The biggest wedding trends in 2022: eco weddings, colour, and pets!

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Header image credit: lovely Lake District wedding photographer Jaye Peg Photography

Will your pooch be excited to walk you down the aisle? Or perhaps you’ll…. hire a llama. We’ve been reading up on the latest wedding trends according to financial comparison company, who have announced three key trends for weddings in 2022 and beyond.

From delving into YOUR Google searches, the researchers found three top trends for couples tying the knot this summer. We hear you’re all out there looking for multi coloured wedding inspiration, which makes us happy!

A couple wave colourful smoke in orange, blue and pink. He's in a suit and she's in a modern wedding dress. By Bristol wedding photographer Martin Dabek

A bright and colourful wedding by Bristol wedding photographer Martin Dabek

We’re thrilled to know sustainable weddings are top of your searches too. Earlier this year we began our sustainable wedding series here on English Wedding, and we have a feeling this is WAY more than a trend: plastic-free and no-waste weddings have to be our future!

A loved-up Winchester city elopement - with adorable dogs! Photographer credit Katherine and her Camera (29)

Photographer credit: Katherine and her Camera

And then there’s the pets at weddings thing. We’re animal lovers here, and we know there are plenty of dogs who will LOVE to be the centre of attention on your big day – at least for a while. But whenever this comes up we always think about pets’ wellbeing. You know your dog’s personality best: you can absolutely include her but read our tips to make sure she’s happy all day long. This often means a quiet space where she can snooze in a corner, and a sober guest who’ll be happy sharing that quiet spot with her, walking her when she needs space, and heading home early to put her to bed. (There’s very often an uncle who’ll be thrilled to bits with this responsibility!) And it goes without saying – no cats at weddings unless you’re tying the knot at home, and even then they’ll need a safe and familiar place to hide!

As for the llamas and alpacas mentioned in the report, well make your own mind up! There are a few businesses offering alpaca wedding hire, and if they’re putting animal welfare first, we’re all for it! (We’ve no idea how alpacas feel about their wedding roles!)

Here’s the full wedding trends report!

Three trends are all tied in first place for the biggest trend of the year, with searches for pets at weddings, multi-coloured weddings and in-season wedding flowers all seeing a 200% year-on-year increase.

With so many people adding a four-legged companion to their family over the past couple of years, it’s no surprise that so many brides and grooms would want them to play a special part such as a ring bearer or just being a VIP guest. However, it’s not just our beloved pets making an appearance, with some couples looking to hire slightly more interesting animals for their guests to marvel at, such as llamas. These friendly and gentle animals will certainly add a touch of uniqueness to the big day.

Multi-coloured weddings also came out on top as a wedding trend for this upcoming year, with many couples looking to move away from the typically neutral colour schemes by bringing some colour into the proceedings. Whether it’s brightly coloured flowers, wedding decorations or colourful attire, this trend is all about being bright and bold.

bright and colourful wedding photo with a rainbow wedding dress and multicoloured shoes and bouquet. By Jaye Peg Photography

Multicoloured wedding inspiration from Lake District wedding photographer Jaye Peg Photography

Eco weddings are also on the rise, with searches for in-season flowers and rented dresses all amongst some of the most searched for trends in 2022. Opting for in season, more available flowers is a more eco-conscious way to decorate your wedding as you won’t be sourcing flowers from far away. Renting your dress or bridesmaid’s dresses is another great way to be more eco-friendly on your big day, and it will also likely save you money too. Other eco-conscious wedding trends include moissanite engagement rings, which are a more carbon-friendly option compared to traditional diamonds, and leaf confetti, a more natural choice compared to typical wedding confetti.

When it comes to floral wedding trends, daisies, lavender and dahlia bouquets were among some of the top trends for 2022. Daisies offer a more delicate touch when it comes to wedding floral arrangements, with the dainty white flower becoming increasingly popular for brides-to-be. Lavender is also a great choice, as not only does the purple stand out against the white wedding dress but it also has a lovely relaxing aroma, perfect for brides looking for a sense of calm on their big day.

Game of Thrones tops the list for themed nuptial trends in 2022, with a bigger increase year-on-year compared to both Harry Potter and Marvel-themed weddings. Whilst the show ended in 2019, fans are still keen to include their favourite show in some way to their big day, and with the new prequel series House of the Dragon set to air later this year it looks like fans might be able to gather even more inspiration soon. Whether it’s taking influence from the destinations used in filming or having an extravagant feast to celebrate after the ceremony, there are plenty of elements fans can use for their special day. also looked at the top trending wedding destinations for those looking at tying the knot abroad. Google data reveals it’s Zimbabwe topping the list with a 56% increase in searches compared to last year. Weddings in Italy and South Africa both saw an increase in searches of 40%, with both destinations offering the happy couple plenty of choice when it comes to beautiful venues. From idyllic villas set in the rolling hills of Tuscany to the beautiful South African vineyards in Stellenbosch.

Portugal, Kenya and Thailand round off the top five trending wedding destinations for the year ahead.

If you’d like to see the full report findings and data they’re at

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