After the months of planning, the spreadsheets, the budgeting and saving and arrangements to be made, when you finally have time to kick off your Jimmy Choos and snuggle up together at home, clinking wedding rings, how does it really feel? What is that ‘just married‘ glow actually like? Is it different? Does everything change? We asked English Wedding couples to tell us, in their expert opinions, the BEST thing about being married. The answers range from stuff about pom-poms to fuzzy feelings, best friends and new adventures. Grab a tissue – these amazing couples brought a tear to my eye more than once!

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1. Even though you just go back to normal life together, everything just feels that bit more special knowing that you’ve made the promise to be life partners forever. ~ Serena & Michael // Photographer credit https://www.njr-photography.co.uk

Festival vibes and a gorgeous Devon wedding at Colehayes Park, photo credit Howell Jones Photography (41)

2. For me being married is the icing on the cake of our relationship. It makes you feel extra warm and fuzzy. And I absolutely love calling my husband my HUSBAND! 🙂 ~ Amy & Chris // Photographer credit https://howelljonesphotography.co.uk


A very wise bride once said wedding planning isn’t about saving money, it’s about spending it wisely! And in life as well as weddings, I’m a huge advocate of less is more: choose quality over quantity, and whether that means focusing your styling touches on one aspect or one area, or just making your wedding the party of a lifetime, that focus will help you through! Save where you can, but remember you get what you pay for – and sometimes it’s important to spend a little more for a quality supplier, a brilliant photographer or an exceptional wedding planner. But what do I know, right? Our wonderful English Wedding couples are back with some brilliant tips to help you spend your wedding budget wisely, based on their own experiences (and a hefty dollop of hindsight!)

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Everyone wants a unique wedding – and guess what? EVERY wedding is unique, because it’s all about you! The more personal your big day, the more exciting and different it will be. So that’s sorted! But unless you’re going to just slide effortlessly into a characterful wedding venue which needs no extra decor at all, you might need a little help getting started with styling.

That’s fine. Remember – none of us have planned a wedding before. It’s new to everyone, the first time! And there’s so much information out there, it’s easy to get lost in the world of Pinterest weddings. If you haven’t a clue where to start with styling your big day, maybe we can help out with a few of our favourite ideas to turn any wedding into a stunning, unique and exciting celebration!


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// Table plan – From Sally with Love


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Images by London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston

Planning your ‘best day ever’ is the most amazing rollercoaster ride – and now is a fantastic time to get married! Some time ago we threw away the wedding rulebook, and couples are celebrating their commitment in creative, personal and truly individual style. I’ve been a wedding blogger for eight years and seen so many exciting changes in how we get married – and you know the very best thing about weddings now? They’re all so very different and those personal touches every couple include make every day special and magical in its own unique way!

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ wedding any more. I love that guest lists can be anything from two to five hundred of your nearest and dearest. Dresses and suits can be as formal or as boho as you like – and you can choose to be married in a centuries-old church or the field behind your house. What’s not to love about all this freedom… but where on earth do you start?


Nina from Fine Style Events is a gem of the wedding world. She has the most wonderful eye for those special touches which can make a wedding unique and beautiful. Not only that, Nina has the expertise, contacts and experience to save you from all the stresses and dilemmas of planning a wedding. Were you looking for a wedding planner in Surrey or the South East? Look no further!


wedding planning in Surrey

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Wedding planning in Surrey by Fine Style Weddings & Events

“Nina took over the organisation and more importantly the worry from us, right from our first meeting. We finally had the confidence to move forwards and get our wedding planned! Whenever we had any questions, Nina was quick to respond and find a solution / supplier to match our wishes. We were able to choose from carefully selected suppliers for bands and photographers, which to us were so important. We felt supported and at ease during the whole process and I can’t imagine how different the experience would have been without Nina. On the day itself, Nina took care of everyone and everything and made sure the venue was on track with timings. The day went seamlessly and neither we, or our families, were aware of any issues if they cropped up. Nina was invaluable! Thank you for making our special day all that it was.”


This article is especially for all of you lovely newly engaged brides-to-be! Congratulations and welcome to Weddingland 🙂 It’s a magical whirlwind of a wonderful place to inhabit, but it can also be freaky-scary, expensive and overwhelming. So let’s ease ourselves in to proceedings with the help of a very wonderful friend of mine. I asked Bernadette if I could reblog an article she wrote for her own wedding planning blog, because I find her advice reassuring, positive and encouraging – I hope you will too! Over to Bernadette…

English wedding

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1. Start dreaming

Yes, you have permission to start dreaming about your wedding. Go wild, what would you have if money was no object?

2. What’s your style? 

Buy every wedding magazine to work out which one matches your style. Each magazine has a different target bride/wedding and you’ll quickly discover which ones are right for you.

wedding magazines UK


I had a little chuckle when Lydia from Kalms offered me some freebies – I already have plenty! (I took my driving test and my motorbike test this summer… I also run my own wedding business and I’m sure I’m not the only self-employed creative person who will recommend Kalms!) Nonetheless, this is a very interesting – and worrying – survey about the stress of planning a wedding. I would love to hear what you think of the results. Any surprises? Are you and your other half feeling the stress of wedding planning?

English country garden wedding Moment Photography

Sophie and Jonathan’s top tip: “Keep calm and enjoy it. You have done everything you can so just let things flow…but do have delegated responsibilities for the best man / maid of honour etc… It will take most of the stress away.” (Click the image to see their wedding)

Kalms reveals the stress factors of getting married

  • Nearly a fifth of Brits rank getting married as the most stressful life event
  • Wedding planning puts more strain on men than women