A crop of wedding news articles and blog posts appeared in July discussing “feminist weddings” – and I wondered if I’d gone completely mad. Never mind the content of those articles for now, what is a feminist wedding?

What is feminism anyway? Wikipedia says:

The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

And the new trend for feminist weddings?

Apparently it’s all about non-white wedding dresses, keeping our maiden names and not being given away by our dads. That’s it. Which implies that ivory dresses, no name changes and walking ourselves down the aisle are as revolutionary as burning bras was in the 1960s. Or so would have us believe. It’s nice to hear from Time Magazine that a much larger survey on facebook this spring came out with very different conclusions – but the notion of “feminist weddings” does raise some interesting issues…


Felicity and Matthew’s wedding is right up my street. It’s personal and intimate, stylish and full of smiles and laughter. And what could be more impressive than a real English castle wedding blog? I love this!

English castle wedding Alexis Jaworski (1)At first Matthew and Felicity only laughingly considered a castle wedding, and were delighted when they realised Old Wardour Castle was an affordable option – a fourteenth century, Grade 1 listed building where they could hold their wedding ceremony. It’s stunning – a unique venue with an impressive history (although the wiki fact which sticks in my mind is that it was in Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves. Shoot me now).

English castle wedding Alexis Jaworski (2)

Felicity is amazing – I love her short hair and she’s one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen wearing a David Fielden wedding dress. Matthew is her perfect partner, and looks gorgeous in his suit from Reiss. Do read their wedding report (below) for all the details and wedding suppliers from this Old Wardour Castle wedding, and also check out wedding photographer Alexis Jaworski. He supplied all of the images from this fab day – thanks Alexis!


Hiya! Did you see Stephanie and Michael’s Rushton Hall wedding on the blog the other day? I loved it to pieces, it was such an elegant and charming day. I always read my couples’ wedding reports carefully and make sure I give you lovely readers as many links to suppliers as I can – and the one which stood out for me from that wedding was Hand Drawn Maps. I instantly bookmarked the link Stephanie gave me, and got in touch with designer Lydia, who makes these lovely maps all herself – aren’t they amazing?

Hand drawn maps for weddings (3)

Stephanie and Michael told me, “All [our invitations and stationery were] cre­ated by the won­der­ful Lydia of Hand Drawn Maps. We had a bespoke motif with our ini­tials (our par­ents had this put on cham­pagne glasses for the day!) and she incor­po­rated the rose theme into all the sta­tionery.”


I loved Mark and Sarah’s wedding when I first saw the photos on my friend and sponsor Martin Price’s wedding photography blog. I asked if I could share them with you, and he said yes! What’s more, Sarah has written an amazing wedding report to share with you (at the end of the blog feature) which is full of ideas and recommendations.

wedding in Beaconsfield photographer Martin Price (1) Today’s lovely couple were married in Buckinghamshire. Their wedding in Beaconsfield is traditional and charming with some very personal touches – the personalised board for the cake is fab, and I love the bubbles they had for the wedding reception. Oh! And don’t miss Sarah’s explanation of table names… cities the engagement ring travelled to in Mark’s pocket before he got around to proposing! I love that story 🙂
wedding in Beaconsfield photographer Martin Price (2) With huge thanks to beautiful bride Sarah, and to her lovely hubby Mark, for sharing their story with us all on the blog today. Thanks also to lovely Martin – aka Martin Price Photography – for sending all the lovely images. Everyone – enjoy! Claire xxx
wedding in Beaconsfield photographer Martin Price (3)


It’s not often the postman brings champagne in the post, but what a treat when he does! I was the very grateful recipient of two dinky bottles of bubbly a week or two ago, courtesy of London wedding catering company “rhubarb” (the speech marks come with the name) so the least I can do is return their lovely gesture by telling you all about them.

rhubarb wedding catering (1)

“rhubarb” sent me a press pack to read with their bottles of bubbly, so I will share that with you. If you’re looking for wedding catering in the London area, then these guys clearly have a very professional and reputable business – even Heston Blumenthal works alongside “rhubarb” creating menus with innovative style.

rhubarb wedding catering (2)

Who are “rhubarb” Weddings?

