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A couple wave colourful smoke in orange, blue and pink. He's in a suit and she's in a modern wedding dress. By Bristol wedding photographer Martin Dabek

Somerset wedding photographer Martin Dabek Photography photographs weddings all over England as well as abroad.

Martin Dabek Photography – in a nutshell

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Hello, I’m Martin, a wedding photographer based in Somerset.

I’ve been capturing incredible memories for my couples since 2009, so far it’s been an amazing journey.

The first wedding I photographed was in Mexico for some friends of mine and since then I have photographed over 250 weddings in the UK and abroad.

“I love capturing the little moments, the candid ones when nobody thinks I’m looking; memories that may otherwise be forgotten.

I work with my couples to create dramatic and artistic images that perfectly capture their relationship.

Most especially, I love bold colours and timeless black and white photographs.”

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