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Wedding planning is a journey: one you should take together, and with open minds and hearts, supporting each other the whole way. You will learn heaps of stuff, not just about weddings but about yourselves, your friends and family and the things you love and loathe! It’s really important to maintain a sense of perspective: make time for yourselves and don’t let your wedding rule your lives! But my advice is like fluff in the wind compared to these nuggets of newlywed wisdom from real English Wedding couples. We’re loving the wall of post-it notes, the ‘don’t wing your speech’ tip, and the lessons learned* from things inevitably going a little wrong on the day!

*stay calm, have a giggle. Borrow a ring and just wait for your bus full of guests to come back for you. They’ll realise you’re not there eventually…

Header image credit Anna Beth

Tim and Leanne's beautiful Winkworth Farm wedding with Martin Dabek Photography (31)

1. Each and every part of the day, take 30 seconds to realise what is happening, how much you love it and take in all those smiles! Don’t spend your day trying to speak to everyone, let the conversations flow and just relax. ~ Tim & Leanne // Photographer credit https://martindabek.com

A gorgeous village hall wedding at Dunham Massey, with Jess Yarwood Photography (20)

2. Be grateful to everyone who offers support and help and take it! When you’re feeling fraught and overcome by spreadsheets and outgoings, put the kettle on and remind yourself why you like each other (biscuits usually help too). ~ Kate & Jack // Photographer credit https://jessyarwood.co.uk

Rachel & Ben's beautiful Iscoyd Park wedding with Anna Beth Photography (32)

3. Don’t let anyone try and dictate what you should and shouldn’t do on your wedding day, who you should and shouldn’t invite etc. It’s your day and you should do it the way you both want. Make sure you have some time together on the day itself, away from friends and family to let it all sink in. Take your time and don’t rush on the day – people will wait for you if they have to – it’s your wedding day after all! ~ Rachel & Ben // Photographer credit https://annabeth.photos

Timeless and elegant Ardington wedding with Benjamin Wetherall Photography (32)

4. Don’t bother with confetti or table decorations – nobody notices the little things on the day ~ Stacey & Alex // Photographer credit https://bpwphotography.com

Beautiful summer wedding at Barley Wood, images by Howell Jones Photography (29)

5. Throughout the planning process you will experience disagreements, family requests, stress, various wedding politics getting in the way, money concerns – BUT you must always remember together why you are getting married in the first place and don’t let the little dramas over shadow those reasons. ~ Jenn & Jon // Photographer credit https://howelljonesphotography.co.uk

Sunflowers, roses and a beautiful backless wedding dress for this gorgeous Great Fosters wedding. Images by Amanda Karen Photography (19)

6. Best words of wisdom I can offer is that you can make yourself really stressed by going to look at 10 different florists, trying a million different DJs, looking at hundreds or bridesmaids’ dresses, etc. Make a short list for each from people who you trust and then just pick. So many places have lovely flowers, just choose one that feels good and go with it. Don’t spend forever looking at every option, you don’t need to! ~ Hannah & Alex // Photographer credit https://www.amandakarenphotography.co.uk

Gorgeously elegant real wedding style at Hestercombe, photo credit Special Day Wedding Photos (19)

7. Make a wall of post it notes with every task you need to do on it. It means you both see how much there is left to do, and you can always feel progress is happening, even when you may be going through a slow week! This really helped us prepare and help make the wedding week feel so much more relaxed than it could have been. ~ Joanne & Matt // Photographer credit https://www.specialdayweddingphotos.co.uk

Festival vibes and a gorgeous Devon wedding at Colehayes Park, photo credit Howell Jones Photography (29)

8. Write a proper speech and start writing it long before the wedding so you have plenty of time to perfect it. I was so busy running around organising everything that I thought I’d just wing it on the day and it is hands down my biggest regret of the day, I forgot so many things I wanted to say… Do as much prep work as you can before the week of the wedding, you want to enjoy all of your family and friends not be running around stressed out making sure everything looks perfect. ~ Amy & Chris // Photographer credit https://howelljonesphotography.co.uk

Colchester wedding with a fabulous summer bouquet, image credit Grace Elizabeth (10)

