It strikes me more and more often that wedding blogs are ALL about the pretty. We’re doing weddings a disservice. Weddings are full on, crazy emotional days where normal life is amplified by a million percent. There’s love, and more of it in one room than at any other occasion ever in our lives! There’ll be tears and joy and laughter and that feeling you get when you see a friend you’ve not caught up with for years. There’ll be speeches with stories in to make you burst with happiness. Your best friends and parents will say amazing things about how proud they are. All of those moments are huge – and yet we’re all guilty of focusing a tad too much on the florals. It’s not just me, is it?

That joy of connection to loved ones never felt stronger than just after the pandemic. I know we haven’t lost that sense of belonging, and of celebrating all of the amazing people around us. So here’s an incredible wedding from Camden: Eleanor and Phillip’s day began at Islington Town Hall, followed by food and drink at La Farola.

It’s thrilling, blogging about weddings, to see everything from carefully choreographed events to days that feel authentic and immersive. This Alpheton Hall Barns wedding feels so real, just scrolling through the images it feels like you’re there. The power of photography can bring you to relive your own wedding in very different ways, and the charm of York Place Studios‘ phenomenal documentary wedding photography always finds its home with me.

Today’s brilliantly beautiful wedding is all about the feels. It’s Jen & Josh’s wedding at Alpheton Barns, captured by our friends and award winning wedding photographers York Place Studios. The photos capture the gloriously chaotic behind-the-scenes getting ready parts of the day before taking us through a heartfelt ceremony filled with laughter and impromptu hugs.

The most memorable weddings are those which are absolutely YOU. Charlie and Lucy’s personalities shine through the photos of their day: bursting with life and love, colourful and fun with a fabulous sense of humour. The happy pair chose Chelsea Physic Garden as their wedding venue, and top London wedding photographers York Place Studios to capture their day.

I get a real sense of excitement from these photos. There’s an authenticity that makes the moments feel closer, as though I’m there in the moment with every picture. I’ve said many times how much I love real documentary wedding photography for the atmosphere it brings to every shot. I can imagine these two leafing through their wedding album in twenty years time and being transported right back to the wedding day: it all feels so real!

It’s people that will make your wedding. It’s being around all of those people who bring out the very best in you both. It’s the reactions, the smiles and laughter: the interactions between all of your favourite humans.

All images by London wedding photographers York Place Studios.

Elly and Hugo are the loveliest couple, and their wedding is a ‘wow’ occasion: for the dress, the flowers, the venue… it’s stunning.