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Romantic photo of newlyweds. The groom stands behind the bride with his arms around her waist. By Jordan Fox Photography

We love to hear about meaningful wedding trends. Something more than favours and fripperies, but trends and ideas for a really special and memorable day. Luxury wedding photographer Jordan Fox shares her inspiration for summer 2024 wedding trends which will bring joy to your day!

1. A relaxed and heartfelt wedding ceremony.

Celebrants have recently emerged as a valuable option for couples who prefer a personalised approach rather than a traditional church wedding.

“your celebrant will provide a bespoke ceremony that hits differently than your typical Vicar of Dibley vibe.” ~ Jordan Fox Photography

Celebrants are our favourite trend for modern weddings – we have a feeling they’re here to stay!

2. Rehearsal dinners come to UK weddings!

A long term trend over in the US, rehearsal dinners go hand in hand with the growing popularity of all-weekend weddings.

“We anticipate that the traditional rehearsal dinner will become an increasingly popular and extravagant event in 2024. Certainly, my recent enquiries have included this addition to their love story.”

From elaborate menus to curated cocktails and stunning decor, couples can let loose and enjoy the company of their closest family. A wedding rehearsal dinner usually follows a rehearsal of the marriage ceremony, and includes the wedding party only.

A light and airy photo of a bride and groom. She's in a strappy dress and he's in a pale suit. By Jordan Fox Photography

3. Wedding content creation

Bringing all the social vibes, wedding style! Wedding content creators are on the up!
The concept: while you and your guests focus on being in the moment and enjoying the day, your wedding content creator will capture all the insta-worthy moments and create beautifully curated content for you to share on social media – within hours!

“Unlike a videographer who meticulously crafts a polished edit of your special day, complete with multiple cameras, drones, and microphones, your content creator captures the raw and natural essence of your wedding.

Picture having your bestie by your side throughout the day, capturing candid moments, and intimate snapshots that might have otherwise slipped away.”

4. Sustainable weddings are here to stay – and they’re all the more beautiful.

Think locally sourced and organic produce from ethical wedding caterers, sustainably grown florals with minimal carbon footprint, and wedding decor hire. Sustainability is crucially important in the climate crisis, and it’s essential to minimise wedding waste.

Couples are consciously making choices like sourcing local and seasonal flowers, opting for ethically-made wedding attire, and repurposing decorations to minimize waste. They’re also choosing digital invitations and plant-based catering while donating excess food to local shelters.

Sustainable weddings aren’t just a passing trend, they’re a commitment to eco-friendliness and responsible consumption that we truly believe will continue beyond 2024 into 2025 and the years to come! ~ Jordan Fox Photography

Wide angle wedding photo of a bride and groom in a green cornfield with trees behind them. By Jordan Fox Photography

5. Film wedding photography, smoke bombs and drones

If something works and looks amazing, it stays on top of our wedding trend lists! Smoke bombs look amazing in photos and bring so much fun to the day!

Jordan also says, “Film wedding photography is making waves in the wedding scene. It’s definitely a bold choice, especially when it comes to weddings. Personally, I love the security of my digital camera, but there’s something undeniably timeless about wedding photos captured on film.”

Lastly, drones provide an additional angle and perspective to wedding photos, giving them a unique touch.

6. Locally grown, sustainable florals

Flowers for weddings have traditionally been devastating in terms of air miles, carbon footprints and harm to nature (via pesticides and monocultures) – not to mention the environmental impact of floral foam.

Couples are still choosing arrangements made from dried wedding flowers and pampas grass. “It’s a super chic and boho look that can be incorporated into various wedding elements, from bouquets to centrepieces.”

Groom and bride with a green cornfield behind them. He's in black bowtie and waistcoat with a white shirt. She wears a Bardot neck wedding dress. By Jordan Fox Photography

7. Wedding fashion – 3D floral accents and green suits

Jordan highlights floral accents as a modern twist that satisfies the desires of brides seeking a fashionable edge. She names coloured wedding dresses as a key 2024 wedding trend, with blush pink, pastel blue and even deep emerald colours at the forefront of bridal fashion. This goes hand in hand with Andrew Brookes’ predictions for wedding suits in shades of green – an emerging colour in 2023 which seems set to stay a favourite for 2024.

Wedding veils are making a comeback, with creative options in colourful veils, and the addition of pearls and bows.

Close up photo of a bride and groom looking into each other's eyes by Jordan Fox Photography

8. One for the brave and playful couples: first dance lessons!

Definitely an optional trend, is the choreographed first dance. We’ve seen this one come and go, long with the choice to even have a first dance at all! But if you don’t want an awkward slow shuffle and you do want a first dance, having lessons will give you confidence and courage to hit the dance floor in style!

9. Redesigned heirloom jewellery

The sustainable choice for wedding jewellery is to repurpose vintage diamonds, gold and precious stones. This could be from family heirlooms, hunting for antiques or choosing an artisan jeweller using ethically sourced metals and gems.

10. “Undone” wedding hair styles

Perfectly in keeping with a relaxed wedding vibe, loose and “undone” wedding hair is trending for summer 2024 weddings.

A bride dressed in a white strapless dress holding a bouquet of gypsophila. By Jordan Fox Photography

11. Destination weddings and longer celebrations

If the pandemic showed us anything, it was that weddings can be intimate, with smaller guest numbers. This is contributing to the trend for destination weddings and extended celebrations.

“Destination weddings will always be my favourite! The soft light, the lighter dress code, sun-kissed beaches, the extended wedding weekend – yes please 🙂

Extended celebrations are a big part of celebrating your love story further afield and they allow some of the more weather-dependent wedding trends we’ve already mentioned including rehearsal dinners and the after-party.”

Bride and bridesmaids all with gypsophila bouquets. They're giggling and talking. By Jordan Fox Photography

We hope you’ve found some inspiring ideas for your summer 2024 wedding in this little lot. Thanks to Jordan Fox Photography for her own beautiful blog post talking about her favourite wedding trends for the coming year. As Jordan says, “each trend represents the individuality and spirit of the modern couple. These trends are not mere passing fads, but rather windows into the very essence of what makes a wedding truly extraordinary.


Groom and bride posing for a photo. He's looking directly into the camera and is wearing a black suite and bowtie. Her hand is on his lapel. By Jordan Fox Photography

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