Every new year, without fail, the wedding media goes crazy about wedding trends. In 2024 the UK’s top wedding planner Mark Niemierko won the entire trends conversation with an instagram story that said “2024 wedding trends: whatever the fuck my couples want“. And you know what? That’s the vibe weddings need! Following trends is fine… but a wedding that honestly reflects you is worth its weight in gold and diamonds.

I had a lovely chat with Mark towards the end of 2023. We talked about wedding trends and what weddings might look like in 2024. Mark turned the whole trend thing beautifully on its head with a new perspective: that wedding style is more important than any trend.

Writing a wedding website means it’s second nature to me to question everything about weddings! But a lovely email from my friend Ross Willsher Photography got me thinking today.

If you’re new to the wedding world – say, for example, you’ve just got engaged – it can all be pretty confusing, especially when it comes to rules, regulations and traditions.


After a little while, you’ll realise many of the things you see at every wedding are optional. For example:

  • wedding rings
  • speeches
  • cutting the cake
  • a first dance
  • changing your name(s)

The world of luxury weddings is joyful to explore – if you are comfortable with your budget and happy with your own plans. Now I love to follow the best in our industry, and to see the amazing florals and lighting and show stopping outfits. But for me, the most amazing weddings aren’t just about opulence and spending for the sake of it – they’re about creativity and surprises and turning the whole wedding experience into something incredible.

As we head into the weekend, I would love for you to hold one thing close to your heart – let planning your wedding be FUN!

Don’t let the excitement of saying “I do” fade as your planning journey begins. Hold on tight to the joy of those first few days of sharing your happy news.

I spotted a lovely quote on insta from London’s favourite celebrity wedding planner Mark Niemierko

“I like my brides to be spoilt and protected during the planning process, yet through the endless correspondence and planning meetings it needs to be fun… so much fun”

We’re looking back on an amazing year of real weddings, editorial photoshoots and glorious prettiness on the English Wedding Blog. We’ve shared features with so many amazing suppliers, I wanted to introduce you to some of our favourites today – and where better to begin than with the folks who turn dreams into reality? It takes a huge amount of talent and skill to be a wedding stylist and planner: these guys have an eye for beautiful design and a head for figures, logistics and calm reassurance. I take my hat off to every single one of these wonderful planners – and I would recommend them to any couple looking for a little extra help with any aspect of wedding planning.