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I’m not sure I can think of any UK industry where almost every business is an individual or tiny team. As you plan your wedding, you’re bound to encounter the loveliest independent business people – and I really do love this about the wedding industry. You may remember I wrote a feature for bridal accessories designer Clare Lloyd a few weeks back: this article is inspired by something Clare said.

I believe that it is so important to keep artisan and traditional hand crafting skills alive and every single piece is designed and immaculately made with love and attention to the tiniest little detail. ~ Clare Lloyd

We spend our lives buying stuff: our everyday clothes, food, home decor etc. all come from huge corporations. Hats off to you if you frequent a little veg shop or buy second hand – but in the main our spendybuttons go to high street stores with massive, faceless teams of people in ‘operations’ and shareholders raking in the profits.


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Header image Nicola Norton Photography

I’ve had the most amazing year of meeting new wedding suppliers, discovering unique and exciting styling ideas and some of the most talented wedding photographers from all around the UK. I’d like to say a huge welcome to everyone out there who’s discovered English Wedding in 2018! Your support means the world to us, it truly does.

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Hey there wedding industry folks and friends 🙂 This post is especially for you… and I hope it will give you a nice few minutes’ respite from your editing caves and pre-Christmas creating frenzy!

Last week I took a long, hard look at the sponsor packages for English Wedding, and added a ‘middle’ option to give you more than a simple Directory listing; without paying the full price for annual sponsorship. It kind of seemed silly to have a £50 option and a £550 option with nothing in-between! So we now have a £15 per month advertiser package to help smaller creative wedding businesses become a part of English Wedding.

We already had Tier 1 – the basic listing

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Guest article by our lovely friend and sponsor Amanda Karen Photography

In the year that we celebrate the hundredth anniversary of women getting the vote, it’s no surprise that female issues are big news. And the same is true in the wedding world too because over the last few years, there’s been a silent revolution going on and it really has shaken things up. I’m talking about the rise of the female wedding photographer.

UK female wedding photographers, Amanda Karen Photography (1)

If you were to rewind ten years and browse wedding magazines and the first blogs, you’d see credits that looked a whole lot different. Male photographers were the norm and female photographers made up just a tiny proportion of those working in the industry. In fact, Claire estimates that when she started this blog back in 2009, around 90% of the photographers out there were men.

Whiz forwards to 2018 and the picture is very different indeed. This split between numbers of men and women hasn’t just changed a little, it’s shifted dramatically and now, 70% of the submissions that Claire receives for these pages are from women with almost 60% of photographers listed in the English Wedding Directory being female.


Style Me Pretty was one of the first wedding blogs I ever read. Its closure comes as a big surprise – and I’m truly sorry for founder Abby Larson, who was as shocked as anyone to find out her beautiful blog was to close.

People have been asking me why it happened and what the closure of Style Me Pretty means for the wedding world, particularly for wedding blogs. Are we all struggling? Has instagram killed blogs? Am I worried for the rest of us? Do I have any inside gossip?

The answer to all of these is no (and a chuckle to the last one). It’s a shame for every bride and wedding vendor whose work was featured on SMP over the years that their features will be lost. It’s so sad for everyone who worked at Style Me Pretty whose jobs have been taken away from them at a moment’s notice, and my heart goes out to them all.

But Style Me Pretty closing its doors is not the end of wedding blogs – far from it.


Where on earth should a wedding business spend their advertising pennies in such a busy market? Good old magazines, whose printed pages stick around for a while (but cost a fortune)? Or Facebook ads, Instagram promotions… Perhaps wedding fairs are more your thing – but if you’re shy when it comes to meeting people and ‘selling’ your brand face to face, I totally get that because I’m like that too. For me, wedding blog advertising is the answer. It’s worked for me for the last eight years – and I’m very happy to say the English Wedding Blog now has two options for advertisers to join our little team.

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I wouldn’t dream of selling advertising / sponsor slots on the blog if I didn’t believe it works. The English Wedding Blog is the main source of online visitors to my wedding calligraphy site – just from a monthly (or so) feature and a little banner ad. So I know it works for me.

