Floral trend predictions for 2023 weddings, with celebrity florist Larry Walshe

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Have you had a lovely, relaxing weekend? I do hope so! I’ve been busy sowing seeds for my summer flower garden, and so this guest blog from designer wedding florist Larry Walshe comes at the perfect time! If you love flowers, then floral arrangements are a wonderful way to bring creativity and colour to your day. Wedding flowers can be sustainable IF they’re done the right way. Getting it right is all about choosing the right florist or flower grower. Look for local, pesticide free growers or florists who specialise in seasonal flowers and arrangements without floral foam.

All images via Larry Walshe Studios. Photographer credit: Wonder and Magic (Ireland)

2023 wedding flower trends, with Larry Walshe

For 2023, popular colour schemes will be: green and white, soft pastels, apricot and peach hues and soft, mixed romantic garden inspired tones.

Green and white is always an eternal favourite and this is set to continue into 2023. Everlasting and timeless, this glorious palette is far from predictable. There are so many ways you can use flowers and foliage to decorate a space, with more emphasis put on either one or the other to play within the boundaries of this scheme and offer a unique outcome. Whether you like a luxurious and compact arrangement or prefer a garden inspired setting, the possibilities are endless.

Pastels, apricot hues and peach tones will grow in popularity this year. They rose in demand during 2022 and will continue to develop further as we explore different ways of integrating the colours in this palette in a variety of applications. Warm and inviting, this scheme works throughout each season to offer a style savvy response.

Mixed colours are often popular, but usually by using softer tones that represent the garden. With an enhanced awareness and desire for sustainable flower arrangements, this look is set to grow and develop further. Florals which seek inspiration from the garden and have a wonderful sense of organic movement will continue to rise in popularity during 2023.

Sustainable floristry is becoming ever more requested by brides and grooms alike. It is only with an increase in demand that the sector can be forced to rise up and get creative; finding new ways to work with natural materials and new methods of construction to hydrate fresh florals. Increase in demand for sustainable flower arrangements has been growing for the last 5 years and becomes and ever more conscious consideration.

Bigger is always better! As a response to the global COVID 19 pandemic, families and couples have placed a greater emphasis on the ability to celebrate than ever before. Where once design would have been more modest, couples have realised that this is one opportunity to be with those with love for a given moment in time and as such, should be maximised and relished. As wedding designers, it is so wonderful for clients to understand and appreciate what we offer and we are seeing the desire to create unique and unforgettable memories straight into 2023.

Roberta Facchini Photography

It’s all about the destination!

2022 saw more couples than ever celebrate their freedom to travel once again and their desire to marry in the sunshine. With so many heavenly locations on our European doorstep, whether it be a palazzo in Lake Como, a chateau in France or a beach in Portugal, the trend of extending one magical day into a week-long experience with friends and family alike, seems set to continue throughout 2023.

It is such a privilege for a client to love the work you create so much that they ask you to board a plane, fly to their chosen country and do what you do best in unfamiliar territories. For us, it is the ultimate challenge and one that we utterly relish. We love working in new space, under new constraints and in environments which make it challenging to transform a venue from bleak to chic.

Destination weddings elevate the sense of occasion from a single moment in time to a multi-day experience that will be treasured forever. One party is now 3 or 4 and in this, the scale of the work that we create has risen tremendously. The desire to escape to warmer climates and say “I do!” with a smaller, more intimate group of friends and family over an extended period seems set to continue into 2023 as we plan celebrations across 3 continents for next season.

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Roberta Facchini Photography

Roberta Facchini Photography

Roberta Facchini Photography

Roberta Facchini Photography

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