It strikes me more and more often that wedding blogs are ALL about the pretty. We’re doing weddings a disservice. Weddings are full on, crazy emotional days where normal life is amplified by a million percent. There’s love, and more of it in one room than at any other occasion ever in our lives! There’ll be tears and joy and laughter and that feeling you get when you see a friend you’ve not caught up with for years. There’ll be speeches with stories in to make you burst with happiness. Your best friends and parents will say amazing things about how proud they are. All of those moments are huge – and yet we’re all guilty of focusing a tad too much on the florals. It’s not just me, is it?

I’m thrilled to share this beautiful Devon wedding for stunning couple Emma & Matt. They were married at Burrow Farm Gardens and chose Devon Wedding Photographer Snapdragon Photography to capture their day! Special touches include hired trees which make the styling really natural and sustainable – and Emma’s Rosa Clara dress is an absolute beauty!

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Kayleigh has been wonderful to work with from day one. Her relaxed and friendly approach paired with such professional and high quality work makes for a dream combination.

Aside from this wedding being beautiful, there’s an important side to it, and that’s the lucky wedding sausage. With storms and gales forecast for their big day, Ruby and Paul buried a sausage in the garden the night before for good luck… and it made the sun shine instead. Take that as you will… then join me in falling head over heels in love with all the images of their amazing wedding! I just LOVE the colourful streamers and smoke bombs (these never get old!), the cake and dried flowers, and the chilled out, loved-up vibe of this gorgeous couple’s day! Images are by super lovely Kayleigh at Snapdragon Photography in Devon who gets a fab review from the happy couple.

We always ask our couples to share their best wedding moment, and Steph’s is lovely… but I have my own from this amazing wedding. It’s absolutely the moment the groomsmen picked Steph up for that classic photo – and in this case, it was carnage. Brilliant Devon wedding photographer Kayleigh at Snapdragon Photography captured every slip, and it’s guaranteed to make you grin!

Of course, wedding blogs are about magical moments, and this incredible day is full of love, beautifully styled and fabulously creative. We adore that it’s sustainable too. Scroll to see all the images and to read the happy couple’s reviews of their favourite suppliers for their Hallsannery House wedding.

We’re starting the week with a beautifully whimsical beach wedding. Gorgeous couple Sophie & Carl walked with their guests down 200 steps to a secret beach for the most amazing photos. Their wedding venue is styled with dried flowers – Sophie carries a stunning dried bouquet – and it’s all just too lovely for words! We adore Sophie’s Grace Loves Lace dress with a slit up the side – perfect for a walk to the beach and a cheeky dip in the sea! Incredible photos by Alexa Poppe Photography, who gets a brilliant review from our happy couple!