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Inspired by London wedding photographer and confetti-moment-nailer Jordanna Marston

When I’m asked about wedding traditions, the one golden oldie I can’t let go of is confetti. I bloody love it: the joyful moment when you’ve said your vows, finished the nervous bit of the day and are finally surrounded by your guests – and then a rainbow of bits of loveliness is released into the sky for you. It looks amazing – it looks like it feels amazing! And you know what? I always find myself grinning back at the screen when I see a brilliant confetti photo. Right now, I have face ache from smiling at the gorgeous pics we’re decorating this blog post with!

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (6)

Your confetti moment – and your confetti photos – can be really great. Or they can be epic and exciting and bursting with fun and colour and laughter!

Here are 20 tips to help you nail your EPIC confetti moment!


Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (14)

1 Choose biodegradable confetti. That’s a no-brainer these days, really. Either real petals or biodegradable paper confetti win the day and are easily available. Oh, and package your confetti in recyclable bags or cones for extra sustainable wedding points!

2 Make your confetti ‘offering’ stand out to guests with a tray or crate of cones or eye-catching bags – something they’ll notice and instantly know what to do with. You could even print labels with tips or timings for your big confetti moment

3 Get really good confetti – some of our favourites are Shropshire Petals, The Confetti Cone Company, Proper Confetti, The Quality Confetti Company and Dollz Confetti

4 Avoid cheap and (literally) nasty confetti: rice can kill birds who eat it later. Glitter ends up in the sea and kills marine life. Metallics are often plastic, and to be avoided because – well, plastic.

5 Provide confetti for guests who forget! Likely as not, your favourite aunties will be armed to the nines with confetti – but some guests will always forget, so just make sure you aren’t solely reliant on the aunties’ supply cos otherwise it’ll be a bit of a damp squib. That’s why it’s such a lovely gesture to have confetti to hand to your guests when it’s time for the big throw in. And as Auntie Doreen leads the confetti charge, all of your guests will have something glorious to throw alongside her!

6 You can never have too much confetti. We mean it. Get plenty – and then some more.

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (11)

7 Colourful wins EVERY time. For this one, I’ll just show you Jordanna Marston’s website home page.

I mean, that confetti photo says it all, right?!!

8 Think about your background! Will your confetti moment be outside church and by a stone wall? Or in a field, with sky behind you? Or a treeline? Think about beautiful contrast and your confetti popping from the photo. Ask your photographer if they would recommend a particular location for your confetti photos.

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (16)

9 It’s ok to be spontaneous! Really, you can whip out your confetti tray any time! If planning the confetti moment to the nth degree isn’t for you, just go for the confetti shot when you’re in the mood! Make sure you don’t forget, though!

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (3)

10 Oh, and make sure your photographer’s there to see it! If you’ve pre-planned your confetti moment, tell your photographer when it will happen. You’ll be gutted if they miss the shot!

11 Serious planners might consider adding it to your wedding timeline so guests don’t peak too soon!

12 It’s hard to tidy confetti off grass or gravel. Check your venue’s rules, and consider big paper confetti if it’ll have to be gathered from a lawn or gravelled driveway!

13 Don’t rush or run away! This is a biggie. Walk super slowly! You’ll get better confetti photos if you’re not rushing, ducking or legging it!

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (8)

14 Try not to grimace. You know what I mean: confetti face, right?! Yes, people are throwing stuff at you – but in a NICE way, we promise! Grin and bear it – literally!!

15 Your photographer might be able to help you arrange guests in a ‘corridor’ for you to walk down – this way everyone who wants to gets their chance at a throw, and your photographer will have longer to take brilliant confetti pictures as you walk between your guests.

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (1)

16 Another lovely confetti photo tip is to have your guests cluster around you in a circle, and throw all at once!

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (15)

17 I love this unusual confetti photo by Jordanna: the group shot where everyone gets to play confetti, and the sky is just FULL of colour! It’s fab – and a genius way to brighten up the ‘formal’ crowd photo!

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (4)

18 Laugh it off. NOTHING beats a burst of laughter as the two of you battle your way through clouds of confetti!

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (7)

19 Style your confetti to match your wedding. For a festival wedding choose bright colours and streamer-like shapes (tip: rectangular confetti can almost look streamerish as it falls) For an English country garden wedding use big, floaty petals in your colours.

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (2)

20 Cannons can take your confetti moment to a whole new level! Perhaps you’ll have a dedicated confetti cannon shooter, or a second confetti moment (on the dance floor maybe?) – where a cannon and the world’s biggest blast of your confetti will make for an amazing photo. Again, pre-warn your photographer and take their advice on where to aim the thing and when to let it go!

At the end of the day, your confetti moment is there for you to enjoy! For me the release of confetti reflects the release of any nerves and tension on your wedding day. When your confetti moment happens soon after your vows, when you can relax and look at each other and squeeze hands and feel on top of the world – that’s when your confetti images will be incredible.

Your wedding is going to be your best day ever. Your confetti moment is the pinnacle, the best moment of your best day ever – and the confetti photo is THE picture that captures the pure joy of it all!

Oh… and if things don’t quite go to plan, the photos can still be absolutely brilliant…

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (10)

All images are by Jordanna Marston Photography.


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