Where on earth should a wedding business spend their advertising pennies in such a busy market? Good old magazines, whose printed pages stick around for a while (but cost a fortune)? Or Facebook ads, Instagram promotions… Perhaps wedding fairs are more your thing – but if you’re shy when it comes to meeting people and ‘selling’ your brand face to face, I totally get that because I’m like that too. For me, wedding blog advertising is the answer. It’s worked for me for the last eight years – and I’m very happy to say the English Wedding Blog now has two options for advertisers to join our little team.

Elegant and classy ideas for a mansion wedding in Devon, images by Tara Statton Photography (16)

I wouldn’t dream of selling advertising / sponsor slots on the blog if I didn’t believe it works. The English Wedding Blog is the main source of online visitors to my wedding calligraphy site – just from a monthly (or so) feature and a little banner ad. So I know it works for me.

Elegant and classy ideas for a mansion wedding in Devon, images by Tara Statton Photography (28)


One of the things I love about the wedding industry is how quickly things change. Fashions come and go SO fast. As a wedding blogger I love how our industry thrives; how we import new ideas and how new faces appear so often on social media. Every new wedding business is an inspiration to me. And it makes staying in the game hard. It makes winning, and staying at the top of the wedding industry, the most exciting challenge you can imagine.

Inspirational autumn wedding ideas at Aspire Photography Training (5)

Weddings is a fast-evolving, fashion-led industry

I have some very good friends who, like me, have been in the wedding industry for more than a decade  – and I’ve seen a complete transformation of wedding styling in that time.

We used to love the funniest things: satin ribbons; themed weddings; tidy bouquets; scroll invitations. It’s ridiculous but true that my calligraphy business started up before vintage was invented. (Or at least, before vintage became a ‘thing’ that had anything to do with weddings.)


I think 2016 has been our busiest year yet! The English Wedding Blog is growing every single day: we’ve featured weddings and styled shoots from so many new photographers and our inbox is constantly bursting with amazingness… so I thought I’d write a little note to all of you fabulous wedding photographers who are yet to get published here. I so hope you’ll be in touch soon!

Know your wedding blogs!

Every wedding blog has a different audience and a unique aesthetic, just as every wedding photographer has their own style and approach. If your images are bright and vibrant, they’ll look amazing on Rock n Roll Bride, English Wedding or Boho Weddings. If your photography has an ethereal, romantic fine art style it will fit perfectly with Wedding Sparrow or Magnolia Rouge (or English Wedding!).


I’ve had lots of applications for blog sponsorship recently and I have to say a HUGE thank you to all of the amazing suppliers who support the English Wedding Blog. I find myself explaining to every potential sponsor the benefits of joining us – and I thought it would interest a lot of the wedding suppliers who read the blog if I published those benefits in a blog post.

We do things a little differently here. Blog sponsorship is most effective when your work is published often… so joining our little team of handpicked sponsors means you’re regularly a front page feature on the English Wedding Blog.

Every English Wedding Blog sponsor gets:

  1. An introductory feature post when you join
  2. A banner advert on every page of the blog
  3. An optimised, dedicated page with photos, introductory text, even videos
  4. A listing on my recommended suppliers page
  5. Priority features. Submit a real wedding or styled shoot; I’ll publish it fast
  6. Regular front page news, events and offers

Hi lovely! Is it just me or is January flying by?! I’ve had a rush of enquiries for calligraphy, and have a bunch of amazing weddings up my sleeve… and still trying to be good and make it outside for a walk on my beach every lunchtime! (While quietly munching my way through the 48 delicious Caramacs my lovely friend Jamie sent me!)…

Viking inspired wedding style with Tiree Dawson Photography (4)

Photography credits: Tiree Dawson. All suppliers featured are listed at the bottom of the page.

Last year I was working to an editorial calendar with the English Wedding Blog, and scheduling feature posts up to a fortnight in advance: they were all written and ready to publish and I was checking in once a week or so… but this year I’m flying by the seat of my pants, getting up at 6:30 every day and writing posts to publish the very same day. It’s kind of more exciting… but I’m working in panic mode a little!


What are blogs – for the uninitiated

Wedding blogs are more than a daily dose of wedding pretty. They’re more than real weddings; more than ideas and inspiration. Wedding blogs are one of the best tools out there for matchmaking couples with amazing suppliers.

Image credit: Darima Frampton Photography on the English Wedding Blog

Behind the scenes, wedding blogs are a machine. Bloggers are searching daily for shoots, images, product launches and ideas to share with readers. We’re always looking to discover amazing photographers, designers and new trends. We work to editorial calendars; we plan in advance; we sell advertising space on our websites.

