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This one’s for all the wedding photographers, stylists, and creative suppliers out there! I’ve had so many beautiful submissions lately, and I’m really happy to have had submissions from photographers who’ve told me it’s their first time submitting to a wedding blog, or that they’ve never been featured before. Which absolutely makes my world go around!

At this time of year we get sooo many submissions, and some I’ve had to politely decline… but I always try to give a reason when I do. So I figured, perhaps it would be helpful to share some tips to help you get featured on English Wedding, and hopefully after that on other top wedding blogs as well!


Step 1 – Get to know your fave blog’s style

Every wedding blog has a different audience and a unique aesthetic, just as every wedding photographer has their own style and approach. By looking at the features on a blog, you’ll get to know the blogger’s style: is it uber quirky? Fine art? Focused on details and vibrant colour? And the key question: will your submission fit seamlessly with the blog’s look and values?

Knowing a blog means becoming a reader. It’s not a case of taking 5 minutes to look at a handful of previous wedding features before you submit; you need to know how to grab the blogger’s (and consequently their readers’) attention. Which images will they love? Should you tell a little bit about the wedding? Will a heartwarming story about your couple win them over? Should you lead with details, romantic looks or the story behind the images?

For English Wedding, that means CREATIVITY. If your couple have curated the style of their day beautifully, or spent hours on a quirky and genius idea, or hired an amazing florist or venue stylist – it’s a win. And if your photography takes my breath away with incredible lighting, truly magical moments or intimate glances, it’s a win. 

Step 2 -Know your weddings!

And if you already have a wedding (or styled shoot) in mind which you’d love to see featured on a blog, take a long hard look at the styling and overall look of the images. Do details take centre stage? Is the dress the star of the show? Do the flowers create a breathtaking display? Is the groom wearing a gorgeous tailored suit? (Hint – this is one of the things which signals a huge yes on English Wedding!) Is everything home made, or from independent designers? Is the whole affair ultra relaxed and informal? Each of these styles would fit well on a particular wedding blog – and grab the blog’s readers’ attention. But do you know which blog best fits each style?

For English Wedding the details are key – but if you have a couple who’ve broken every wedding ‘rule’ to have a day which is more THEM than it is WEDDING, it’s a win.

A quick guide to details and wedding blog wins!

  • Insane, everywhere flowers – WIN
  • Relaxed, informal vibes – WIN
  • Laid back couples – WIN
  • Chair covers – er, no
  • Tipis, tents and festival vibes – WIN
  • Creative and different signage – WIN
  • Designer dress / suit – WIN
  • Traditional dress / standard hire suit – not for blogs
  • Weddings with DIY backdrops – WIN
  • Eclectic, outdoor or relaxed venue – WIN
  • Plain conference room / venue – ‘fraid not
  • Lots of colour – WIN
  • Flash photography – generally no unless you’re an artist with it 😉
  • LGBTQ couples – WIN (we’re inclusive – couples of any gender, colour, size or religion are welcome on English Wedding. We want to feature everyone.)
  • Beautifully edited photos – ESSENTIAL
  • Clear, bright and vibrant editing – WIN
  • Light and airy, fine art editing – WIN
  • Colour filters (yellow, sepia) – no thanks!

Step 3 – Be your charming, friendly self!

Contacting the blogger takes a little courtesy: do, please, find out their name before you send your email. If I get a submission addressed to ‘Hey there’ it often goes in the bin. Don’t worry about wording your emails… just be friendly and nice and if there’s anything you’re not sure of don’t be shy to ask!

Step 4 – Check submissions guidelines

Find out how your chosen blogger asks for submissions. Follow their guidelines for sending low or high res images, blog links and supplier lists. Every blogger is different, and  what works for one wedding blog might create a ton of extra work for another (and get your submission rejected)… so don’t have a ‘one way fits all’ approach to submissions!

Know the style of weddings which are regularly featured, the images which make the headline spots on blog posts and you’re a step ahead already.

