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Example of a wedding invitation by Little Green Wedding, placed alongside a sprig of eucalytpus. The invitation has green floral wreath with the couples names in the centre and text above and below

A guest article by English Wedding member Little Green Wedding

Did you know that your special day can be a source of amazing waste? No one wants to cut corners on their big day, but recent research shows that on average each wedding is responsible for over 20kg of single use plastic waste and over £500 of food is thrown away after each reception.

Signature invitation by Little Green Wedding

Signature invitation by Little Green Wedding

For an Eco-conscious bride or couple, they should be looking to reduce waste before the wedding even starts. Many couples now are opting for sustainable wedding rings, however the next stage of wedding planning offers a considerable opportunity to showcase your green credentials.

Pre-day wedding stationery such as Invitations, RSVPs and Save the dates are traditionally made from virgin paper stock, adorned with glitter and metallic foils to give them a luxury look – none of which is recyclable.

Even those papers made from Kraft brown ‘recycled’ paper can be environmentally damaging.

Foliage wreath wedding invitation by Little Green Wedding

Foliage invitation by Little Green Wedding

The alternative of digital stationery is workable, but often does not convey the sincerity that a paper based product allows.

To create a special effect, Little Green Wedding has invested in a range of Tree Free alternative papers to make beautiful, luxury wedding stationery to entice a range of sustainably minded customers.

Their best selling products are made from Tree Free paper which is actually reclaimed cotton from the textiles industries embedded with a range of beautiful flower and vegetable seeds.

They have a growing stock of pre-made designs in complimentary themes and work on custom items too. Not only are these products eco-friendly, they allow the recipient to grow a little memento for your big day, and happy couples can have fun growing a flower garden with RSVPs after the event.

They even have wedding stationery made on a range of other paper stock including sugar cane, Elephant Poo and Eco Cotton.

On your special day itself, waste can again rear its ugly head, but you can keep your whole stationery line in range with matching place cards, Order of Service, Menus and other stationery ideas.

Classic invitation by Little Green Wedding

Classic invitation by Little Green Wedding

SunSea invitation by Little Green Wedding with modern design yellow rustic block at top and ombre blue print at bottom

SunSea invitation by Little Green Wedding

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