Lefkada Greece same sex vow renewal, image credit Maxeen Kim Photography

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What better way for a couple to show the world that they’re still in love after several years together than to renew their vows? Saying I Do once is wonderful, saying it all over again can be even better!

However, when couples decide to renew their wedding vows, they’re faced with many decisions about how best to celebrate. Being formally married already doesn’t always mean that you automatically know how to plan another, similar ceremony.

A bride with her dad on her wedding day. They're arm in arm, talking and smiling naturally together. She holds a bouquet of flowers and a bridesmaid walks in the background. Photography credit Lasting Impressions by Lucy

A lovely ideas article from our friends at Truly Experiences.
Header image Lasting Impressions by Lucy – see Janna & Seb’s wedding here

A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment and it involves a huge amount of preparation. As a couple, you spend the months leading up to your big day picking venues, choosing décor, and planning the ceremony itself.

But in the background are your parents, who often spend a huge amount of time and energy in ensuring the event comes together.
It can be hard to find the right way to thank your parents, especially when you want to do something meaningful and personal.
We’ve put together a short list of ideas to guide you when expressing your gratitude for your nearest and dearest.

Two brides on their wedding day. The bride on the left wears a white sleeveless dress with a high neck and lace detailing. The bride on the right wears a pastel rainbow sleeveless top in a light fabric, with white trousers. Both hold rainbow coloured posy bouquets and they're beautiful. By Artisan X Photography

Article by our friends at Truly Experiences, header image by Artisan X Photography. See Jennie & Verity’s wedding here

Are you looking for style inspiration for your same-sex or LGBTQI+ wedding outfits? We’re here to help!

Gone are the days of rigid rules regarding what brides and grooms can wear on their wedding days. Nowadays, you can essentially wear whatever wedding attire you’d like to – and while that gives you plenty of freedom, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and at a loss as to where to start putting your outfits together. This is especially true when the big day you’re planning involves two grooms or two brides (or two people without any labels at all!).


Article by our friends at Truly Experiences, image credit (from our archives) Midlands wedding photographer J S CoatesLaura & Rob’s wedding is here

Your wedding budget is probably centred on the big day itself – but that doesn’t mean that your groomsmen should go unnoticed. Wedding thank you gifts are a traditional part of any great wedding, and they’re a great way to show your appreciation for your groomsmen ahead of your once-in-a-lifetime event.


Article by our friends at Truly Experiences,  header photo by JS Coates Wedding Photography

When planning your dream wedding, it may seem like finding the love of your life and getting engaged was the easiest part of it all. That being said, this rollercoaster of emotions and planning is one predominantly characterised by highs, butterflies in your belly, and quality time spent with those that you love most.