9. Do what makes you happy and avoid pressure to do anything else – I showed my husband the dress before the wedding and I don’t regret it for an instant. ~ Sarah & Alex // Photographer credit https://www.photographybygrace.co.uk

Siren and Greg's gorgeous Oakwell Hall wedding, image credit Stevie Jay Photography (19)

10. Your wedding is about you and your partner – make sure that above everything else, you are both happy with the wedding (yes, even during the planning stage it shouldn’t be a nightmare). It’s not supposed to be stressful, it’s supposed to be fun! ~ Greg & Siren // Photographer credit https://www.steviejayphotography.co.uk

A stunning Yorkshire wedding on the blog, images by Amanda Manby Photography (38)

11. Pick a day in the week that you talk and action wedding items and make decisions. Otherwise you can get overwhelmed by it all. ~ Rob & Hannah // Photographer credit https://www.amandamanbyphotography.co.uk

Classy rustic wedding styling at Dumbleton Hall with Oobaloos Photography (8)

12. When people say ‘Don’t stress the small things’, I found that I was so high on cloud 9, nothing phased me at all so don’t feel any type of anxiety leading up to the big day such excitement. You should feel confident about your detailed planning and know that you have thought of everything so relax and enjoy the magical day. It goes so quickly so have a blast with friends and family. ~ Paul & Emma // Photographer credit http://www.oobaloosphotography.co.uk

Real wedding at Chateau Impney classic glamorous style, Nicholas Rogers Photography (25)

13. Try and spend as much of your wedding day together. Obviously you’ll be separated at times but try and share the experience so the memories you have, you can remember and laugh about together. ~ Serena & Michael // Photographer credit https://www.njr-photography.co.uk

north east wedding blog with images by Joss Denham Photography (23)

14. Don’t stress, even when things don’t go as planned no one will notice. I didn’t take my wedding ring to the ceremony and borrowed my sister’s on the day. It added some laughs for those who knew and the day went smoothly for those out of the loop. ~ Laura & Daryl // Photographer credit https://www.jossdenham.co.uk

martin dabek photography

15. Don’t try to get round all of your guests- just let everyone come to you and enjoy your day. Savour every single moment because you will want to do it all again for weeks to come. I also wasn’t going to get a videographer and Niall wasn’t that bothered but we are so so so glad we got one now as having the highlights to look back on is just so amazing! ~ Amy & Niall // Photographer credit https://martindabek.com

Northbrook Park wedding photographers MIKI Studios (46)

16. Team work makes the dream work! Keep each other informed on everything. Tess & Tom // Photographer credit https://mikistudios.com

Sophie and Chris's classic autumn wedding in Kent, images by Terence Joseph Photography (25)

17. Be organised but accept it won’t go to plan! We hired a wedding a bus which ended up leaving us behind whilst we had some photos taken; instead of stressing about it, we laughed and had some more photos whilst we waited for it to come back! Enjoy every moment because the day really does pass in a blink! ~ Sophie & Chris // Photographer credit https://terencejosephphotography.co.uk

Carly and Steve's beautiful outdoor wedding at Thornbury Castle, with Martin Dabek Photography (31)

18. Make sure you take a few moments to yourselves on your wedding day – everyone will say how fast the day goes, and it really does! It feels so special to take a moment together, just the two of you, to take everything in. And don’t worry about the weather – it is out of your control! ~ Carly & Steve // Photographer credit https://martindabek.com

Beautiful images of Lizzie and Faz's fusion wedding at Fennes. Image credit Grace Elizabeth (54)

19. Plan for the ‘waiting’ period. Your guests won’t want to just sit around and sometimes things don’t go to plan and so they will be waiting for longer than you may have anticipated. You will probably be busy, but think of ways to keep them entertained or sufficiently relaxed, not clock watching. ~ Lizzie & Faz // Photographer credit https://www.photographybygrace.co.uk

 Hannah and Tom's November wedding at The Plough at Leigh with Terence Joseph Photography (17)

20. Try and enjoy wedding planning – it will come round so quickly, and then you’ll wonder what you did with all of your spare time before! ~ Hannah & Tom // Photographer credit https://terencejosephphotography.co.uk

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