We know… it’s barely even Christmas! But we’re excited for all of you who might be getting engaged! (Who’s peeking at wedding blogs already? We see you!)

If you’re about to set out on a whirlwind of wedding planning, we thought we’d help out by happily browsing the web for amazing wedding invitations. We know this is one of the loveliest bits of wedding planning, because we just looked and there are SO many gorgeous invites out there. Our fave place to shop invites is Etsy – here are 12 gorgeous designs from UK based Etsy sellers for 2023!

Discover beautiful heirloom wedding stationery with botanical illustration by Inkflower Press. Rosie’s timeless designs are thoughtfully created, with exquisite papers and wonderful attention to detail. If you’re looking for stationery with a touch of luxury, please contact Rosie at Inkflower Press. What a treat for us to be able to share such a gorgeous collection with you today – do add these to your Pinterest boards my lovelies, as they really are something very special.

A guest article by English Wedding member Little Green Wedding

Did you know that your special day can be a source of amazing waste? No one wants to cut corners on their big day, but recent research shows that on average each wedding is responsible for over 20kg of single use plastic waste and over £500 of food is thrown away after each reception.

Signature invitation by Little Green Wedding

Signature invitation by Little Green Wedding

For an Eco-conscious bride or couple, they should be looking to reduce waste before the wedding even starts. Many couples now are opting for sustainable wedding rings, however the next stage of wedding planning offers a considerable opportunity to showcase your green credentials.

If you don’t do etiquette in your daily life, there’s really no need to suddenly start doing it in your wedding invitations. Unless you’re the Queen. Have you ever “requested the pleasure of the company of” any of your friends before? No! Because they’d look at you all weird. Now isn’t the time to start… there’s a billion better ways to word your wedding invites!

Gracefully asking your guests to join you on your wedding day is the goal. Your invitations should make your guests smile (not yawn; not skim read to the best bits) and have them looking forward to your big day. Beautiful design goes a long way – and throwing in some personal touches makes any wedding invite unique and special.

Hey lovelies!  A very quick little blog post from me today as I’m squirrelling away behind the scenes on a couple of little projects. I’m reaching out to every wedding stationery designer out there for a little help and so I can feature your designs!

Very soon I’ll be publishing English Wedding’s Essential Guide to wedding invitation wordings.

The guide (on the blog) will be full of example wordings, advice and beautiful invitations with recommendations for where to buy wedding invitations!