The best thing about being married? Our brides and grooms tell all!

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After the months of planning, the spreadsheets, the budgeting and saving and arrangements to be made, when you finally have time to kick off your Jimmy Choos and snuggle up together at home, clinking wedding rings, how does it really feel? What is that ‘just married‘ glow actually like? Is it different? Does everything change? We asked English Wedding couples to tell us, in their expert opinions, the BEST thing about being married. The answers range from stuff about pom-poms to fuzzy feelings, best friends and new adventures. Grab a tissue – these amazing couples brought a tear to my eye more than once!

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Real wedding at Chateau Impney classic glamorous style, Nicholas Rogers Photography (44)

1. Even though you just go back to normal life together, everything just feels that bit more special knowing that you’ve made the promise to be life partners forever. ~ Serena & Michael // Photographer credit

Festival vibes and a gorgeous Devon wedding at Colehayes Park, photo credit Howell Jones Photography (41)

2. For me being married is the icing on the cake of our relationship. It makes you feel extra warm and fuzzy. And I absolutely love calling my husband my HUSBAND! 🙂 ~ Amy & Chris // Photographer credit

Anna and Ollie's unique and different fashion London wedding with Annelie Eddy Photography (41)

3. Joint bank account. JOKES. I have to say it is the same as before, we were very happy then as we are now. ~ Anna & Ollie // Photographer credit

A beautiful barn wedding space - Axnoller Barn in Dorset, with Linus Moran Photography (49)

4. Comfort, trust and kindness. Oh and free things, always drop into conversation that you are newly weds! ~ Gavin & Michelle // Photographer credit

Laura & Dan's beautifully elegant wedding at Mill Barns Alveley, image credit Stott Weddings (27)

5. It sounds silly but the best thing is nothing has changed and it feels the same as before which is exactly what we wanted! If anything we feel stronger as a couple! ~ Laura & Dan // Photographer credit

Gorgeously elegant real wedding style at Hestercombe, photo credit Special Day Wedding Photos (30)

6. Spending every day with my best friend. By law. ~ Joanne & Matt //  Photographer credit Special Day Wedding Photos

A beautiful quintessentially English wedding in Helmsley with images by Lissa Alexandra Photography (13)

7. Being able to call each other ‘my husband’ and ‘my wife’ is so special, you get a fuzzy feeling that no matter what might come our way in the future, you have someone very special by your side to live it with you and be there through all the ups and downs. ~ Lizzie & Rick // Photographer credit

Kat and Vincent's Mansion at Roundhay Park wedding, images by Amy Jordison Photography (28)

8. Being together is the best thing, but being married makes the best thing official. ~ Kat & Vincent // Photographer credit

Ticehurst east sussex wedding blog with all the brightest ideas - images by Helen England Photography (37)

9. Reduced tax…! Ha ha! It’s very cheesy really but people ask if you feel any different and assume it’s exactly the same when you’ve lived together, but it does feel different. It’s amazing and awesome. ~ Charlotte & Pete // Photographer credit

Northbrook Park wedding photographers MIKI Studios (35)

10. Now I can use his credit card as we have the same initials! Tess & Tom // Photographer credit

Gorgeous mixed summer florals for a romantic countryside wedding near Huddersfield, with Photography by Kathryn (13)

11. A constant sleep-over with your best friend. ~ Steph & Rob // Photographer credit

Jade and Gboyega romantic elopement photography in Dorset (34)

12. Knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. Marriage marks the beginning of a new journey together and helps give a new focus and energy to the relationship no matter how long you have been together. ~ Jade & Gboyega // Photographer credit

Carly and Steve's beautiful outdoor wedding at Thornbury Castle, with Martin Dabek Photography (34)

13. Being able to introduce one another as “this is my husband; this is my wife”! ~ Carly & Steve // Photographer credit

Chloe and Joshua's wedding full of plants at Wrest Park Silsoe with Becky Kerr Photography (22)

14. The best part for us was declaring our love and celebrating our marriage surrounded by our friends and family. It was such a special day and we feel so overwhelmed and lucky. ~ Joshua & Chloe // Photographer credit

Nikki & Gareth's gloriously happy Pennard House wedding with Jonny Barratt Photography (28)

15. We were already very happily unmarried but there is definitely an added sense of security and togetherness. The best thing was probably celebrating our love so publicly on our wedding day in front of our friends and family, and having them enjoy it all with us. It was the best day ever! ~ Nikki & Gareth // Photographer credit

Dorset farm wedding with Emma Gates Photography (10)

16. We have been married almost four months and whilst nothing has major has changed practically – we lived together before we got married, already had a dog etc etc – it definitely feels different to before. It’s hard to describe but it is like we are now a ‘proper’ couple – our own team – in it together, forever! ~ Terran & Katherine // Photographer credit

A gloriously creative Devon wedding at Eggbeer Farm, with images by Linus Moran Photography (32)

17. Never having to make pompoms ever again…  No! The feeling of pride I get when I call Ben my husband, he’s a pretty awesome guy! ~ Jenny & Ben // Photographer credit

The Plough at Leigh real wedding Adam and Leigh - photography credit Terence Joseph Photography (36)

18. Having someone to annoy for the rest of your lives 🙂 and having a best friend to share everything with 🙂 ~ Leigh & Adam // Photographer credit

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