Seasonal wedding style is so important for sustainable weddings. Tapping into Spring florals for your wedding can create the most incredible atmosphere. I’ve been so inspired by these beautiful images from Niemierko today I simply had to share them alongside ten top tips for styling a stunning Spring wedding!

1. Seasonal florals – always!

During the spring months of March, April and May, florists have access to beautiful British blooms. Lesser known flowers can take centre stage and give your wedding that unique look (and scent!) to make it an unforgettable occasion.

The boho lifestyle has long been associated with free-spiritedness, creativity, and a love for nature. When it comes to weddings, the boho aesthetic is all about embracing these values and incorporating them into every little detail. From your dress and venue decor, to the finer details such as your floral arrangements, wedding favours and even your wedding stationery, boho weddings are filled with romantic, eclectic, and whimsical details.

Nine UK wedding venues have made a statement by providing designer alcohol free cocktails to delight wedding guests! According to their survey, a quarter of wedding guests no longer drink alcohol, but the majority of venues aren’t providing exciting or even tasty options for non-drinkers. We think that’s a shame – and we’d love to see more venues get on board with this trend!

  • 2,000 people were surveyed
  • half had been to a wedding where they didn’t drink
  • 81% said there weren’t enough alcohol free options
  • over half said the only alternative to alcohol was water

Just a little post for you lovely people today, as I am busy writing calligraphy for a wedding this weekend! I wanted to share these gorgeous bridal dressing gowns from our friends at Mia La Vida with you. Aren’t they beautiful?


Mia La Vida create wedding dresses to be passed down the generations. Every wedding dress or evening garment is made in-house at their very own London atelier.

The brand’s wedding dresses and bridal separates are timeless and unique, and their stunning collection of 100% silk, hand-embroidered dressing gowns will have you and your bridesmaids feeling ultimately relaxed and pampered on the morning of your special day.

Wedding gifts are tricky territory. It can feel really uncomfortable asking for money, but a traditional gift list just doesn’t suit everyone. So here’s our suggestion for balance:

Create a list of unique wedding gifts as suggestions for your guests, and make it fun!

By suggesting the gifts you’d like, you’re helping those guests who’d love to give you something special but don’t know where to start. And by including options for smaller contributions you’re helping guests who don’t have as much money, to donate and know they’ve contributed towards something the two of you will love. Of course, the benefit of providing a list is that you’ll (hopefully) end up with NO TAT – which is the ultimate aim when it comes to wedding gift lists!