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Using niche keywords and phrases are the secret to blogging your wedding business well. Blogging is all about getting to the top of Google, and in every area of the wedding industry the competition is strong! If you want to appear on the first page of Google for people looking for a ‘UK wedding photographer’ you’ll need to invest heavily in SEO and they might not even book you because hey, you’re in Cornwall and they’re in Durham.

What is a keyword?

For anyone with a brand new wedding business: a keyword is a word couples might type into a search engine. “Your” keywords will be the ones that could lead to you – e.g. wedding stationery. It’s really simple.

Where to start with wedding blogging and keywords

Think about who you want to find you. That couple searching Google for your wedding service, in your area might type in any of these phrases:

  • Hazel Gap barn wedding photographer
  • Alternative wedding photographer in Devon
  • Female fine art wedding photographer Hereford
  • Mid price wedding flowers Barnstaple
  • Minimal style wedding cake near Wrexham
Elopment photography in Cornwall - a bride looks into the camera while her husband rests his head on hers. Close up wedding photography in Cornwall by Hannah Timm

Images in this blog are by Cornwall wedding photographer Hannah Timm Photography. Tap to see Zoe & Freddie’s Cow Shed elopment

SEO for wedding businesses is simple:

Here’s the whole SEO thing in a nutshell, if you’ve ever found it a bit intimidating:

  1. People are searching on Google.
  2. You have to guess what words they’re typing in the search box, then use those words on your website.
  3. You have to use those words in all the right places, often and interestingly!

There are a few more tips and tricks to optimising keywords for your wedding business:

Piggyback your local venues – key search terms often include a venue name. Couples book venues first, then start searching for all their other suppliers. And yes, they will often type the venue name in when they’re looking online.

Using exact keywords is your starter for ten.

Adding in similar keywords will help you even more – so someone looking for ‘wedding flowers at Cripps barn’ might actually have in their mind that they want an organic grower florist in the Cotswolds area. ‘Cotswolds grower florist’ could slot nicely into your blog posts!

The wedding blog for SEO

I want to give you a little confidence that using keywords works.

English Wedding has been a top blog for over a decade because people find us on Google.

Every blog I write includes keywords and backlinks to help English Wedding members. If you look at Caitlin & Hanna’s Willow Grange Farm wedding you’ll see I’ve used a keyword link for Damien Vickers Photography. This wedding planning advice post uses plenty of keywords and links back to other parts of our busy wedding blog.

English Wedding is popular with SEO companies working with wedding brands, and many photographers and suppliers find us through their marketing agencies, simply because we’re really good at using our blog to support and boost our members’ online marketing!

Top tips for using keywords in wedding business blogging

Start with thorough keyword research. Identify the keywords and phrases potential customers are likely to use when searching for wedding services. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help with this research.

Consider using a mix of broad keywords (e.g., “wedding photography”) and long-tail keywords (e.g., “affordable outdoor wedding photography in [your location]”).

Incorporate keywords in strategic locations on your website:
  • page titles
  • headers and subtitles
  • at the start of your first paragraph
  • in the file name of your images
  • in “alt tags” for your images if you know how

It’s not just about keywords on your own wedding blog – try ours!

High quality back links from other websites are really valuable. Ask your wedding supplier friends if you can blog on their websites (guest blogging) or reach out to English Wedding with your guest blog ideas!

The process is simple: write a short, engaging and interesting blog post. Remember to include your keywords. Send it via email to and ask if we’ll feature it!

This is also why real weddings and styled shoots can be so brilliant – wedding blog features linking back to your site will show Google that you have an important site that other people are recommending!

Some wedding business keyword suggestions to get you started

Wedding photography:
[venue] wedding photographer
Wedding photographers in [county]
Female wedding photographer
Affordable wedding photography packages in the South East
Luxury wedding photographer for high-end events
Small and intimate wedding photography
Large and extravagant wedding photo coverage
Lgbtq friendly wedding photographer
Affordable wedding photographers near [town]
Natural wedding photography in London
Romantic beach wedding photography in [Location]
Barn wedding photographer with vintage style
Best candid wedding photographer for intimate weddings

Videography and wedding films:
Affordable drone wedding photography package
Drone videography for destination beach weddings
4K cinematic wedding videography in [Location]
Rustic wedding videographer with storytelling style
Same-day edit wedding video for elopements

Wedding catering:
Vegan wedding cakes in Hampshire
Gluten-free wedding catering for outdoor receptions
Farm-to-table wedding catering in [Location]
Cultural wedding catering for Indian weddings
BBQ wedding catering for rustic barn weddings

Wedding flowers:
Sustainably sourced wedding flowers with eco-friendly options
winter flowers for an Orchardleigh wedding
Wildflower wedding bouquets for boho brides
Dried flower wedding arrangements for rustic themes

Wedding planning:
Destination wedding planner for intimate elopements
Eco-friendly wedding planner focusing on sustainability
LGBTQ+ wedding planner near me
Multicultural wedding planner for diverse ceremonies
Adventure elopement planner for outdoor enthusiasts

Wedding Fashion:
Plus-size wedding dresses with custom fittings
Tailored suits for weddings
Alternative wedding attire Manchester
Vintage wedding dresses inspired by the 1920s
Sustainable wedding dresses made from eco-friendly materials
Wedding seamstress recommendations in Lincolnshire
Custom wedding dresses designed for modern brides
Wedding suit and waistcoat combos for 2024
Informal summer suit for a beach wedding
Bohemian wedding dresses for outdoor boho weddings
Bridal separates with pockets

Wedding Invitations:
Elegant wedding invitations with watercolor designs
Alternative invites painted by hand
Foil-stamped wedding invitations for a touch of luxury
Illustrated wedding invitations featuring custom portraits
Minimalist wedding invitations for contemporary couples
Rustic wedding invitations with wood and jute accents

Wedding Styling:
Rustic wedding prop hire for barn venues
Industrial wedding decor with a modern twist
Vintage wedding decor in Lancashire
Bohemian wedding styling with macramé and dreamcatchers
Beach wedding decor ideas for coastal celebrations

It would be impossible to list keywords for every kind of wedding business, but I hope you might be able to take some of these and apply them to your brand?

We’ve talked about why blogging can be so effective for your wedding business, and given you twenty tips to help you stay motivated to blog.

Tomorrow: what should you write on your wedding business blog?

Struggling to find the time or motivation to blog your wedding business?

I can help.

Hi – I’m Claire, and I’m the editor of English Wedding.

Blogging about weddings is what I do, and I can help you do the same!

To chat about guest blogging here, or to ask me about writing blogs for your business, email

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