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Back in December I was lucky to be given a preview copy of Celebrated, by a wedding photographer I’ve been following on instagram for a couple of years. Ross Willsher is a thoughtful, empathetic and talented author and wedding photographer based in Essex. He’s also a bloody lovely human being and a brilliant writer.

wedding planning book inclusive by Ross Willsher Photography

Celebrated is the wedding book I wish every couple could read. It’s not a checklist, it doesn’t give overwhelming lists of things to do and buy. It’s the opposite.

Beautifully written and filled with empathy, Celebrated was an absolute joy to read – more than just a book, it’s a heartfelt welcome into wedding planning for every reader which gives warmth and reassurance and inspires a gentle strength and confidence to create a glorious celebration that will be wonderful, proud and authentic – just like you.

I have been wondering if Ross will love what I’m about to write next, or be horrified… but as I read Celebrated for the first time, I turned over the corners of my favourite pages. (Sorry Ross! Your beautiful book has little folded bits… but it’s done with love!) By the time I got to the end, there were quite a lot of little corner folds – a sign of how much I loved it!

wedding planning book inclusive by Ross Willsher Photography

And Celebrated is a book you will go back to again and again, not just during your wedding planning but for life.

The first page that really stopped me in my tracks was “Shine” – an insightful piece of writing about self-judgement and seeing yourself through the eyes of the people who love you.

“Validity” had me fist pumping the air.

wedding planning book inclusive by Ross Willsher Photography

“Choice” brings perspective to wedding planning in a way no other book, website or wedding media ever will. Yet, they all should.

“They looked so happy” made me cry real tears.

Other standout chapters include Celebrated, Bring all of You (more tears), It’s OK, and Cheers. But really, this is an unforgettable piece of writing which strikes right to the heart – and I will carry it with me always.

You can buy your copy of Celebrated on Amazon – it’s a wonderful companion to anyone planning a wedding and a fabulous gift for anyone with a wedding in their future.

wedding planning book inclusive by Ross Willsher Photography

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