Inspired by London wedding photographer and confetti-moment-nailer Jordanna Marston

When I’m asked about wedding traditions, the one golden oldie I can’t let go of is confetti. I bloody love it: the joyful moment when you’ve said your vows, finished the nervous bit of the day and are finally surrounded by your guests – and then a rainbow of bits of loveliness is released into the sky for you. It looks amazing – it looks like it feels amazing! And you know what? I always find myself grinning back at the screen when I see a brilliant confetti photo. Right now, I have face ache from smiling at the gorgeous pics we’re decorating this blog post with!

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (6)

Your confetti moment – and your confetti photos – can be really great. Or they can be epic and exciting and bursting with fun and colour and laughter!

Here are 20 tips to help you nail your EPIC confetti moment!


Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (14)


Morning lovelies! I hope you’ve got a fun day planned – but before you head out do have a scroll through today’s gorgeous English wedding – it’s full of elegant style and classic ideas, with a wonderful reception at a sailing club (and of course some stunning beach shots!)

Sussex wedding Worthing Sailing Club with Neil Walker Photography (23)

Words & Images by Sussex wedding photographers Neil Walker Photography

The church was in the beautiful Sussex village of Findon, we then went on to Worthing Sailing Club, which of course is right on the beach. I was able to take advantage of the beach huts and the beach itself to get some beautiful photos of the two of them. The Sailing club itself has big windows all down the beach side, so I had wonderful light to play with for all the photos in the afternoon.

Sussex wedding Worthing Sailing Club with Neil Walker Photography (28)

Contact & Bookings: Neil Walker Photography


Sussex wedding Worthing Sailing Club with Neil Walker Photography (42)


Happy Monday morning, you lovely lot! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and I wanted to start our week with something extraordinarily wonderful… a real wedding I’ve had stashed up my sleeve for a little while now, and one I love so, so much! Chrissi and Tom’s wedding is unique for their dramatic images by the ruins of Corfe Castle. Their wedding was photographed by fabulous Dorset wedding photographers Linus Moran and associate photographer Chris Gorman at Linus Moran Photography.

Dorset countryside wedding blog by Linus Moran Photography (43)

Contact & bookings: Linus Moran Photography, Dorset

Linus Moran Photography on YouTube

Dorset countryside wedding blog by Linus Moran Photography (37)

Words & Images: Linus Moran Photography, Dorset

The energy of the couple, their relationship both between them and their gathered friends and family made the day special for me as photographer. This shone through in the images I captured on the day, with some particular favourites from last year’s shooting arising from their day. Namely the ceremony pictures of the bride and groom upon meeting each other at the altar. The look exchanged between them, the curve of Chrissi’s mouth, a beautiful moment of connection. This coupled with great light, composition and timing – its stands out to me. The exchange between mum and daughter at bridal prep with the two bridemaids looking on, and the series of images we did on the fields across from the ruins of Corfe Castle.


I always like to pick out my favourite few photos to show you first – it’s a great way to set the scene for a gorgeous wedding blog feature, and I always love scrolling through a wedding, looking out for those amazing, eye-catching, breathtakingly beautiful moments to share with you. However… I tried it today, and within moments I had a list of a dozen STUNNING moments from Dale and Charmaine’s day. Safe to say this is a knockout, and I love every. single. pic.

Crockwell Farm wedding photographers Liam Smith Photography (23)

Images are by the always fabulous Liam Smith Photography, based in Milton Keynes & London. Liam travels all over the UK and also shoots destination weddings – so do get in touch!

Contact & Bookings: Liam Smith Photography

Liam Smith Photography

Crockwell Farm wedding photographers Liam Smith Photography (32)

Charmaine and Dale are the cutest couple ever. Join me in swooning over Charmaine’s divine dress; do please Pin that glorious bouquet to your heart’s content; and fall in love with the super pretty naked cake. We’re spoiling you rotten with stunning weddings this week… but hey, it’s June and we’re celebrating, right?!


I recently emailed all of my lovely blog sponsors with some secret plans. They get advance knowledge of new features which will happen on the English Wedding Blog (the lucky things!) and now I’m sharing the news with all of you.

Lake District wedding photography Jo Bradbury blog (11)

Photo credit www.jobradbury.co.uk previously published on the blog here

From next week I will publish a wedding photo of the week. Every week. It’s a big job and I’m going to need your help.

I’ll be lurking on Facebook, visiting my favourite photographers’ and suppliers pages trying to spot outstanding images. I’ll look for gorgeous details; heart-melting moments and glorious photography.

Help me find the most amazing wedding images!

Joining in is simple: when you spot a wedding photo you love, or upload one of your photos which you want to share with me, simply mention the English Wedding Blog in a comment and hashtag it for me… #photooftheweek

Each week I’ll choose one image I love to publish on the blog on a Friday afternoon. I’m so excited to see the blog looking even more beautiful than ever!


I love wedding portraits: those romantic images of the happy couple totally wrapped up in each other or exploring their wedding venue and glorious surroundings. Most often what sings to my heart is the photography: beautiful lighting or an unusual setting can make a wedding portrait stand out so much.

As a wedding blogger I see so many portraits: some are posed and some natural; some are incredible, and some are more traditional and romantic. Sometimes I see wedding portraits which are even a little different from the norm… and then once in a blue moon I see something which blows my mind. You’ll love these: 20 unique wedding portraits from the supremely talented UK wedding photographers who form 20Collective. Enjoy.

