A guest article by our friends at Truly Experiences with images by Damien Vickers Photography from Nicola & George’s DIY wedding at home

The average wedding emits the same amount of CO2 as 4-5 people would in an entire year. If you add to that the hundreds of pounds of waste produced, to say that most weddings are not eco-friendly is an understatement.

Luckily, there are ways to keep the carbon emissions and waste from your wedding at a bare minimum. If you follow these tips for an (almost) zero-waste wedding, you can get married in style without harming the planet.

A guest article by our friends at Truly Experiences. Header image from our archives by Jo Bradbury Photography

Wearing a dress for your wedding that has been in your family for generations can be a great experience. Donning the dress worn by your mother or grandmother can make your big day extra meaningful and bring you closer to your roots.

Sometimes brides wear hand-me-down dresses for other reasons, such as sustainability or a tight budget, and in these situations the following tips and tricks are just as useful. Preparing for a wedding is a huge undertaking for the bride and groom and choosing your dress is often one of the most important aspects.

If there was one blog feature I could hold up to the world and say, “here: this is why I’ve been blogging for ten years”, it’s this. I’m in love with the beauty of this seaside elopement which reminds me of my own wild beach. The images are out of this world. But it’s the words from Suffolk wedding photographer Beth Beresford which really grab onto my heart and stay there. As we head into 2022 with sustainability a real focus for our wedding blogging future, I only wish I could articulate, anywhere near as beautifully as she does, what Beth has captured here. Words and images by the fabulously talented Beth Beresford Photography. Full supplier list (and these guys are all SO amazingly good at what they do) below.“english

A guest article by English Wedding member Little Green Wedding

Did you know that your special day can be a source of amazing waste? No one wants to cut corners on their big day, but recent research shows that on average each wedding is responsible for over 20kg of single use plastic waste and over £500 of food is thrown away after each reception.

Signature invitation by Little Green Wedding

Signature invitation by Little Green Wedding

For an Eco-conscious bride or couple, they should be looking to reduce waste before the wedding even starts. Many couples now are opting for sustainable wedding rings, however the next stage of wedding planning offers a considerable opportunity to showcase your green credentials.

Header image by Hannah Timm Photography. Laura & Oliver’s Coed Hills wedding is here in our archives.

Steering a wedding blog along the right path is a fun part of everything we do… and we’re always looking to be better.

After covid (is it too soon to say that? Probably but…) we’ve learned a few things: family and human connection are massively important.

At the beginning of 2020 we were all about sustainability in weddings – and at that time, sustainability meant carbon footprint and reducing plastic, reusing and recycling and so on.