By James Evans, Public Speaking Coach & Stand-Up Comedian

Picture the scene: A close friend calls you up. ‘Hi, how you doing? Look, I know it’s not really your thing, but would you mind doing ten minutes of stand-up comedy in front of a room half full of friends and half full of total strangers? It’d mean a lot to me.’ You want to put the phone down but you can’t. They’ve just asked you to be their best man and give a brilliantly funny speech at their wedding.

All images in this blog feature are by London wedding photographer Kristian Leven, and have previously featured on the English Wedding Blog. See more: English-Wedding.com/tag/kristian-leven-photography

It’s no wonder that as a public speaking coach, so many of my clients come to me with terror in their eyes. But they don’t need to be so scared and neither do you. Take a deep breath. I’m going to get you through this  …


Hello everyone! I hope you had a great week and you’re looking forward to a brilliant weekend! I have something very different to share with you today – the kind of thing which will be easier to watch at home than at work – because you’ll need the volume turned up, and you’ll giggle a LOT! This is awesome. Thanks to James at Funky Pixel Photography for sharing!

Nina and Adrian’s wedding was a wonderful and emotional day. They got married at The Garrison Church in Brompton, followed by their reception at the stunning Bradbourne House in Kent. Nina explains, “The story goes I sent bek a YouTube link to a wedding rap to an Eminem song. It was a bit lame and cheesy and I thought it would make her laugh. I said before the link “do you take requests?” Entirely in jest and not expecting a rap at all!

The DJ worked with Rebecca to pull off the speech of a lifetime! “Rebecca felt that she needed to lift the spirits of the room after the main speeches by performing a well  rehearsed piece.