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The events of this year have scuppered plans for thousands of soon-to-be-wed couples across the globe, but whether you’re delaying or simply getting on with it, there’s no reason why your big day should be any less special.

Micro weddings have been on the rise for the past couple of years and are sure to increase in popularity as uncertainty around guest numbers continues into 2021.

In case you had any doubts, a Micro wedding is a small, intimate affair with only your nearest and dearest invited to share the occasion – there are no rules with wedding trends but depending on your interpretation, it’ll often be for around 20-50 guests.

So why go Micro? Whilst many couples dream of the big white wedding, it’s not the only way to go. Whether it’s down to your personality, budget or specific circumstances, a smaller wedding has its advantages. With a Micro wedding it’s all about you – and dare I say why not? Do away with the things you don’t need, make the most of those that you do, spend your time with those that matter most and make no compromises!

Just because you’re going small, it doesn’t mean you can’t include the things you love and that includes live music. Whilst an 8-piece swing band may not be the most in-keeping choice for the occasion, there are still plenty of options to keep guests entertained, adding an unforgettable soundtrack to your special day. Check out some ideas from Bands For Hire to get your creative juices flowing…

Live Looping musicians

With the technology of today, the famous One Man Band has taken on a new dimension. With loop stations, octave pedals, stomp boxes and beat boxing just a few of the tools at their mercy, live looping musicians bring a big sound that’s bound to keep your guests entertained.

Solo Guitarists

When you think ‘solo guitarist’, you’re probably met with visions of Yesterday or Cavatina (which are both awesome by the way) but why stop there? Misko takes the solo classical guitar to the next level bringing together his own interpretations of classic funk, soul and pop tunes.

DJs with musicians

Dancing or no dancing, having a professional DJ at the helm is a great way to keep the atmosphere moving at the right pace. Adding in a sax player, vocalist or percussionist is a great way to add some interaction into the mix if a party’s what you’re after.

Acoustic Duos

If you’ve got room for one more on your guest list, an acoustic duo is possibly one of the most versatile acts there is. From low-key wedding ceremony music to jazz, folk and upbeat chart music; there’s not much that escapes the repertoire.


Always a popular choice for weddings, the solo harp alludes sophistication and elegance in every way. With versatile repertoires covering anything and everything, a harpist will undoubtedly add an air of magic to the proceedings.

Wedding Singers

And not forgetting the almighty Wedding Singer! From the bridal entrance song to middle of the road afternoon background music, right through to upbeat evening foot-tappers – an experienced wedding singer will have the goods to take care of every aspect of your wedding.

Written by Adam Mezzatesta


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