No one is really talking about the waste generated by big weddings. It almost feels as though you can’t have a big wedding without a huge impact on the environment… as if most of the wedding media are implying it’s just one day: what harm can a wedding really do, and do you even need to think about sustainable wedding planning?

A couple laugh together on their wedding day. They're surrounded by mountains and she's holding a bouquet with lots of greenery. By Luke Flint Photography

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So often we hear about “wedding stress” that it’s almost taken as a given: you should expect wedding planning to be stressful. I think this is a dangerous perception, as wedding planning can be difficult, but it shouldn’t have an impact on your mental health.

Golden hour wedding photography by Becky Harley

Golden hour wedding photography by Becky Harley

If you’re suffering from stress as a result of wedding planning, it’s time to take a step back and look for help.

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Wedding planning can be hard.


It’s the first test of your marriage, before you’re even married!


We do love planet-friendly, sustainable weddings! This lovely and super useful article to help you plan your eco-friendly wedding was written for English Wedding by Hampshire wedding photographer Sarah Hoyle 

If you are planning your wedding this year, you might be well aware that it can actually have a huge impact on the environment. There are lots of things only used once for the day and at high cost. You may be feeling the pressure to fly guests in from abroad and also to fulfil a more traditional idea of a dress or suit, or flowers.

We love weddings! We’re excited for all of you lovely people out there planning your weddings. Enjoy the adventure… and along the way, let’s do our very best to reduce weddings’ impact on the world around us.

As joyful as they are, weddings can be big, expensive, wasteful and stressful events. Much of the wedding media is focused on things to buy for weddings – and we want to change that.

A wedding is a happy celebration with origins as old as time: humans have been falling in love since we got here.

There’s more to this article than meets the eye. Lovely Sarah speaks from the heart about her custom made wedding rings with vintage and family heirloom gems. And she won me over the first time I read this piece – what could be more romantic than giving new life to a treasured diamond or gemstone? The loveliness of Heulwen Lewis Bespoke also lies in its creator. There are plenty of ethical diamonds businesses, and bigger brands making bespoke rings. But having spoken to this lovely lady, I’d choose her if I was looking for a wedding or engagement ring. Because a special ring should have heart and soul, and Sarah’s shines through in everything she creates. Please read this – it’s wonderful.Claire's signature