Elegant and classy ideas for a mansion wedding in Devon, images by Tara Statton Photography (28)


One of the things I love about the wedding industry is how quickly things change. Fashions come and go SO fast. As a wedding blogger I love how our industry thrives; how we import new ideas and how new faces appear so often on social media. Every new wedding business is an inspiration to me. And it makes staying in the game hard. It makes winning, and staying at the top of the wedding industry, the most exciting challenge you can imagine.

Inspirational autumn wedding ideas at Aspire Photography Training (5)

Weddings is a fast-evolving, fashion-led industry

I have some very good friends who, like me, have been in the wedding industry for more than a decade  – and I’ve seen a complete transformation of wedding styling in that time.

We used to love the funniest things: satin ribbons; themed weddings; tidy bouquets; scroll invitations. It’s ridiculous but true that my calligraphy business started up before vintage was invented. (Or at least, before vintage became a ‘thing’ that had anything to do with weddings.)


Have you ever wondered what makes your wedding photographer tick? Why choose photography as a career, and why weddings? And how do you know your photographer will work their heart out to capture your day and get the most amaaaazing photos for you to remember it by? Our lovely friend Sheryl has a story to share with you…

wedding styled shoot copper sequins oobaloos photography-44

“I would like to introduce you to ‘us’ – the creative types, the artists – A huge… ‘Hi’!!

I am coming to you now from the photographic side of weddings – but I used to be a professional dancer/actress in London theatres and also abroad. I then moved into teaching and personal training, and finally settled down with my husband, a musician/songwriter and together we had a little boy called Bailey.

After leaving ‘The Arts’, I always felt that it had left a peculiar void in me – something deep in my heart and soul that wasn’t fully satisfied. It was nothing at all to do with my home life, solely to do with the inventive and artistic side of my personality.


I think 2016 has been our busiest year yet! The English Wedding Blog is growing every single day: we’ve featured weddings and styled shoots from so many new photographers and our inbox is constantly bursting with amazingness… so I thought I’d write a little note to all of you fabulous wedding photographers who are yet to get published here. I so hope you’ll be in touch soon!

Know your wedding blogs!

Every wedding blog has a different audience and a unique aesthetic, just as every wedding photographer has their own style and approach. If your images are bright and vibrant, they’ll look amazing on Rock n Roll Bride, English Wedding or Boho Weddings. If your photography has an ethereal, romantic fine art style it will fit perfectly with Wedding Sparrow or Magnolia Rouge (or English Wedding!).


Bursting bubbles doesn’t always feel good. But today’s article is meant for the bigwigs who exploit us all: brides and grooms, and the hardworking, passionate wedding suppliers who help turn your dreams into reality.

That sort of passion isn’t something I like to see stomped all over.

SOME of the wedding awards bodies here in the UK are a joke. One in particular – which I won’t name – has some shocking business practices which shouldn’t be kept secret. But do remember that others are as fairly run as they can be – so plenty of wedding awards are worth paying attention to.

Don’t blame the suppliers: it’s not their fault. Wedding business owners enter awards competitions on the understanding that they’ll be fairly judged and voted for by real customers: they take pride in their awards as they rightly should.


I hear so many opinions about wedding blogs, ranging quite fascinatingly from good to bad to even worse. Blogs are powerful; they can make a wedding business (and in at least one instance, have had the occasion to break one). And their influence on brides and grooms, on wedding trends and even spending habits, is pretty strong.

It’s something I try really hard to be aware of. I try never to push ideas onto readers: styling a wedding and finding suppliers should be all about personal choice. I can share things I love, suggest suppliers I admire, but I’d never say you ‘need’ anything for your wedding which is really only optional.

Jennifer Sinclair Photography

Image credit: Jennifer Sinclair Photography, Hampshire

I love wedding blogs.

I think they’re a harmless dose of pretty, a relaxing and enjoyable read with extra eye candy, and often feature superb advice from real couples alongside expert tips from the loveliest wedding suppliers. They’re a beautiful and helpful place to be!


Morning everyone! It’s only a month until Christmas Eve… I know! and once again I have slots free on my recommended supplier list for the coming month. December is one of the most popular months to sign up as a blog sponsor, as it means you’ll be a part of the blog in January when our visitor numbers double*.

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All of my sponsors are handpicked. Applying is easy: get to know the blog and then email me: to introduce yourself and your business. Show me  your social media, send me your blog link. It’s likely I’m familiar with your business already; if not, I love meeting new people!