Real brides’ bouquets from our archives to inspire your day! There’s loads more wedding flower ideas on our Pinterest…

The loveliest spring wedding flowers

Peonies flower from late April / early May into June in the UK. The fact that our peony season is so short makes these blooms all the more special!

Have you had a lovely, relaxing weekend? I do hope so! I’ve been busy sowing seeds for my summer flower garden, and so this guest blog from designer wedding florist Larry Walshe comes at the perfect time! If you love flowers, then floral arrangements are a wonderful way to bring creativity and colour to your day. Wedding flowers can be sustainable IF they’re done the right way. Getting it right is all about choosing the right florist or flower grower. Look for local, pesticide free growers or florists who specialise in seasonal flowers and arrangements without floral foam.

The world of weddings is changing! We asked celebrity wedding florist Larry Walshe some of our biggest, burning questions – and we were thrilled to bits when he replied with such thoughtful insights on the future of weddings.

Before we dive in: yes, luxury weddings are bound to create more waste by volume. We’re not hiding from that. But no amount of Guardian coverage can stop luxurious weddings from happening; they’ll go on, and they’re already becoming more sustainable. It would be naive to ignore the existence of extravagant celebrations and assume everyone can have a thrifty little micro wedding. Finally, the wedding industry needs its shining stars to set an example: and here’s how that’s already happening.

With wedding season in full swing, experts at Flying Flowers have revealed the wedding flower trends that are set to be everywhere in 2022. The recent nuptials of the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Nicola Peltz-Beckham have inspired a whole new interest in adding extra floral touches to a wedding.

Minimalist bouquets

Simple yet majorly effective, minimalist bouquets are a trend that has swept the 2022 wedding season and will continue to soar. The hashtag #minimalistbride has racked up an incredible 7 million views on TikTok and both Nicola and Kourtney opted for stripped-back floral bouquets made up of just a few stems.

This fabulous wedding flower advice comes from lovely Sam at Fantail Designer Florist

When considering wedding flowers, the two most important factors that will determine what to go for is the venue and what you’ll be wearing. Once you’ve decided on these, it’s then time to choose your florist and begin to discuss your ideas and their recommendations. If you’re not sure about wedding flowers, don’t worry –many of my couples aren’t either – but as wedding florists, helping you to make the best choices is what we love to do. It’s our passion to create beautiful floral designs that are as individual as you. By the time you’ve left your consultation you will know your Parrot Tulips from your Snap Dragons!