Wedding crafting doesn’t have to be difficult – and you can easily avoid the tricky bits by choosing your crafty projects carefully. For example: table plans can take weeks to finalise; invitations are fiddly and there are usually dozens of them – avoid! The best approach to wedding DIY is to make fun, easy, decorative touches which won’t steal your weekends away! I have another awesome wedding DIY project from the lovely girls at AO Life to share with you today. Enjoy!
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Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (8)

Easy wedding crafts: pretty DIY Floral Vase

Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (2)

You will need:

Silk flowers
A small glass bottle
Off white spray paint
Hot glue gun
Old newspaper

Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (1)

How it’s done:

1. Start by pulling the blossoms off the stem.

Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (3)

2. Take the bottle outside or open all your windows, lay out the newspaper and apply a thin layer of spray paint. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes before applying a second coat and then leave to dry again.

Easy wedding craft project to create a pretty floral vase for your big day (4)


Who’s feeling crafty? I so wish I had more time to play with things like this… I love making bits and pieces and today’s feature is right up my street! The lovely girls at AO Life have kindly shared a series of tutorials with us and I hope you’re going to love them. Today’s is one of my favourites – we’re making swirly copper and pretty floral napkin rings perfect for a summer wedding.

Make your own floral napkin rings with AO Life's fab DIY project on the English Wedding Blog (1)

I LOVE how the textures work together: the grey fabric is soft and rustic-looking; the wire is oh-so-on-trend for summer weddings and the flowers… they’re divine, BUT the beauty is you can use any flower you please.

This is an easy project and will look amazing on your wedding tables. The secret is to get the right materials: choose your napkins and flowers carefully, and remember the more you make the better they’ll look!
Make your own floral napkin rings with AO Life's fab DIY project on the English Wedding Blog (2)

What you’ll need…

Copper wire (0.8mm), available from hardware stores
Silk flowers
Rolling pin (about 4cm diameter)
Pair of jewellery pliers


With Benjamin Toms


The title sounds like a dirty joke, but today’s feature article is about respect and negotiation. It’s about understanding different perspectives on marriage and working with some very key people to create wonderful memories of your marriage ceremony.

I’ve met some amazing vicars at weddings: the ones with beaming smiles who make guests feel incredibly welcome and the ones who make a little joke to diffuse tension around the room. The same goes for registrars, and I was chatting to Kent wedding photographer Benjamin Toms about the lovely registrars and vicars he’s worked with too. This feature article is based on our conversation and with his excellent and generous advice.

You’ll have seen beautiful ceremony photos on wedding blogs: the bride walking down the aisle, the first glance between bride and groom, the exchange of rings, the ‘you may kiss the bride’ moment and the occasional giggle as a toddler joins in with the ceremony perhaps. One of my favourite images is of a pew full of bridesmaids smiling with tears in their eyes… but it’s not an image you’ll see at every wedding.


If you’re new to wedding blogs, welcome! If you’re a blog expert then perhaps you’re about to learn something you didn’t know… I can certainly show you something brilliant and exciting in the archives you’ve missed – and help you to discover more! Grab a cuppa, come and see…

Finchcocks Musical Museum wedding Penny Young Photography (40)

Images used in this article are all by Penny Young Photography

Where to begin

The home page of the English Wedding Blog – http://english-wedding.com – shows the most recent articles I’ve published. Most are real weddings, with the occasional styled ideas shoot or supplier feature. They’re organised by date with the most recent at the top, and there’s a link at the bottom of the page to ‘older posts’.

Reading the blog this way is lovely… like flicking through a magazine where you know you’ll stumble across something wonderful 🙂

Finchcocks Musical Museum wedding Penny Young Photography (46)


When I met with Kent wedding photographer Benjamin Toms in February I don’t think he realised how many feature articles we’d talked through… but I left the little coffee shop so full of ideas and advice to share with you, this is already the fifth in our little series!

What makes a wedding unique? Relationships and magical moments. with Benjamin Toms (5)

It’s a funny thing how every couple can feel pressured into having a ‘unique’ wedding… and the wedding media encourages brides and grooms to discover original suppliers, to craft personal and quirky décor, and to buy, design or make unique things.

Cue a bit of a revelation when Ben explained his perspective on exactly what makes a wedding unique. The answer wasn’t what I expected at all.

What makes a wedding unique? Relationships and magical moments. with Benjamin Toms (3)

Could documentary wedding photography be the secret?

Documentary wedding photography is, as you probably know, telling the story of a wedding through emotions and moments. It’s not a factual timeline of your wedding, but a visual memory of the moments which will really let you relive your day for years to come.


Elegance doesn’t have to be opulent: the most beautiful weddings can be those where simple touches are creatively curated to make a pretty, understated but effective style. Recently I featured a very richly styled shoot from Waddesdon Manor – the overall look was pure elegance but some of you felt it was financially unachievable… so today I have something especially for all you looking for elegance on a tighter budget.

Elegant bridal style shoot Pistacho Photography Artist Residence London (2)

Affordable elegance: creating elegant style without the cost

Today’s styled shoot is more about affordable elegance. The secret is to spend on a few key details: the dress, accessories, stationery and a bouquet in this case.

Favours, cakes, cars and other details are optional.