English Wedding submissions guidelines are here

Step 5 – NEVER duplicate your submissions

There’s nothing that frustrates me more than receiving a beautiful submission, spending hours writing up a feature and then being told, “oh, another blog accepted it instead”. This happened to me already this year – and it sucks. I don’t know if blog etiquette is a thing, but really? Sending your shoot to multiple blogs at once is just rude.

Step 6 – Don’t be shy! Never put off a submission!

Remember wedding bloggers are just people sat in our PJs with our laptops, we don’t get out much and love looking at weddings.

*I use the word ‘editor’ with a wry grin. I don’t ‘do’ airs & graces, and I know most wedding bloggers are lovely and down to earth. I think of myself more as a typer. Or a slightly crazy girl who has animated conversations with her screen every single day.

We’re normal, and probably a bit shy and genuinely love hearing from you – so don’t be nervous about submitting, commenting or getting in touch. We want to get to know you too!

I get so many emails starting with ‘I’ve wanted to submit something for ages, but...’ and so many times I wish I’d discovered a photographer sooner! You’re an amazing bunch, talented and with a genuine passion for what you do – and I want to help matchmake you with brides and grooms.

Step 7 – Tell me if you’ve been featured before

Name-drop. If you’ve been featured on a wedding blog before, tell me! I’ll always remember if I’ve featured you on English Wedding before (I have a crazy memory for that kind of thing!) Also, having a feature on the English Wedding Blog might just help get you noticed by the top blogs worldwide… use blogs as stepping stones if you’re aiming to one day be featured on the likes of Love My Dress – and grab those ‘featured on’ badges to help you along the way!

Step 8 – Consider advertising on your favourite wedding blog

Having a relationship with your favourite wedding blog is the secret to all of this. To join as a sponsor, you’ll initiate a conversation with the blogger and get to know each other well before you even submit! And if you’re paying to advertise on their blog, the least they can do is feature your work, right?

English Wedding has 3 membership tiers: Gold gets you home page features every month, should you want them! Silver gets you three features per year. You don’t have to be an English Wedding member to get featured here, but it really does help! You can find prices and information on our advertising page here.

Image credit: Amanda Karen Photography // Styling By Chenai // Flowers Bloomologie // Dress Browns Bride

And remember…

You’re doing us a favour too, you know!

Wedding blogs wouldn’t exist without the generosity of photographers. All those gorgeous images on the English Wedding Blog home page? They’re by photographers who have so kindly shared their creativity here. The bloggers are the ones who should be grateful when a wedding is featured – you guys are out there making our worlds pretty, and we appreciate it!

We might say no – but don’t let that put you off

What’s the worst that can happen after you submit? Sometimes I do have to say no – if a wedding doesn’t have the details my readers are looking for, or if I’m snowed under with submissions, or if it’s July and there’s a Christmas tree in it. (send me lots of those in September!) But on other occasions I have a slot free on the blog, or I’m looking out for something different… and I might not reply the same day (or even the same week, at busy times!) but I will reply – personally – to EVERY submission. Nicely.

It’s more likely we’ll say YES!

Oh, and we’re not always fighting off all the submissions. Sometimes it’s quiet and tumbleweedy… don’t assume your submission is always one of 50 – it could be the only one we get that day – you never know! Time to submit then, don’t you think?

Got a styled shoot to share?

When it comes to styled shoots, plan your pitch BEFORE the shoot.

Make a list of 5 blogs you can try to ‘sell’ your shoot to (one at a time!) – and make sure every detail is right for those blogs.

Be ultra selective about the suppliers you collaborate with – because a blogger will look at your shoot as a whole. If the images, bouquet, stationery and tablescape are perfect but the dress is nothing special you could miss out on being featured.

Follow the blogger’s guidelines – for English Wedding that means completing our submissions form for shoots, which is at the end of our submissions page.

Choose your hero shots and lead every pitch with those images. Use amazing lighting, stunning bouquets or other statement images to wow the blogger with your submission. It’s true you have a matter of seconds to make a first impression, and this applies as much online as it does in real life. So use those all-important seconds to blind us with your beautiful.

So are you ready to get in touch? I’m excited to hear from you!

Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.

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