Why they exist and how to make the most of them

Wedding blogs are the new wedding magazines. While we all love flicking through a printed mag, blogs took over with readership numbers a few years ago. Magazines sell hundreds of thousands of copies; blogs count their readers in the millions.

Image credit: Darima Frampton Photography on the English Wedding Blog


Morning everyone! It’s only a month until Christmas Eve… I know! and once again I have slots free on my recommended supplier list for the coming month. December is one of the most popular months to sign up as a blog sponsor, as it means you’ll be a part of the blog in January when our visitor numbers double*.

*The English Wedding Blog had 70,000 page views in January 2015 – our usual visitor count is 30k per month!

All of my sponsors are handpicked. Applying is easy: get to know the blog and then email me: info@English-Wedding.com to introduce yourself and your business. Show me  your social media, send me your blog link. It’s likely I’m familiar with your business already; if not, I love meeting new people!


It really is that time of year when wedding businesses rethink their online marketing, and I’ve had dozens of enquiries already this week. One – from a leading bridal beauty brand – inspired me to write this feature. They asked if I’d consider a free trial before they committed to advertising…

We are very interested but still working out our budget for next year. Do you offer any kind of  free trial  before we commit so that we can see how well we do?”

I can see where they’re coming from: as a small independent business owner myself, I think carefully before committing money to advertising and blog sponsorship. Will it work?

I also have a degree in marketing. I know advertising is far from a guaranteed source of success. I know it’s risky; I know it’s something to consider very carefully.

… and this is one reason why I love being the owner of a wedding blog. I’ve devised my own unique way to help my advertisers promote their brands. Here’s my reply to the business who asked me about a free trial:


More and more of the wonderful brides and grooms featuring on these happy pages are telling me they found ideas and suppliers on wedding blogs. That’s awesome! I LOVE knowing you’re discovering some of the amazing people whose work I feature, and booking them too!

Image credits used in this post: Penny Young Photography. Full supplier list and link to feature at the end of the post

I’ve been featuring more styled shoots on the English Wedding Blog, and I do choose them carefully: they have to be inspirational and beautifully photographed as well as having elements you can recreate without breaking the bank! For some of you this will mean contacting the suppliers featured; for others shoots are more about finding colour combinations or other elements you could use. They’re where some of our best ideas come from, right?

But as a supplier there’s one immensely frustrating side to styled shoots, and that’s exclusivity requests from wedding blogs. Until recently I asked for exclusivity for a few months on the English Wedding Blog; I don’t now. It seems almost greedy to ask for exclusivity: why claim the work of creatives for yourself and insist it’s not published elsewhere?


Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a brilliant day. I’m busy working on blog features and scheduling everything for May already (birthday month: eeeee!!) and wanted to quickly reach out to any wedding suppliers considering blog advertising.

I have half a dozen slots free from May; they’re only £50 per month and come with regular features to really give your business a push and get you noticed! The blog currently has more than 45,000 readers a month! If you’re interested, do read my media pack to find out more: http://english-wedding.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Media-pack-2015.pdf

For anyone wibbling on the edge of blog sponsorship (I know it’s a big decision), here’s some advice which will help you to make it work:

Suppliers! Before you advertise on a wedding blog, read this!

Wedding blogs, details and photographers: a blogger’s perspective on taking and using detail shots

Wedding supplier? A quick ‘secret’ to getting wedding blog features


Every January there’s a rush of potential advertisers to wedding blogs. It’s one of my favourite New Year’s resolutions – because I’m very proud to be the owner of a wedding blog which works hard to bring together brides and suppliers. Advertising on the English Wedding Blog works.


Somerset wedding photographer Simon Biffen

Image credit Simon Biffen Photography www.simonbiffenphotography.co.uk

I’ve been chatting to a few sponsors and suppliers over the last week or three, and this blog post has come from all the conversations we’ve had. I really hope it helps you with your advertising decisions. I’ll be brutally honest as I explain how and when wedding blog advertising works – and when it doesn’t.

1. Some tick boxes: the basics

Do you know what a wedding blog is?

I’m not kidding; some people still don’t know about blogs. This includes some small business owners, SEO companies working on behalf of suppliers, and even media and PR agencies. Venues are especially guilty! Sponsoring a blog won’t work if you don’t really get what they’re all about.


marketing wedding business coverHello everyone! As the wedding season kicks in I’d like to just share my guide to marketing a wedding business with all of you lovely suppliers out there. Quick tips, useful hints and genuine advice for all kinds of wedding businesses – and it’s only a few pounds to buy as a print magazine or digital version.

I really recommend this guide to anyone who is looking to promote a wedding business at this crucial time of year.

This can be a scary time for any small business, but with this guide I hope you’ll feel like you have sound advice at hand to help you get ahead with promoting your business and ensuring a successful year!

marketing wedding business