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Feature coming soon!

I’m just glad it’s April.

Because in real life, March SUCKED.

And right now, all I want is to fill this blog with beautiful, joyful, sunny, flower-filled weddings and editorial to make you smile.

So please – help me out with this: brides and grooms, email me about your wedding – info@english-wedding.com is me. Wedding photographers, planners, stylists – dig out your favourite weddings and photoshoots and send them in.

Header image credit: Amanda Karen Photography full feature here

This one’s for all the wedding photographers, stylists, and creative suppliers out there! I’ve had so many beautiful submissions lately, and I’m really happy to have had submissions from photographers who’ve told me it’s their first time submitting to a wedding blog, or that they’ve never been featured before. Which absolutely makes my world go around!

At this time of year we get sooo many submissions, and some I’ve had to politely decline… but I always try to give a reason when I do. So I figured, perhaps it would be helpful to share some tips to help you get featured on English Wedding, and hopefully after that on other top wedding blogs as well!

To all of you wonderful brides, grooms and wedding photographers… we’re already filling our editorial calendar for the spring (I know! Like, how is it even February already?) – and we need your help! I’m looking for weddings full of spring flowers and early sunshine, and for photoshoots filled with anemones and hellebores, tulips and ranunculus in bright, positive colours! And as always, EVERY style, size, colour and gender of wedding! And I’d love to have your gorgeous photos all over the blog!

Hey brides, grooms, wedding photographers… can you help fill the pages of English Wedding for 2020? I’m looking for wonderfully wintry weddings and photoshoots – warmth and candles and fairy lights, snow and frosty colour palettes and sparkles. And as always, EVERY style, size, colour and gender of wedding! And I’d love to have your gorgeous photos all over the blog!

The weddings I love to feature are beautifully photographed, with creative ideas and inspiration to share with the brides and grooms reading the blog. Details are a BIG deal – but it’s about the moments too. You’ll win my heart with stunning close up images, the most romantic couple shots, and unique, new creative decor and styling.

One of the first things to pop up on my instagram this morning was a note from Annabel at Love My Dress: simply, her heartwarming response in support of featuring LGBTQ+ weddings on her blog, to a reader whose worldview was sadly – just wrong! Reading Annabel’s wonderful message made me proud of the wedding blogging world, and I wanted to (virtually) stand with her and say that ALL weddings are welcomed equally on English-Wedding.com – always. I don’t think I say it enough, to be honest.