Our last wedding of the year is a beauty. I’m thrilled it’s turned out this way – we’ve been sharing weddings by London photographers York Place Studios for years and they always, always light up the blog. Faye and Mark are stunning, their day is beautiful and I love that it’s so bursting full of family and joy and playfulness and excitement.

authentic wedding photography at Rockliffe Hall Darlington with York Place Studios

It’s been a year. This wedding happened in safer times before masks and distancing and is both a memory of how gloriously normal things used to be, and a reminder of everything we have to look forward to, when the pandemic is finally over.

No frills, more fun. Today’s wedding is unreal. The vibe is basically party-of-a-lifetime, times a million. Lindsey and Seb are an amazing couple (and ridiculously good looking, the pair of them) whose (pre-covid) wedding was ALL about celebration. Forgive us for sharing a wedding without focusing on the little details – because it’s really important for us to show you it doesn’t have to be about the decor, or the flowers, or styling.

Lindsey and Seb's epic party wedding captured by York Place Studios

Feature post by Entertainment Nation; header image by York Place Studios

You’re getting married – congratulations! You’re probably already knee-deep in wedding planning, checking out venues, tasting cakes and more. It can be a lot of fun, but with so many things to consider, it can also feel quite overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top tips for finding and booking fantastic wedding entertainment. Find out everything from budgeting to booking the best bands in our handy blog below.

OK, so I’ve said this many times, but really today I would love for you to read today’s wedding blog SLOWLY. It’s the images, which are absolute proof that children lift weddings to the next level and then some. Of course our bride and groom are absolutely stunning and this is a day filled with joy and celebration (and pre-pandemic happy hugs!) – but honestly, the kids make it. You will smile, and I hope you’ll chuckle as you scroll through this joyful and relaxed celebration. There simply couldn’t be a more perfect wedding to brighten your Friday and lift your spirits!

Checklist for if you’re getting married on a really hot day (like you’ll know, but…) fans. Ice lollies. Flip flops (including mens’). And now that’s all clear, here’s a wonderfully authentic Islington wedding to make your eyes and hearts happy. Our friends and London wedding photographers York Place Studios describe it as “streety” – a wedding photography style you may not have heard of until today. Street wedding photography is a rare gem to stumble across on wedding blogs, but amongst wedding photographers it’s the gold standard – and York Place are mindblowingly brilliant in their field. You’ll see…

A relaxed and candid wedding in Islington. The bride and groom wear sunglasses, they're laughing with their friends and the images are authentic and unposed. Photographer credit York Place Studios