A Sanyukta Shrestha dress, a wild and beautiful location, and a weekend celebration with a lively ceilidh – Bex and Dave made their wedding incredible!

Documentary style wedding photos by York Place Studios

This is one of those ‘real life’ weddings we often rave about on English Wedding. it’s another by our members York Place Studios whose style you’ll absolutely recognise by now. These brilliant documentary wedding photographers capture the truth of weddings: with the beautiful styling of the day as a backdrop to all of those human connections and moments of humour which unfold as heartwarming stories throughout the day.

Documentary style wedding photos for Bex and Dave's joyful wedding in Scotland by York Place Studios

Even as a wedding blogger, you just don’t see this kind of beautiful that often. And I mean – my breath is taken, this stunning Scottish wedding is out of this WORLD! I stumbled across Richelle and Tom’s wedding via our lovely dressmaker member Felicity Westmacott. It goes without saying that Richelle’s dress is incredible; and indeed everything from this amazing (pre-pandemic) wedding is rocking my wedding bloggy world today – not least the brilliant couple who are the stars of it all.

Are you fed up of being indoors and do you feel cheated that your wedding has been postponed and your honeymoon cancelled? Who could have predicted that something we can’t even see would ruin the plans of so many. Well, here’s an idea for when you feel safe enough to have a night or two away from home… Why not plan something really cool and elope? On the Isle of Skye, wedding photographer Penny Hardie sees all kinds of tiny weddings – they don’t even have to be legally binding, in fact many aren’t.

Ready to Run Away? Isle of Skye elopements... (6)

I might need to slam the wedding bloggy brakes on after this… we’ve shared too many EPIC weddings this week and it’s just TOO GOOD – I’m so excited to share Nat & Oli’s wedding with you today, I can barely type! So these guys are nature lovers. And they took their guests into the wild for the most incredible ceremony, I love it to bits.

Nat & Oli's wild hilltop wedding with Fox and Bear Photography (34)

beautiful elopement images from Gretna Green, images by Camilla Lucinda Photography (16)

There’s something about an elopement – the romance of it all just gets me, every time! Nick and Kristina’s love just shines from the photos of their special day. There’s no nerves, none of the formality or embarrassment that being in front of a big crowd of people can sometimes bring. These two lovely people are joyful, blissfully happy from the moment we first see them – and yes, it makes me want to elope, right now, to Gretna Green!

beautiful elopement images from Gretna Green, images by Camilla Lucinda Photography (14)