Where to start with styling your wedding flowers – 9 amazing ideas to suit your outfits and venue

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This fabulous wedding flower advice comes from lovely Sam at Fantail Designer Florist

When considering wedding flowers, the two most important factors that will determine what to go for is the venue and what you’ll be wearing. Once you’ve decided on these, it’s then time to choose your florist and begin to discuss your ideas and their recommendations. If you’re not sure about wedding flowers, don’t worry –many of my couples aren’t either – but as wedding florists, helping you to make the best choices is what we love to do. It’s our passion to create beautiful floral designs that are as individual as you. By the time you’ve left your consultation you will know your Parrot Tulips from your Snap Dragons!

It’s difficult to categorise certain looks alongside certain venues, so we’ve suggested certain styles that would complement the two factors – the dress or suits and the venue. I do think most brides and grooms already subconsciously know what they’re looking for, they just haven’t quite nailed the specifics. We’re here to help!

Countryside wedding flowers

Colourful wedding bouquet with peonies and delphiniums

Credit: Shoot Photography. All bouquets on this blog post are by Fantail Designer Florist

1- For the COUNTRY couple getting married in a field surrounded by rolling hills full of fresh air – the NATURAL, FRESHLY-PICKED design is definitely one that will compliment this look. Whether a barn, tepee or even a stately home in the countryside – natural arrangements with blousy flowers, fresh foliage and meadow-inspired looks are all design styles that are suitable for this setting.

This could incorporate local flowers at the venue or by a local micro flower farmer like ourselves.  Herbs, berries, daisies, grasses and even hedgerow can also be incorporated to expand on the motif.

The ‘country’ look is only a twist away from the woodland and whimsical feel. Bouquets backed with foliage, natural texture and woody accents of twisted willow and silver birch really complete the styling.


Wedding bouquet shapes: horizontal, crescent or trailing

2- I love creating HORIZONTAL Bouquets – these really can be styled with any venue and any dress, separates or suit style. I find it suits the princess gown beautifully, but it’s all to do with scale. Too small can look disproportioned but too big and you risk over-powering your look. There also needs to be balance within the bouquet, and sometimes we will incorporate a large bloom, such as a Protea or Hydrangea, but this obviously depends on the floral content.

3- CRESCENT shaped bouquets are not too dissimilar to HORIZONTAL styles. It’s all about shaping and finding the right flowers and foliage to arrange and make the silhouette of the crescent shape. We like to find the right foliage to naturally create the shape but failing this we can wire the stems. Playsuits, Jumpsuits, slimline suits and figure-hugging dresses align with this style of bouquet so it follows and accentuates the body line.

4- By comparison to the crescent bouquet, the TRAILING bouquets we create are quite rustic and botanical. They almost always have a base of greenery and foliage which always works well and is perfectly shown throughout our designs. Barns, Industrial and Urban Wedding are great venues for this look.

4a- A more structured and compact version of a trailing bouquet suits the likes of hotels and stately homes. For brides, a wedding dress with a fish tail or frilly bottom below the thigh is perfect for this style, the intention is that the flowers to draw your eye down to this detailing on the dress but not dominate it. So, the main design should finish just before the dress detail starts and a continuation of subtle trailing can carry on below to blur the line from flowers to fabric.

Boho and rustic bouquet ideas

5- If you are a BOHO or VINTAGE / RUSTIC couple, look to what items you are wanting to incorporate rather than the shape of the bouquet itself. The shape will be determined by what you put in it and how your florist arranges it. This can be pampas, dried flowers, wheat or even using macrame at the base of the bouquet can add a hint of drama. Vintage designs are more about the tones of flowers you’re using, so look for muted tones like in the Memory Lane and Quicksand Roses mixed with delicate smaller flowers. Bouquets like that are generally adorned by couples tying the knot in barns, country hotels, tepees and industrial venues.

Making a comeback – pomanders

6- We have to slip POMANDERS into the mix of bridal flowers. Although seen in the hands of bridesmaids or flower girls, swinging them as they walk down the aisle, not often do we see a bride or groom holding them, but they are very handy. They work with any venue, style, and any shape – not forgetting our bridesmen and groomsmaids too! A pomander is a great alternative to the posy and definitely for the person who wants something a bit different. They’re also perfect if you’re a bride or groom who wants to hold a child, having a pomander certainly frees up the hands.  As a florist we would just tailor the size so it compliments you and your outfit.

Alternative and trending wedding bouquet styles

7- Floral Hoops are perfect for the couple getting married in a barn, woodland or any rustic space and our number one design for Autumn bridesmaids!

8- ROUND style bouquets and the PETITE POSY are still one of the most popular designs alongside the freshly picked look and whimsical bouquets. These delightful round ‘hand-tieds’ are suited for any type of venue, gown and theme, big or small, blousy or contemporary. They are still created with a slight natural feel but with more structure.

9- PETITE POSIES are pretty designs that can be held with just one hand. Popular with the 60’s look and tea-dresses. Designed to be small so they look cute against the short dress. We also think these give a sophisticated feel when accompanying fitted, flowing dresses which maintain an understated elegance.

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