Will You Join My Bride Tribe? 7 Of The Cutest Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

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When planning your dream wedding, it may seem like finding the love of your life and getting engaged was the easiest part of it all. That being said, this rollercoaster of emotions and planning is one predominantly characterised by highs, butterflies in your belly, and quality time spent with those that you love most.

Of course, you want to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest group of girlfriends on your special day, but choosing who to ask to be your bridesmaid and knowing how to ask is a rather daunting task. This is a conversation too sacred to be had over the phone and how you ask them will set the tone for wedding arrangements and dynamics going forward.

Asking someone to be a part of your bride tribe is a precious moment where you can show that person just how much you love them with the perfect gift for her. If your significant other is the one who popped the question, then this is your opportunity to do your own proposal of sorts!

Looking for ultra-cute, memorable ways to ask your bridesmaids to join you on your journey to the altar? Check out these seven ideas for inspiration:

1. Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle

This option is one of our favourite alternative ways to pose the question to your bridesmaids-to-be. Because of the nature of a puzzle, it will take your friends a while to figure out what’s going on, which only adds to the excitement and anticipation of your bridesmaid proposal. It truly is the gift that keeps them guessing.
You may even choose to add the text ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ over your favourite picture of the two of you for an extra special personalised touch. They can then frame the puzzle as a special souvenir of your everlasting bond. (Top tip: search Etsy for ideas!)

2. Custom Makeup Kit

As makeup is a rather personal product, you should only endeavour to assemble a makeup kit for your future bridesmaids if you know what they like and use. There are many ways you could assemble this package – but a good makeup bag is first prize.

This gift also links directly to your wedding– which is after all what this is all about – as your gal pals can use this makeup on your special day. You can simply give them the kit, or you can book a spa day and present it to them afterwards with a card or note asking them to be by your side when you tie the knot. It’s the perfect way to spend some much-needed pamper time together before the big day.

3. Jewellery

An engraved necklace, bracelet or earrings can be a wonderful gesture when asking your best friends to be your bridesmaids. Jewellery is always a sentimental present, and when it commemorates your bride tribe, it will be even more precious.

Try to stick to a classic and simple style as this will naturally be more versatile and allows your bridesmaid-to-be to wear it as often as she would like. Perhaps you could even purchase a matching necklace or pair of earrings for yourself – it can be a grown-up take on the matching ‘BFF’ necklaces.

4. Paint a Personalised Mug

This is an incredibly cute way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid and, like the customised proposal puzzle, it has an element of anticipation. Find a pottery studio where you can paint your own design onto a mug. Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative and want to try your hand at the pottery part too, you can make your own mugs.

Let your creativity and care express itself on the exterior of the mug and then, at the bottom of the inside, you write ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ A good way to go about this would be to invite them over for a cup of coffee and hand over a full cup so that they only see the writing when they have finished their drink. It’s a guaranteed way to surprise your friend and give them a beautiful mug too.

5. Proposal Plants

We figure that receiving a plant is always a welcome gift as it breathes life and colour into any home. What’s special about giving your bridesmaids a plant – you might even call it a ‘plantposal’ – is that its growth marks the passing of time in your special friendship as well as the longevity of the love between you and your significant other.

Succulents have proven to be the hardiest of all plants. So, if you know your friend doesn’t exactly have green fingers, then this is the ideal option. You could include a message or pop the question with some writing or painting on the pot.

6. Commission a Hand Drawn Print

If you feel like making more of an artistic gesture, then personalised prints are sure to be a huge success. There are a variety of services available that specialise in custom print designs so you can select the style which you feel is most suited to the aesthetic of your future bridesmaids.
We would recommend commissioning a wedding themed image of you and your friend with the words ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ elegantly printed at the bottom. It will remain a treasured token of your friendship for many years to come.

7. A ‘Getting Ready’ Gift Box Set

Struggling to decide on just one thing for your bridesmaid proposal gift? With this option, you can curate a personalised set of items designed to help your bridesmaid get ready and feel gorgeous for those picture-perfect ‘getting ready’ wedding photos. A satin robe is always a favourite, and for an extra special touch you can have the names of your friends embroidered onto it.

Other popular items to include in a getting ready gift box are hand and body cream, face masks, hair ties, lip balm, and a shatterproof champagne glass. You might even choose to invite your closest girlfriends over and set the tone with a “Bridesmaids” movie night, after which you bring out the boxes, get down on your knee, and ask them if they would do you the honour of being your bridesmaids.

We are certain the answer will be an enthusiastic yes!


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