“rhubarb” – aside from being one of those words which looks odder the more times you type it! – is the premium food experience brand that caters for beautiful weddings. They bring a unique twist to food and work closely with brides and grooms to understand exactly what you want. They have three events offices in London, Cranleigh and Henley. All focus on bespoke tailor-made catering solutions for all sizes of event from charity galas to intimate dinners.


Hi everyone! How are you today? I’m on my fourth coffee having just discovered the genius trick of mixing hot chocolate powder in with it. Just gorgeous, try it!! …but not as gorgeous as today’s real wedding blog and fab couple Lisa and Kieran. They married at Dorset’s finest wedding venue (imho) Athelhampton House. It’s a 15th century manor with tons of character and the perfect choice for a traditional English wedding with a dash of vintage.

real wedding blog by Ben Pipe Photography (1)

All the photos are by lovely wedding photographer Ben Pipe, with the exception of the three photos of Lisa’s handmade wedding invitation, table plan and alternative guest book. (What should I be calling a guest book which isn’t a guest book?! I’ve no idea!) She told me they were a labour of love and the invitations alone took more than 30 hours… but worth every second 🙂

real wedding blog by Ben Pipe Photography (2)

Congratulations Lisa and Kieran, and thank you so much for being utterly fabulous and sharing your wedding day on the English Wedding Blog. Thanks to Ben Pipe too for the lovely wedding photos. Everyone – enjoy! Claire x


Hi everyone! Oops – I’m sorry to distract you from your work (not really – go on, take a little break with me hehe) but I wanted to share this thought-provoking black and white wedding photography article with you.

wedding photographer Cambridge

Black and white wedding photography

Black and white photography has come full circle, from being the only option* to going right out of fashion when colour took over, to being fashionable again. Have you thought about black and white images in your wedding album? You should!

*Andrew Hind, you are not THAT old!

Andrew compares black and white images vs colour to reading a book and then watching the film based on the story. Black and white requires imagination and creative interpretation from the viewer – images are richer because you add your own thoughts, feelings and memories to bring life to them. Colour images – like the movies – present it all on a plate. They look the part, but do they lack something?


Hello again! I hope you’re having a wonderful week and enjoying all the lovely real weddings I’ve been sharing with you on the blog recently. There are more to come, but I just had to focus on something a little different today: these stunning art deco luxury wedding invitations my my friend and sponsor Wendy at WBD Designer Wedding Stationery.

luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (2)

Wendy Bell is a (very lovely!) London based wedding stationery designer who pro­vides a truly per­sonal ser­vice, cre­at­ing strik­ing and unique lux­ury wed­ding invi­ta­tions and sta­tionery which encap­su­late her clients’ per­sonal tastes. Her natural eye for design, and her dedication to creating the perfect invitation, mean these art deco invites are some of the most striking you’ll see.

luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (1)These brand new bespoke wedding invitations have been designed for an Eltham Palace wedding in an art deco style.
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (3)London’s Eltham Palace is a magnificent wedding venue, and one of the UK’s most spectacular art deco venues. It’s officially a royal residence, and is managed by English Heritage. Inside, the decor is art deco at its very best. The venue has been described as a “masterpiece of modern design” (source – Wikipedia)… and these stunningly beautiful art deco wedding invitations have been perfectly designed to set the scene for a wedding there.
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (4)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (5)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (6)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (7)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (8)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (9)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (10)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (11)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (12)
luxury wedding invitations WBD Designer wedding stationery (13)


Ooooh yum! A warning, perhaps, before you go any further: don’t read on an empty stomach! This blog post will make you want fudge, and right now 🙂 I have to admit I first discovered Fudge Kitchen and their wedding favours before breakfast earlier this week. The craving is still going! Anyway – for those of you still here, read this and think about having such lovely (and universally pleasing!) wedding favours… enjoy! Claire x

wedding favours Fudge Kitchen

Sweet wedding favours from Fudge Kitchen

Every couple wants their wedding day to be that bit different, that bit more inspired, that bit … let’s face it, better! And your favours are very literally the summary impression that your guests will take away with them.

