedding photography that tells the complete story of your special day: Howling Basset

London wedding blog (3)

London wedding blog (4)
London wedding blog (1)See more…

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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