Planning a wedding today, finding amazing suppliers and gathering inspiration and ideas is so much easier than for any generation before. The internet is a world of discovery, filled with blogs and style inspo you can soak up like a sponge.

Gorgeous country wedding styling in Lancashire, images by Rachel Joyce Photography (21)

Image credit Rachel Joyce Photography – see end of post for more info

It only really became a thing with the birth of wedding blogs that you should look for a wedding photographer you’d “click” with. Before 2008 couples had a different choice to make – image quality and the technical side of photography was key. Things changed, and there’s now a wonderful rainbow of wedding photographers to choose from. It means you can shop around for a photographer who

  • ‘gets’ you. They share your style and culture
  • is female. If you’re more comfortable this way, it’s cool
  • has that ‘insta’ look with their editing
  • understands that you love details. And loves them too
  • will recommend other suppliers they know and trust
  • fits your budget and your wedding style

Hello! I hope you all had an amazing summer of fun in the (surprisingly good) English weather. If you missed me last month, I’m Jenna Hewitt and I plan and style weddings.  Each month I’ll be writing a kind of ‘wedding planning diary’ of help and tips that follows the planning journey of real life couple, Hannah and Ben (very lovely clients of mine).  This month I’m writing some thoughts, musings and general advice on children (and what to do with them) at weddings!

Hannah and Ben have a fair number of children on the guest list – 27 at last count (and 5 of those are their own) so having a plan that included the children was a must.  They were also really clear that both the children and adults should have an amazing time – a tricky balance to achieve (as anyone with children can vouch for).


I think ultimately weddings are about stories. You’ll reminisce on your day with friends and family for years to come – and there’s always a great story to tell. With that in mind I reached out to some photographer friends to see if they had any stories to share with you for a new series of mini blog posts, and their replies have been fantastic, at times mildly alarming and just generally fascinating! Take today’s story – being ‘fashionably late’ to your wedding is never a good plan!

Steve Brill is a documentary wedding photographer in Northamptonshire (4)

“There was that time when…”

by Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer Steve Brill

I had been booked to photograph a lovely intimate family wedding at a registry office in a local historic market town. The ceremony had been scheduled for 4.00pm and the bride had been told at the time of booking that her wedding was to be the last one of the day, so there was no pressure on her.


Family group photos are something that time and time again is discussed with our couples, should you have them, how many should you have, what’s the point of them!  Now we will admit, that it’s not always the most fun part of photographing a wedding, and to be honest it’s probably not the most fun for your guests either.  However, they don’t have to be a boring chore.

Why group photos are such important heirlooms years after your wedding day, image credit Amanda Karen Photography (7)

Contact & Bookings: Amanda Karen Photography


Weddings are one of the few occasions when you have all of your nearest and dearest together, and whilst candid shots of your guests enjoying themselves are fab, some people do hide from the camera.  So making sure that your key people are captured in a group photo at least means that they are present in your images.

Why group photos are such important heirlooms years after your wedding day, image credit Amanda Karen Photography (1)


If you missed Claire’s lovely introduction last month, I’m Jenna Hewitt from Weddings by Jenna Hewitt. I’m a creative wedding planner who loves to work with couples looking for style and a sense of laid back luxury where the focus is all about the atmosphere, the food, the drink and having an amazing party!

Images from Cowley Manor wedding venue and words by wedding stylist planner Jenna Hewitt. Credit Helen Warner Photography (9)

Over the next 12 months I’m really excited to be covering a year in the life of planning a wedding and each month I’ll be sharing the inside, honest track of what it takes to plan your perfect day as well as what to expect and watch out for along the way. In fact I’ll be writing about the planning journey of real life couple and lovely clients of mine, Hannah and Ben. Today I’m starting with the venue search!

No such thing as the perfect venue?

My first tip for the venue hunt is to steer well clear of the word ‘perfect’. It is almost impossible to find the perfect venue in every sense and you could end up quickly frustrated. The trick to making the venue search an enjoyable one is to narrow down your must haves as well as what you are willing to be flexible on.


There is SO much to organising a wedding, isn’t there?!! And with each little item on your wedding checklist, there’s a small army of sub-items to check too! For example, planning when your band will start to play, or if you’ll need a DJ afterwards, and how all of that ties in with food! (Because as much as we love a dance, we really can’t wait for the meal, right?!) So here are some real couples’ top tips for getting the most from your wedding band, courtesy of our lovely friends at the fabulous Alive Network.

Alive Network and Live Wires, image credit Brett Symes Photography (3)

All images are by Brett Symes Photography at www.brettsymesphotography.co.uk

So you’ve weighed up the options, done your best Simon Cowell, and chosen the live wedding band that’s going to give you and your friends the hands-in-the-air party of your life. Good work!