Trust the UK’s largest and oldest producers of luxury, authentic fudge to get it right, then. From the creamy, gourmet fudge within, handmade and hand decorated in small batches by artisans, using only the finest, natural ingredients; to the infinite, gorgeous packaging options available to perfectly compliment your wedding colours or theme. Fudge Kitchen will add a truly personal, unique detail to your Big Day.


I’m just trying to remember who was the last celebrity to feature on the English Wedding Blog. There haven’t been many, safe to say! Eric Morecambe in today’s seaside wedding is quite possibly the coolest – see what you think: we’ve had David Mitchell (from Mitchell & Webb), the ex lead singer from 70s punk band The Stranglers, and Kirstie Allsopp. That’s probably about it.

seaside wedding blog Jonathan Bean (1)

(David Mitchell was a wedding guest on a blog feature last year. The Stranglers’ singer wasn’t in any photos, and Kirstie Allsopp just wrote a book my calligraphy was in. So yeah, I’m stretching the truth here! Oh – did I mention Eric Morecambe appears here in statue form? Hehe.)

seaside wedding blog Jonathan Bean (2)

To be honest I’m not into celeb culture – I don’t read magazines very often and I’m rarely aware of anything Kim Kardashian does. I don’t think I’m missing anything! The glamorous couples I’d rather read about are the brides and grooms who appear on the English Wedding Blog – like today’s star couple Charlotte and Phil. They were married at Morecambe’s fabulous Midland Hotel, an internationally renowned art deco wedding venue. Their seaside wedding has oodles of personality and style – you’re going to love it!


I’ve had this little beauty in my inbox for over a month and didn’t know what to do with it. I almost deleted it yesterday, but I’ve just been browsing a wedding photographer’s blog and seen some place names written with big fat marker pens. I can’t resist sharing Sharpie‘s press release with you now. But it comes with opinion!

“Big fat marker pens – every bride’s best friend”

Basically Sharpie want me to tell you that their markers are great for weddings. Write your guest names in big fat felt tips (admittedly in pretty colours) on place names. Perfick! If you can squidge all those fat letters onto your delicate place names…

wedding pens handwriting (7)

Handwritten wedding place name card – definitely not with a Sharpie!!

It ain’t that easy to sell chunky felt tips to a calligrapher

Just saying. If I was in Sharpie’s marketing department I’d be feeling a little sheepish. They even phoned me up to tell me how good their big fat pens were. I explained that I was a wedding calligrapher, and could therefore blog about their pens and share the press release with you, but might not be entirely complimentary. They seemed pleased… ?!!


Afternoon everyone! I say everyone… to be fair, grooms-to-be can wander off now, as this post is just for the girls! Caroline Castigliano has been in touch to let me know about her new bridal collection which has been designed exclusively for her flagship store in Knightsbridge.

Caroline Castigliano wedding dress (2)

The new collection encompasses Castigliano’s signature silhouette which is unquestionably feminine and effortlessly elegant. Her unique ability to cut and construct garments enables her to create a gown that is confident and sexy, yet exudes a deep sense of style. Everything about a Castigliano gown is unique; from the exquisite choice of fabric to the foundation of the gown, which is created using unique corsetry and undergarment techniques.

Caroline Castigliano wedding dress (1)

15% off a Caroline Castigliano designer wedding dress!

For a limited time only brides getting married in 2014 who order their dress between now and 12th August will receive 15% off the retail price of a dress!

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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