Your wedding is a huge opportunity to raise a ton of money for charity. Please – if you’re already living together and don’t need a pile of gifts from your loved ones, consider asking for donations instead. Charities will suffer while we make our way through the cost of living crisis – and it’s a good time to remember there are people who are desperately in need of financial help, more than you ‘need’ an expensive honeymoon.

The lovely folks at Macmillan asked us to share their wedding favours, and we think they’re adorable and a very, very worthy cause.

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Rustic weddings are so beautiful. The country flowers, the neutral tones and the general coziness makes it such a stunning theme for the most special day of your life. With the naturalistic feel to a rustic wedding, which type of wedding entertainment will blend in seamlessly and not just sound incredible but actually complement your decor? An acoustic folk band of course!

Today we have the most wonderful visual treat for those of you who will be having a wedding cake on your big day. Lovely Cakes by Tasha shared images of her stunning cakes with us, and we’re very, VERY happy to share. They’re so pretty we can almost taste them…

All the photos were taken by @charlottegriffithsphoto

printed botanical wedding cake with two tiers. The top tier has a modern leaf and flower illustration in blues, with a thin gold ribbon around, and the bottom tier is simple white. Cakes by Tasha

This printed cake is one of Tasha’s favourites and we can see why! It’s beautiful to look at, and must be so much fun to design! The top tier is printed edible icing. Tasha usually uses a print to match wedding invites or something she designs with her couples. ©Charlotte Griffiths Photography 2021

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In 2020, the BBC stated, ‘Young people are falling out of love with mined diamonds because of their high environmental and humanitarian costs.’ So what are we buying instead? You’ve probably heard about the growing popularity of lab-grown diamonds, so we’re here to answer the most common questions about them and explain why we think they’re a great option to consider when choosing your engagement and wedding rings.

Header image credit: lovely Lake District wedding photographer Jaye Peg Photography

Will your pooch be excited to walk you down the aisle? Or perhaps you’ll…. hire a llama. We’ve been reading up on the latest wedding trends according to financial comparison company, who have announced three key trends for weddings in 2022 and beyond.

From delving into YOUR Google searches, the researchers found three top trends for couples tying the knot this summer. We hear you’re all out there looking for multi coloured wedding inspiration, which makes us happy!

A couple wave colourful smoke in orange, blue and pink. He's in a suit and she's in a modern wedding dress. By Bristol wedding photographer Martin Dabek

A bright and colourful wedding by Bristol wedding photographer Martin Dabek