The most memorable weddings are those which are absolutely YOU. Charlie and Lucy’s personalities shine through the photos of their day: bursting with life and love, colourful and fun with a fabulous sense of humour. The happy pair chose Chelsea Physic Garden as their wedding venue, and top London wedding photographers York Place Studios to capture their day.

I get a real sense of excitement from these photos. There’s an authenticity that makes the moments feel closer, as though I’m there in the moment with every picture. I’ve said many times how much I love real documentary wedding photography for the atmosphere it brings to every shot. I can imagine these two leafing through their wedding album in twenty years time and being transported right back to the wedding day: it all feels so real!

It’s people that will make your wedding. It’s being around all of those people who bring out the very best in you both. It’s the reactions, the smiles and laughter: the interactions between all of your favourite humans.

All images by London wedding photographers York Place Studios.

Elly and Hugo are the loveliest couple, and their wedding is a ‘wow’ occasion: for the dress, the flowers, the venue… it’s stunning.

Happy Wednesday everyone! We have a brilliant, personality-filled and fun-focused wedding for you today. It’s gorgeous couple Charlotte and Joe, who married at the Asylum chapel in London. A bucket-list wedding venue for award-winning photographers York Place Studios, with a stunning dress and all the love in the world!

If you’re having a winter wedding, take extra care in choosing your wedding photographer. It’s essential to find someone who has the skill and equipment to shoot in winter light – and all the more so if your wedding will be indoors, in a building with low light. The team at York Place are experienced London wedding photographers who embrace the conditions and the light at The Asylum, and we think the pictures of Joe and Charlotte’s day are out of this world!

Weddings can be hilarious, they can be beautiful, they can be a rollercoaster of emotion. They’re always out-of-this-world incredible!

Chris and Paula’s day is bursting with every emotion you can imagine: the love and joy in this alternative Yorkshire wedding is off the scale.

As ever with our faves York Place Studios, this wedding is all about people, connections, emotions and keeping it real. The happy couple are brilliant: bride Paula rocks two amazing outfits and owns the phrase ‘best day ever’ – this is crazy, amazing and epic. Loads more on our instagram! Enjoy!

We like to be the unusual wedding website… the one that says, you can do this whole thing YOUR way! So here’s a wedding we love, and we hope you will too! Let’s just say… it will keep you grounded as you plan your day…

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York Place Studios have been a part of English Wedding for years. They keep us real – amongst all the wedding fluff and styling, it’s good to remember that weddings are these amazing parties we throw for our absolute best people, to celebrate our love and commitment. And of all the wedding photographers in the UK, York Place seem to capture the authenticity of every celebration brilliantly. It’s the love that matters, right?