Where to blog your wedding business – and what to write about!

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All this week I’m sharing my best tips to help you blog your wedding business.

On Monday I explained why it’s so important to blog: it helps push your business to the top of Google, so more potential clients will find you – and book you!

Tuesday was all about finding the motivation to blog. It’s hard – we offered some helpful tips! And on Wednesday we talked about keywords and SEO for your wedding business.

Today’s blog is all about content: what should you write about? Well, keywords are a really good starting point! Consider what your main (niche) keywords are, and think about ideas for using those to inspire blog posts. (Lots of ideas further down the page – keep reading!)

Where should you blog your wedding business?

Blogging on your wedding business website is great: it keeps the website fresh as Google crawls your site, which will help you be seen in search results.

Guest blogging is equally useful, as you’ll create links which point to your website. This shows Google that other websites are pointing to (recommending) yours! For example, a guest blog on English Wedding with backlinks to your own site will help your SEO. Even better, if those links use your target keywords!

Collaboration is key to wedding blogging success. Talk to your wedding industry friends about guest blogging on their sites. You may be a photographer with friends who are planners: write a short blog post for their website and ask them if they’d like to write something for yours!

It’s like having a ‘Recommended suppliers’ page on your site, which many people do – only better for Google because it’s more detailed with content, and fresh! It’s great for your potential clients as well, as they’ll be able to read great advice from people you trust, to help with their wedding planning.

What to write about – content ideas

This is the biggie. I think we get too tied up in worrying about our blogs being interesting / useful to wedding clients. There’s also a perception that blogs have to be perfectly researched and written – but that’s just not true.

You have a wedding business. You might have been living that for years, but while it’s your everyday, it’s a really interesting story to everyone else! For example, I’m a wedding calligrapher. I get up, write envelopes and invites, do admin etc… and sometimes it doesn’t feel very exciting. But to my potential clients who are working in more mainstream industries, it’s very different to their lives and that makes what I do fascinating!

Don’t be scared to share what you do in your wedding business – it’s more exciting than you think!

Try to remember the key foundations for relationship building with potential clients: the ‘know, like, trust’ thing. You won’t win people over with one blog: it takes a little time for people to get to know you, like you and your product / service / style, and to trust you to provide that wedding product or service for them.

Write in a way that gently shows your expertise, and be human! Blogs that sound like business reports are less effective than ones that show your personality. Use the same words you’d use in everyday conversation, make it chatty: if you sound authentic, people will relate to you and engage with you! If you want them to make an enquiry, you have to sound approachable – and in a way, a quickly-written blog post in your own voice will achieve that far better than a well-researched blog full of information and facts!

35 brilliant wedding business blog post ideas

Tweak these blog post ideas to suit your own wedding business!

  1. saving up for your wedding – top tips from real Buckinghamshire grooms and brides
  2. three of my top recommended suppliers for relaxed weddings in Somerset
  3. what happens in your first wedding photographer meeting
  4. conversations I have with couples about vegan wedding cakes
  5. when to start writing your wedding invitation envelopes
  6. The best wedding venues in Surrey for foodie weddings
  7. what to wear to your first wedding dress appointment
  8. ten favourite Hampshire wedding venues
  9. five colour palettes for an Elm Tree wedding
  10. how I structure my day as a Cornwall wedding photographer
  11. the story of a vegan wedding cake from flour to icing
  12. it’s incredibly exciting behind the scenes! Interview with a wedding seamstress
  13. what’s really in a wedding videographer’s kit bag
  14. finding a wedding outfit in Hampstead – the story of an introverted groom
  15. a Norfolk wedding photographer’s routine the day before a wedding
  16. Using mood boards to design wedding stationery – an insider’s guide
  17. your essential post-wedding checklist for saying thanks to suppliers
  18. a soggy summer: growing organic wedding flowers in a Kent garden
  19. ten top tips for writing your own wedding vows, by a Cheshire wedding celebrant
  20. an example wedding checklist for your Askham Hall wedding
  21. how to style an Orchardleigh wedding with dahlias in autumn
  22. easy wedding catering tips from our favourite wedding food suppliers in Durham
  23. Five looks for five amazing couples who got married at Tunnels Beaches
  24. in case it all goes wrong: a Salisbury wedding photographer’s back up plan
  25. three affordable wedding cake designers in the East Midlands – with pictures!
  26. on location: behind the scenes for a vintage wedding photoshoot at Broadoaks Country House
  27. an expert’s guide to wedding timelines for spring, summer, autumn and winter
  28. winter wedding flower inspiration from The Manor Estate
  29. how we turned our wedding cake disaster into success! Holly & Emma’s real life story
  30. A wedding planning checklist example for the month before your wedding
  31. how to make your own sustainable wedding invitations from scratch
  32. Looking after your outfits for wedding day photos on the beach
  33. how to hire a wedding calligrapher, and how much it costs
  34. how a Dorset wedding photographer saved our day from disaster
  35. all the best wedding photography tips and locations from Shortmead House

A last word on wedding business blogging

I used to think I didn’t have time to blog my wedding calligraphy business. My routine – as far as I have one! – is to blog English Wedding as my priority every week, and then work on my calligraphy orders through the day. Blogging about my calligraphy came last… and ultimately for the last three years it didn’t really happen.

I felt as though I didn’t have time – but I wasn’t making time. 

Now I set aside an hour each week to blog for my own wedding business. It’s not perfect: sometimes I rush it, but every week I make sure I post something. And I start with keywords. My last post was “I need a calligrapher: should I hire someone near me?” and I simply answered a question which came up on Google. It took less half an hour to write and publish.

My personal, really simple tip for blogging is to block out a bit of time. Half an hour is ideal. For me, I do it on Monday morning because I feel confident that I have a whole week ahead of me to work on everything else in my business!

I start with keywords, hammer out a few paragraphs on my computer, and keep an eye on the time as I write. And I keep a note in my iPhone of any ideas for blog posts as I’m out and about – the best ideas come to me when I’m walking on the beach!

I really hope this has been useful for you. Tomorrow – the secret to a successful wedding business blog! Don’t miss it!

Featured images by Dorset wedding photographer Libra Photographic

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