Honest questions we’re all asking about wedding photographers – and how to choose yours

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Being the real, authentic version of YOU is everything – especially online. And when we’re looking for wedding photographers, it’s huge. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a wedding supplier’s website the first thing I look for is the About page. I want to see the face behind the business – especially when it comes to wedding photographers.

There are thousands of blogs about how to choose a wedding photographer. Most are written from the photographer’s point of view, and full of helpful tips. Loads of wedding photographers have a blog with advice on choosing a photographer on their own websites.

A big part of choosing a wedding photographer is about style. Are they documentary or reportage style, fine art style, fashion or editorial, ‘standard’ wedding photography or a mix of everything? Are they modern, traditional, relaxed… and what does that even mean?

We think there are even more, REAL questions couples are asking about wedding photographers – and we’re here to lay out some answers for you, right now!

We’ve worked with wedding photographers for over a decade, and gotten to know a few personalities in the business – we’ve also heard a lot of stories. So here’s our own questions to help you choose the best wedding photographer for you!

What are wedding photographers like?

Wedding photographers are creative, friendly, people-people.
They’re all really approachable, chatty and fun to be around.
The best ones are really open about their work, and love to talk about it!
The amazing ones will be interested to hear about your wedding plans, and full of friendly questions about your day!

Will it be awkward?

This is a genuine worry for lots of couples – and it’s the number one reason you should choose your photographer carefully. Take time. Do it together – you BOTH need to be super comfortable around your wedding photographer. It’s only ‘awkward’ having your photo taken if you’re uncomfortable. A good photographer will put you both at ease, in a way that works for you… you’ll relax and enjoy the time you spend with them.

But no, it won’t be awkward at all. You’ve just got to choose the right person. Meet them for a chat. See what you bond over. (Mutual interests; music, dogs or cats, chickens, nature walks… find something!)

And the right wedding photographer will be the perfect level of friendly and professional around you and your guests. Meeting them before your wedding – perhaps for an engagement shoot – will help you gauge how this works for them!

Will they boss us around?

Those stereotypes still exist, and let’s be honest: a smattering of wedding photographers still are a bit… bossy! But visit a wedding show or have a Zoom chat with a few photographers, and you’ll soon spot the (very rare) ones to avoid.

Will they be friendly?

Yes. The number one requirement for being a popular wedding photographer is personality. Your wedding photographer will be friendly. They’ll be a good listener. They’ll be kind. They’ll get to know you, and they’ll be a calming, helpful person to have around on the day.

If you happen to meet a wedding photographer at a wedding fair who isn’t friendly… walk away.

Will we click?

This one’s more important than you might think. Having a shared… something is crucial! It might be a sense of humour. If you (both!) laugh at the same things as your wedding photographer does, you’re onto a winner. Perhaps you love dogs, or horses, or wild swimming, or old movies. Find something – it’ll break the ice and make a huge difference to your day!

Will my partner get along with them?

It’s super important that you both do. So choose and meet your photographer together. If you think a photographer’s amazing, but your partner isn’t so sure, keep looking! It’s a personality thing, and you WILL find the perfect wedding photographer for you!

Will our parents approve?

Obviously it’s more important that you as a couple get along with your photographer, but you’ll want to choose someone who’ll get along with all the generations at your wedding! An experienced wedding photographer will be great with all of your guests, fading into the background to capture those “we barely knew they were there” moments with your friends and family.

Have a look at your potential photographers’ portfolios or galleries. Look for the images of guests. If everyone’s relaxed, smiling and enjoying the day in the photos, it’s a good sign your wedding photographer will get along with everyone.

Will it take ages?

No wedding photographer wants to spend hours on group shots. If you do want a few portraits or family photos you’ll be able to discuss this with your photographer before the day. It’s part of their job to make this part of your wedding run as smoothly as it possibly can, without interrupting the celebrations!

Will we be able to ask for stuff?

The best wedding photographers will keep in contact in the run up to your wedding. And when you have questions, they’ll be available to chat.

Never feel like you can’t ask for something, whether it’s a specific photo with your favourite auntie who’s visiting from Barbados, or a couple of golden hour portraits if the conditions are right. Ask away!

Will they charge extras?

It’s in the interests of wedding photographers to make their pricing structure really clear for you when you make your enquiry. Most will have different packages (e.g. for a full day’s coverage, or for a second shooter). Albums are often extra, and you might be given the option to have an engagement shoot (which is always worth doing, for a hundred reasons!)

Take time to read through all of the options your photographer offers. Choose the bits you want, and if you’re at all unclear on prices, just ask!

So that’s our little round up of all the things you might be wondering about wedding photographers. And in a nutshell, our advice is to meet photographers with an open mind. They’re a genuinely lovely bunch who take immense pride in what they do, and who are completely invested in your wedding. Be open, ask questions, find someone you’ll really get along with – and you’ll have the best experience and wedding photos you could ever imagine!

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