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Time, consistency and authenticity – and not being afraid to say it how it is!

When was the last time any online article came up with the goods right at the start?!

I thought I’d make it easy for you – the secret to wedding business blogging is time, consistency and authenticity.

If you can stick around another couple of minutes I’ll explain why!

Making time to blog your wedding business

“I don’t have time to blog” is a major black to most wedding businesses. We are BUSY – like, crazy busy. And at certain times of the year we barely have time to blink.

So time management is crucial – and making time to blog is important.

For you that could mean a weekly half hour slot in your calendar where you blog, no matter what. (For me it’s an hour on Monday mornings. I stick to it and I’m pretty proud of that!)

Or it could mean you spend one afternoon each month, writing 4 blog posts to cover that month.

If your business is really seasonal and you know summer is impossible, write your blogs in January. 12 hours = 12 blog posts = 1 for each month. Time yourself, limit each one to an hour’s writing time, and schedule them to publish through the year. Advice blogs don’t date: think “how to get your wedding day timings right” or “managing wedding planning stress for couples with anxiety” – super helpful content for any time of year.

Consistently blogging for your wedding business

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Consistency makes blogging easier for you, and is helpful for your readers. Couples who’ve booked you will become familiar with your blogging schedule and wait for the next instalment. Having a blogging routine is much better than going quiet… turning up regularly is reassuring for your clients and good for Google too!

Avoid burnout by having a regular pattern for blogging. Follow our advice on making time to blog your business and establish a routine. That way even if you’re blitzing your blog for the year while you’re snowed in in February, you’ll look as though you’re turning up consistently all year round!

Remember, as you work on weddings through the year you can always chuck in another blog here and there to show off the beautiful photos!

Blogging with authenticity

So I thought I’d have a little go with ChatGPT to see if it helped with these blog posts. It absolutely didn’t – I’ve deleted everything it told me to write!

Turns out, AI likes dull blogs. And I didn’t want to churn out a load of advice that’s all over the internet already. I wanted to share genuine advice from my personal experience of writing a wedding blog, and that’s what I’ve done.

I was listening to the Love My Dress podcast yesterday, and smiling at how often Emma from  Miss Bush Bridal uses the word ‘bullshit’. She’s refreshingly honest and authentic, says it how it is and is utterly engaging to listen to.

That’s how you stand out from the crowd when you’re blogging for your wedding business. Have the confidence to be you. Use the words you’d use in a client meeting – don’t be overly formal, perhaps don’t use all your favourite swears – but don’t sanitise yourself to please people.

Be you, be honest, and your wedding business blog will be interesting and funny, engaging and stand out from the crowd.


Struggling to find the time or motivation to blog your wedding business?

I can help.

Hi – I’m Claire, and I’m the editor of English Wedding.

Blogging about weddings is what I do, and I can help you do the same!

To chat about guest blogging here, or to ask me about writing blogs for your business, email

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