Would you have a secret pudding garden at your wedding?

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Luxury wedding planning by Niemierko, image credit Manon Pauffin Photography

The world of luxury weddings is joyful to explore – if you are comfortable with your budget and happy with your own plans. Now I love to follow the best in our industry, and to see the amazing florals and lighting and show stopping outfits. But for me, the most amazing weddings aren’t just about opulence and spending for the sake of it – they’re about creativity and surprises and turning the whole wedding experience into something incredible.

So, secret pudding gardens. What the…?!!

I follow and also really admire luxury wedding planner Mark Niemerko. He’s London’s favourite celebrity wedding planner, and also a humble, lovely, down-to-earth human being. His weddings aren’t just lavish and extravagant – they’re bursting with surprises (for example, this legendary secret pudding room!) and every one is different, and personal and wonderful.

The secret to an incredible wedding? Imagination.

So I think it’s a lovely idea to spend an hour or so (because yes, there’s a LOT) watching the Niemierko Stories on instagram. Every so often an idea will pop up which will make you think, wow – here’s something we can do at our wedding!

A long banqueting table designed by Mark Niemierko. There are tall pink tapered candles and luxury floral displays running along the tables, and a grand piano in the background

Wonderfully elegant wedding table design © Niemierko

Niemierko inspirations I love are:

  • the secret pudding garden (think: an as-yet unopened room in your venue, filled with sweet treats and beautifully decorated, which will surprise and delight your guests)
  • the wedding after-party, and the after-after-party – because the vibe can evolve and the night can get crazier as you go! Bring a band on, get a lookalike (a good one! Think cheesy and classy, so long as you LOVE them!) or a really good DJ – it’s your wedding and if you want to keep dancing ’til 4am, you do you!
  • the flower-free, candle-filled reception. Because what a way to make a statement, right?!

Brand image for Niemierko, one of Mark's hosts stands before an archway surrounded by white florals with tons of greenery


Niemierko on English Wedding

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Web: https://niemierko.com


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