Weddings can be hilarious, they can be beautiful, they can be a rollercoaster of emotion. They’re always out-of-this-world incredible!

Chris and Paula’s day is bursting with every emotion you can imagine: the love and joy in this alternative Yorkshire wedding is off the scale.

As ever with our faves York Place Studios, this wedding is all about people, connections, emotions and keeping it real. The happy couple are brilliant: bride Paula rocks two amazing outfits and owns the phrase ‘best day ever’ – this is crazy, amazing and epic. Loads more on our instagram! Enjoy!

We like to be the unusual wedding website… the one that says, you can do this whole thing YOUR way! So here’s a wedding we love, and we hope you will too! Let’s just say… it will keep you grounded as you plan your day…

York Place Studios are London's best natural wedding photographers for modern couples

York Place Studios have been a part of English Wedding for years. They keep us real – amongst all the wedding fluff and styling, it’s good to remember that weddings are these amazing parties we throw for our absolute best people, to celebrate our love and commitment. And of all the wedding photographers in the UK, York Place seem to capture the authenticity of every celebration brilliantly. It’s the love that matters, right?

As a newly engaged couple, one of the earliest things you book is likely to be a wedding photographer. You’re about to discover a whole world of different styles and ‘approaches’ to wedding photography – so I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourites.

It’s February 2023 now, and most wedding photographers are taking bookings for 2024 and 2025 already. Couples are still having weddings that were originally cancelled in the pandemic, and demand for suppliers is super high! But this doesn’t mean you should rush into booking a photographer. Always choose carefully, explore your options and enjoy learning what you love when it comes to wedding images!

The first York Place Studios wedding of the year is always a treat for me. I feel as though I’m letting all of you newly engaged couples out there into a really special secret. Here we have the kind of wedding you rarely see on big wedding websites: it’s authentic, brilliant and almost like a normal day but set to maximum joy and love!

I should probably explain this better.

Allow us to introduce a rather special little sausage dog this morning! Little Peggy was guest of honour at Megan & Cameron’s York wedding, and she is adorable! This is one of those amazing weddings we invite you to scroll through super slowly. It’s from documentary wedding photographers York Place Studios, whose style is for us the pinnacle of natural wedding photography.

Previously based in York, and now travelling throughout the UK from their base in London, York Place Studios capture the story of a wedding in the most authentic way. Looking through the images of Megan and Cameron’s day, it feels as though you were there.