Image title: Out to Grass Wedding – Samuel Docker Photography

20 unique wedding portrait photographs by 20Collective (18)

A photographer’s best friend has and always will be light, even more so when it’s the famous golden hour and that light is yummy and glowing orange! This was just the case for Jane and Sue’s gorgeous Worcestershire wedding at the incredible Out to Grass site. It was late evening in the middle of summer, guests were kicking back after a feast, and me, Jane and Sue went to sit in the long grass overlooking a killer sunset for 20 minutes.


Hello beautiful 🙂

I don’t often share my own work on the pages of the English Wedding Blog, but with instructions from lovely Charlotte at Eden & Eve to ‘shout from the rooftops’ about our styled shoot I simply can’t resist. Today’s feature is a little one focusing on my calligraphy – to see the full shoot you need to head over to the fabulous Rock My Wedding blog (do!) Wedding Bohemia at the Old Mill

Are you looking for a special, handcrafted touch for your wedding? Something two steps across the border into more unusual territory? Something your guests will admire, and touch, and talk about, and then take home and put on their mantelpiece?

Then step this way and get yourself some of these charming table plan cards, place names and handwritten wedding signs… they’re all for sale in my Not On The High Street shop: www.notonthehighstreet.com/partners/calligraphyforweddings


By Benjamin Toms

The most important part of your wedding day will be – I imagine – when you both say ‘I do’. But when I asked Ben Toms (my Kent wedding photographer friend) about his most important time of a wedding day, his response was super interesting – I think you’ll find this very, very useful…

wedding photography advice Benjamin Toms Kent (4)

There are usually two hours or so between the end of a wedding ceremony and the start of the meal where the most important wedding photographs all happen. These are the moments you’ll cherish forever: some you’ll have seen, some you’ll be in! – and some you’ll have missed on the day and will treasure for years to come.

I always advise my couples to allow two hours between the ceremony and the meal, and it’s amazing how fast that time goes. Let’s look at it one bit at a time.

After your ceremony is the best time to take group photos. I recommend allowing half an hour for group shots, and if at all possible it’s brilliant to take these just after your ceremony (find out why).


If you’re a regular wedding blog reader you might think group shots are a thing of the past… but they’re as important today as they ever were. Your wedding day will be the one day of your lives when all of your friends and family are together – just for the two of you – and that’s such a special thing for every bride and groom.

Contemporary wedding photography and group shots, with Benjamin Toms (2)

I asked my lovely blog friend (and super fabulous Kent wedding photographer) Benjamin Toms if he had any advice or tips about group shots, and he had some really useful ideas to share.

By Benjamin Toms

Traditional group shots can almost be thought of as being for our parents’ generation. When up to 80% of parents still pay a generous chunk of the wedding budget, this makes group shots even more important. It’s a rare occasion when all the family comes together, and so we want to preserve and treasure those memories.

Contemporary wedding photography and group shots, with Benjamin Toms (3)


If Simon Cowell got in touch with a list of the UK’s top 50 wedding bands, I’d be less than impressed. He’s no expert on music if you ask me… just a very shrewd businessman. When I see a list of ‘the top 50‘ or ‘the UK’s best‘ I’ll sit up and pay attention if it’s compiled by an expert. Otherwise, I’m at best disinterested and at worst alarmingly cynical about these sorts of things.

real English wedding

Image credit http://www.duntonsphotography.co.uk/

Who knows who’s best?

I was included in a list of ‘the UK’s top 25 wedding bloggers‘ back in July. Nice to be noticed, I guess. I wonder how GoHen compiled the list – from Google? or by looking on UKWed.com maybe.

A list of wedding bloggers is harmless. But a little while later I noticed they’d published a list of the top 50 UK wedding photographers (here). Uh-oh… The article is written by GoHen – “the dedicated hen weekends division of StagWeb – the event specialists, established in 2001”. Their ‘about’ page gives no mention of any expertise in wedding photography.


I was having a fascinating – albeit brief – discussion with a wedding photographer the other week. It was one of those discussions which I could have carried on for hours, sadly cut short by distance and time… email’s not as easy as a proper chat after all. BUT it got me thinking and I haven’t been able to put this one down.

Image credit Melissa Beattie Photography calligraphy by Claire Gould

Image credit Melissa Beattie Photography | quick hand lettering by Claire Gould

We had a lot in common. Let me begin with photography: I said something about “a ‘bloggy’ image – something crafty or a portrait with flare from the sun” – one kind of image I have a total weakness for. He was quick to reply with a positive comment about making images interesting and enticing for blog readers, but told me “flare from the sun is technically inept photography“. I never knew… although it does make sense, in a way.

Image credit Howling Basset Photography

The beautiful summer sun adds atmosphere to a romantic wedding photograph | Image credit Howling Basset Photography


Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve had a good day and are just about packing up your pens and pencils ready to dash out of the office for hometime… a moment I used to love when I had what we call a “proper job”!

english wedding blog Camilla Arnhold Photography

Image credit Camilla Arnhold Photography – see the full wedding by clicking on the image 🙂

Those of you who are in the business of photographing weddings, I need your help. I’m getting ahead with blog features for the rest of the month (as I’m now an official Explorer – it’s in my email signature and everything*) and I’d love your submissions. I’m definitely in a YES! mood so if you have a wedding up your sleeve you haven’t submitted yet (the lighter and summerier the better!) email me!

Just send me a link to your blog post or facebook album of the wedding. My email is info@English-Wedding.com

Thank you 🙂

claire gould calligrapher signature

*Can’t prove it until you email me that wedding submission now, can we?! 😉