When we feature real couples’ weddings on our blog, we don’t ask if they had a magician. It’s a rare choice – but it’s absolute genius. Those couples who fill out our interview and who did hire a magician always, always point them out as one of the very best decisions they made. And that’s thanks to a new breed of exceptional entertainers, including our lovely friend Close-Up Chris. Wedding magicians have levelled up – big time. We’ve got 10 brilliant reasons to hire a magician for your wedding, inspired by Chris’s blog ‘Reasons to hire a wedding magician‘.

I had an email the other week from a lovely person called Adele, who’s recently launched her business hiring out sustainable wedding games.

Two people playing a game of outdoor Jenga

The idea came up when she looked back on her childhood. “On a Sunday evening we would all get together as a family at my grandparents’ house and play games such as dominoes and tops & tails. When you are attending big events like weddings, it can be quite daunting for some children and adults but the games can provide a really relaxed atmosphere. You can’t just buy these either so it inspired me to look at other games and think how can we make them bigger and more sustainable which is really important to me.

We want your wedding to be a fun-filled, joyous event from the beginning to the very end. Imagine your guests smiling all day long, even the couples who don’t know a soul. Keeping every guest entertained through the quiet, in-between bits of your day can be a challenge… but we have the solution right here!

A guest blog by acoustic wedding singer Matthew Stephens

I decided to write a little piece detailing the potential options for couples during their first dance. Aaaaand, I’m starting to wish I hadn’t! There are so many options that you could honestly write a book about it. So, I’ll look at some of the main ones I cover as an acoustic wedding singer and I’ll try to branch off into other areas as I go and cover as much as possible.

An article by English Wedding member Entertainment Nation; header photo by Liam Collard Photography

Rustic weddings are so beautiful. The country flowers, the neutral tones and the general coziness makes it such a stunning theme for the most special day of your life. With the naturalistic feel to a rustic wedding, which type of wedding entertainment will blend in seamlessly and not just sound incredible but actually complement your decor? An acoustic folk band of course!