This time last year, we were all feeling more than a little lost. 12 months on, and I’m feeling positive about the summer. It really feels as though weddings will be back to normal before we know it! So I’m excited, and happy, and looking forward to a fresh start very soon. Which brings me to today’s lovely, loved-up, outdoorsy engagement shoot. Ruth and Liz are our gorgeous couple who are hoping for a sunny wedding in their field with their horses in Cornwall!


A traditional summer wedding with pretty, feminine florals and a relaxed reception under canvas on the family farm. This is lovely: Michaela is beautiful in her Diane Legrand dress from Minster Bridal Boutique and Rupert looks fantastic in a classic wedding suit. Summer 2020 weddings were different; but we’re celebrating that they could happen at all – and this lovely day is both a reminder of those lucky couples who got to say their “I do’s” and an affirmation that summer weddings WILL happen again in 2020.“english

Michaela and Rupert's Dorset church wedding, image credit Dom Brenton Photography (22)


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A wedding isn’t about finding THE dress and spending more on it than anything else. It’s not about the perfect colour palette, or about spending months crafting decorations or personal keepsakes for all of your guests. (Although all of those things can be fun and lovely if that’s what you choose to do!) But really, a wedding is ALL about love, and it’s about family, and joy, and celebration. It’s about sharing that moment when the two of you decided to take on the world together, for ever. And yes, you can do that with just the two of you, or in a micro wedding with just a handful of the people you love most of all in the world. Or you can share it with 50 people, or 500. Never listen to anyone who tells you what your wedding ‘should’ be – because all it needs to be is YOURS.


Weddings are celebrations of romantic love. But often, they’re also about bringing families — old and new — together to mark the growth of a new branch on the family tree. What better way to honour this union than by creating a piece of jewellery that combines the love and goodwill of multiple generations?

At Heulwen Lewis Bespoke, we specialise in breathing new life into preloved or inherited jewellery by remodelling it to reflect your taste.

Booking a wedding photographer in 2021, image credit Amanda Karen Photography

by English Wedding member Amanda Karen Photography

As we eagerly await being able to meet up with people face to face, we know that we can’t put life on hold, and for planning a wedding, that means still booking your suppliers to secure your wedding dream team. For those of you that have been avid readers of English Wedding Blog for some time, will know that choosing the right wedding suppliers and what to ask your wedding photographer are topics I’ve talked about before. And that advice still stands, however, how does it differ in the current environment we find ourselves in?

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Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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