Consider your venue carefully too: Those ‘per head’ costs can be astronomical, and there are so many options these days for alternative reception venues.

I’ve featured several weddings on the blog where couples enquired at a venue which had never held a wedding before… and ended up holding their dream weddings there!


If you’re a regular wedding blog reader you might think group shots are a thing of the past… but they’re as important today as they ever were. Your wedding day will be the one day of your lives when all of your friends and family are together – just for the two of you – and that’s such a special thing for every bride and groom.

Contemporary wedding photography and group shots, with Benjamin Toms (2)

I asked my lovely blog friend (and super fabulous Kent wedding photographer) Benjamin Toms if he had any advice or tips about group shots, and he had some really useful ideas to share.

By Benjamin Toms

Traditional group shots can almost be thought of as being for our parents’ generation. When up to 80% of parents still pay a generous chunk of the wedding budget, this makes group shots even more important. It’s a rare occasion when all the family comes together, and so we want to preserve and treasure those memories.

Contemporary wedding photography and group shots, with Benjamin Toms (3)


The ceremony… the rings… the speeches… I think every bride and groom has a different expectation of what the most amazing moments will be when the big day finally comes around. I met up with fabulous Kent wedding photographer Benjamin Toms recently, and we got to chatting about the best moments. Ben surprised me, and talked so passionately about the best wedding moments as seen through the eyes of a photographer… and I think I’ll see every real wedding on the blog a little differently now.

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Real UK wedding images by Kent photographer Benjamin Toms (6)

“As a documentary wedding photographer I will spend a full day shooting a wedding. This means I live through the nerves and excitement with my couples – and it’s such an incredible privilege. I usually arrive two or three hours before the ceremony, which gives me time to capture images of the bride getting ready.”

Real UK wedding images by Kent photographer Benjamin Toms (5)


I love Carolyn from The Pavilion at Lane End, I really do… but she always sends me articles (and pictures) of the most gorgeous, delicious-looking food. On a hardworking Monday afternoon I’m even more tempted to reach for some fabulous sugar therapy!… This is dangerous! And yet – as a bride- or groom-to-be, YOU have a legitimate reason to drool over these wonderful little ideas. Enjoy. Oh and Carolyn – I love you really: you’re the best!

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Chocolate truffle favours for weddings, The Pavilion at Lane End Buckinghamshire (16)

“I just had to share this latest addition to our Diamond Wedding Package.

We now include wedding favours in elegant and stylish boxes, embossed with your names and filled with the most exquisite handcrafted chocolate truffles.”

Chocolate truffle favours for weddings, The Pavilion at Lane End Buckinghamshire (1)
Chocolate truffle favours for weddings, The Pavilion at Lane End Buckinghamshire (2)

“It is so easy to get inundated with predictable and uninspiring wedding ideas – so when something so truly unique and of such high quality comes along, you simply must take notice (and we decided to include it in our all-singing-all-dancing wedding package for The Pavilion).


Hey there beautiful! It’s been a crazy week for me and I’m finally settling into my brand new house. Exciting times… and one thing I’ve kept in my handbag, away from the boxes where I’ve lost everything else I own (seriously; why did I write ‘randomness’ on every box? Where are my pants?!) … is my new favourite lipstick from Love, Honour & Be True. Helen and Kitty, who founded Love, Honour & Be True last year, kindly sent me a sample to try and it hasn’t left my side since!

Cheshire wedding Rookery Hall  David Walters Photography Liverpool (17)

Image credit David Walters Photography – click the image to see Danielle and Danny’s Rookery Hall wedding on the English Wedding Blog

Of course there’s more to today’s feature than a pretty lipstick. I’m writing this post for Love, Honour & Be True because they’re all about cruelty free lipsticks as well as being independent British wedding suppliers.


Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a brilliant day. I’m busy working on blog features and scheduling everything for May already (birthday month: eeeee!!) and wanted to quickly reach out to any wedding suppliers considering blog advertising.

I have half a dozen slots free from May; they’re only £50 per month and come with regular features to really give your business a push and get you noticed! The blog currently has more than 45,000 readers a month! If you’re interested, do read my media pack to find out more: http://english-wedding.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Media-pack-2015.pdf

For anyone wibbling on the edge of blog sponsorship (I know it’s a big decision), here’s some advice which will help you to make it work:

Suppliers! Before you advertise on a wedding blog, read this!

Wedding blogs, details and photographers: a blogger’s perspective on taking and using detail shots

Wedding supplier? A quick ‘secret’ to getting wedding blog features


I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about wedding gift lists – so when a creative, thoughtful and brilliantly affordable idea comes along, I get excited.

Foodies especially will love this idea, but it’s equally perfect for those of you who aren’t blessed in the kitchen department (and we’re not talking toasters!) – basically all of your friends and family contribute their favourite recipe, and they’re all bound up into a lovely quality book for you to keep forever.

recipe gift books for weddings (2)http://recipegiftbook.com

I wish I could have one of these… I’ve kept a few of my Grandma’s recipes but they’re floating around on sheets of paper I lose all the time… also, I have some friends who I imagine are secret foodies, genius bakers and health junkies, all of whom I’d love to have a recipe from! Other friends, I suspect, would sneak in a joke recipe or two – which would crack me up. A perfect, genius, all-round idea.