But getting your perfect music match doesn’t end there. The very best artists and agencies should work with you to truly tailor your celebrations, helping you make the band experience your own.


by Emma Jane Weddings & Events, Staffordshire

Gorgeous country wedding styling in Lancashire, images by Rachel Joyce Photography (26)

Image credit: Rachel Joyce Photography. Full feature here

Let’s face it, a wedding day is a LOOONG day – for both members of the bridal party and the guests too! Whilst you’re enjoying having pictures together, don’t forget your friends and family who’ll be waiting for you – keep them occupied with one (or a few) of these ideas!

1. Space Hoppers

Bring out your inner child with some bouncing fun – I can guarantee it won’t just be the children having a go!

Fabulous florals, bright coloured everything for an amazing wedding at Pennard House. Image credit Mark Leonard Photography (30)

Image credit Mark Leonard Photography. Full feature here

2. Garden Games

If the weather is on your side and you’ve a gorgeous space around your venue, ask to have some garden games set up. Giant Jenga, Giant Twister or Giant Connect Four are all great ideas to entertain the masses!

3. Magician


Chair covers can hide a multitude of stains, scrapes and unsightly patterns… but let’s be honest, those white polyester covers are pretty hideous! I’ve never been a fan – I cannot understand why some venues still provide grotty chairs which need to be hidden, while others simply buy beautiful Chiavari or elegant wooden chairs for their weddings! Luckily lovely Hollie from Daisy Says I Do has shared her simple solutions with us today.

Wedding chair inspo and tips, image by Oobaloos Photography (2)

Images by my fab friend and English Wedding Blog sponsor Sheryl
at Oobaloos Photography

Wedding chair inspo and tips, image by Oobaloos Photography (5)

Contact & bookings: Oobaloos Photography


Wedding chair inspo and tips, image by Oobaloos Photography (3)

Chairs – how a modern bride makes wedding chairs beautiful

“Many venues now have simple and stylish furniture, however some venues’ chairs may still be in need of a little update. If your budget allows I would recommend hiring something different whether it be a simple Chiavari chair, a wooden or white fold up chair or a mix and match vintage collection in rich dark wood for a relaxed, rustic style.


By James Evans, Public Speaking Coach & Stand-Up Comedian

Picture the scene: A close friend calls you up. ‘Hi, how you doing? Look, I know it’s not really your thing, but would you mind doing ten minutes of stand-up comedy in front of a room half full of friends and half full of total strangers? It’d mean a lot to me.’ You want to put the phone down but you can’t. They’ve just asked you to be their best man and give a brilliantly funny speech at their wedding.

All images in this blog feature are by London wedding photographer Kristian Leven, and have previously featured on the English Wedding Blog. See more: English-Wedding.com/tag/kristian-leven-photography

It’s no wonder that as a public speaking coach, so many of my clients come to me with terror in their eyes. But they don’t need to be so scared and neither do you. Take a deep breath. I’m going to get you through this  …


Images by Lincolnshire based 166 Photography (4)

Lets start by saying this blog post is not cool.

In fact, if it were a person at a house party, it would be the person who is left standing in the kitchen, clutching its glass of wine and awkwardly trying to make conversation with anyone who passes by.

Much cooler blog posts, such as the themed shoots and real weddings wander past with a wry smile. In short it is the geek.

However, like in many a Hollywood teen movie, the geek is sometimes the real hero. This type of blog post is in fact possibly one of the more important ones you will read during your wedding planning.

Images by Lincolnshire based 166 Photography (3)

In the age where the wedding album is not as popular and many couples tend to go for digital only packages, these files are super important, and should be treated as such.


It’s every bride and groom’s worst nightmare – a last minute crisis when a supplier you’ve had your heart set on suddenly can’t be there for your wedding.

As a supplier myself, I totally get it. I also know those last few weeks before your wedding are busy, stressful and the LAST thing you need is to be let down by one of your suppliers.

All is not lost.

There are things you can do, and ways of handling the situation:


  1. You get what you pay for – so before you book a ‘too good to be true’ supplier who’s charging half of what others do, think really carefully. Good, experienced suppliers may charge more – but you’re paying for reliability, great communication and the peace of mind that comes with experience.
  2. Deposits and agreements in writing – always make sure your booking is in writing with dates confirmed and any deposits paid as soon as your supplier asks. Most won’t reserve your date without a deposit – and being ‘pencilled in’ is NEVER confirmation of your booking. Putting off payment of a deposit can lose you that first-choice supplier.

I got married nearly nine years ago and I absolutely loved planning my wedding day. We carefully wove our love story into the details and special touches.  We had recently moved from London to Bath and wanted all our city slicker friends to kick back and relax at our country house wedding. We were married in the church my family have always attended and headed to a country house to host our reception.

Simple and elegant wedding ideas from the Langdale Chase Hotel, Lake District. Helen Jane Smiddy Photography (5)

It’s all over so fast…

It was idyllic but as we drove away to our Italian honeymoon I had one regret. It wasn’t the menu, my dress or the flowers. It was that it didn’t last long enough.

As with all weddings we had friends from school and university, people who we don’t see very often. I really wanted to catch up properly with them but the day went so quickly and before I knew it I was at the airport on my way to Tuscany!